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Activision has just announced that the Nuketown Zombies map will be made available as a piece of bonus content for the Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Season Pass in December.

Fans who purchase the Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Season Pass not only get all four epic DLC Map Packs** for the discounted suggested retail price of $49.99*, but they also get access to the Nuketown Zombies bonus map – available for Xbox 360 first in December with other platforms to follow, plus an exclusive in-game calling card.

For those picking up the CE version of Black Ops II, the Nuketown Zombies map will be available exclusively starting tomorrow, before it becomes available for Season Pass holders in December.

SOURCE: Activision PR

  • So the zombies Nuketown map is gonna look like a beat down Black Ops 1 Nuketown? Looks cool 🙂

  • Anon

    Bullshit, was told that nuketown zombies was an exclusive to HE/CE

    • moriarty_1975

      Wasn’t it Nuketown 2025 that they said was exclusive to the pre-orders / HE / CE?

      • Daniel Sims

        No! That is for pre-orders also! Screw Treyarch and Activison!

        • Nick

          Treyarch Was never involved in this leave them out of this. If anything its all activision’s fault.

  • @SimsDaniel

    WTF? So for $180 I am getting some cheap as so called “collectables” a shitty camo, some avatar props that nobody gives a shit about, a map that I could of got with the season pass I just bought and to go with that a shitty Toy that is made of foam. Wow Treyarch and Activision love screwing over their dedicated fans. This really pisses me off!

  • Thunderix96

    Fuck you thunder! U can duck my dick…. I love u treyarch! And if u have hardened edition,good luck with your 50euro camo! Hhaaahhhaahahahhaaaa!!!

  • Thunderix96

    U ca /#n also suck it ivjdf u wan

  • Thunderix96

    Ja es pärisee

  • Shane

    Bullshit, so if we bought the hardend edition we are wasting $20! What the fuck! I bought this fucking edition to get nuketown zombies! I thought this was exclusive? People who ordered that Hardend or Prestige edition better get the seasons pass for free because this is a complete rip off now!

    • Daniel Sims

      We’re not getting the season pass… It’s Activision once again screwing us over. I’m canceling it and getting the regular with season pass.

    • FIW

      no dude u get with he as well

    • FIW

      u get with HW as well cuz i got it 5 days ago and i got nuketown zombies

    • FIW

      u get it with HE as well cuz i got it and i got nuketown zombies

    • RdJokr

      Technically you spent $20 on a soundtrack album, a gun camo, a bonus copy of WaW, and Nuketown Zombies. It’s not totally a rip-off.

      • Nick

        World at war is only for pc.

      • Austin2100

        Dude it’s completely a waste of 20 I bought I spent 90 bucks on the hardened edition and I downloaded all of the content and its just as well it i bought the regular

        • Nathanhebb

          basically we’ve got to pay for the season pass and nuketown again

        • idiots…idiots everywhere

          you are simply an idiot.

    • Joeblow

      Nope, you won’t. Your tears, they taste so good!!

  • erika

    Yeah this sucks, I’m getting the season pass as well so basically I paid 20 bucks more for the hardened edition for nothing! the only reason I got it was because of zombies -___- I could have waited a month more if they would have announced this sooner .

  • you guys got fucked lol

  • Lol

    haha i’m so glad i didn’t bought the HE or CE

  • HE FTW

    Basically the people that got HE are good as we just paid $80 but for CE are kinda screwed cause they jus paid an extra $80 or something! The game is $60 plus season pass $50 is only $110 rather then the CE being $180! So us HE are good to go but im sorry for those that got the CE :/

    • Lolwut

      Yes because the Quad rotor helicopter is just something you can pick up for $5. Not.

      • Daniel Sims

        The quadrotor is a piece of shit piece made out of foam so yes, us who bought the Care Package got completely screwed!

  • lMattW

    Heh, I canceled my hardened order and got a regular one instead. I considered keeping the hardened and trying to resell it, but without NT zombies being exclusive it’s basically worthless.

  • Harryballz31

    That’ll piss off the kids

  • Tarus

    You guys have to wait till December to play. Hahahaha.

  • ??anonymous??


  • Guys you are all wrong look at http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/ce nuketown zombie is included… Chillax!

  • Fakenamelmao

    Such crap, Activision you really know how to screw us each year!

  • FIW

    guys u should fix it i got the HE and i got nuketown zombies

  • Brian Murana

    You get the map a full month before the people with season pass so stop bitching

  • mayoman223

    Well this makes the hardened edition a waste of money. I certainly didn’t order it for the soundtrack -_-

  • Austin2100

    I bought the hardened edition at wall mart in clarnville and I downloaded all content and I can’t find nuke town zombies anywhere and I can’t find the multiplayer map and I put in the code for it and on the back of the hardened edition it says everything you get and it says I get nuke town zombies the bonus multiplayer map and 2 extra things I couldn’t find the multiplayer in local

    • Wappy8

      I had the same problem, entered codes from hardened but got no zombie nuke town! You sorted it yet?

  • KAAH

    wtf my friend has nuketown zombies and he didn’t buy the hardened edition… I bought the hardened edition and I don’t have it and I can’t find it…

  • Jackatkinson95

    lol people kicking off here! hahaha calm down Shane! 😛

  • Jmaurici

    Does it come out today if it does what time

  • jesse drake

    but ur still geting the map pack thts what your money is real for but to pull more people in thy just thrue tht out there to its all bout presentation

  • Bradde09

    i kown it comes out in december but what day?

  • Jimi6250

    that down there is exactly why i dont buy them things .. hardened edition … whatever MW3 had .. fuck that . Just go to WalMart .. get BlackOps II and get the DLCs when they come out …simple as that

  • Luket1999

    well it is december and i have the seasen pass but i dont have nuketown zombies

  • Mathew hulsebus

    Just can’t wait no longer

  • Simply badass

    Im playing it smart, i got the HE.
    So that means i already have nuketown zombies, the thing is, i will not buy the season pass but instead i will just buy the mappacks with friends by using dlc share. Which makes it cost waaaay less. And since i already have nuketown zombies….

  • Anthonylonghorn6

    wtf i just downloaded season pass on ps3 and i didnt get nuketown zombies!!

  • P Cow_3bay

    This is completely fucked. I bought the he only for nuketown zombies thinking it was exclusive to us, why on earth would i want to have all the other shit for the avatar that i haven’t even redeemed and don’t plan to. Now finding out that the season pass has nuketown map i am furious as to why i payed $50 extra for it then the regular edition and now have to fork out another $80 for the season pass that has this map. Im not buying any dlc until this gets sorted

  • FredOeie

    I’ve bought the Season Pass to PS3, (not the hardened edition) but i dont know where i can download it. Please Help Me!

  • Markus

    i bought the normal version of bo2 and season some days before it came out and i dident get the zombie nuketown wtf anyone know why its 2013
    and im useing pc dont know if thats why?