Treyarch’s Game Design Director has tweeted out that they are fully aware of the matchmaking and the freezing issues on the PS3, and are actively working on fixing these issues.

The freezing issues is causing the game to be unplayable for some. Many are reporting that the game hard freezes at random times and requires a hard reset of the PS3.¬†Vahn has stated that Treyarch has been able to find “one” issue of the freeze on PS3 and have a fix in testing. There’s plenty of ways the freezing occurs; some are reporting that it even occurs in single player.

The matchmaking issues that fans are reporting include an error message stating, “An error occurred while trying to find a session.” Vahn responded saying:

We’ll keep you posted when they have more news!

UPDATE (11/16/12): ATVI Support has just posted: “We have submitted a patch to Sony and are working to get it live as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates on this issue. We will continue to work tirelessly to get this issue resolved and get you back in the game. Thank you for your patience.”

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • Halilerkekli

    Hurry up I want to play

  • Strike

    Complete disappointment.. I feel stupid for trusting treyarc to release a game without a major issue on their alternate platforms. Extremely pathetic to say the least.

  • LoL. I just played Custom Kill Confirmed and Dom with 10 of my guys, 5 vs 5…no big deal…yea I wanna rank up but I rather them fix it correctly. My PS3 Hard Freezes to the point where I have to reset the whole system and I havent been able to join a Public match all day

  • crashoverride onplaystation

    Very annoying as i am 1 of the many that has had this reoccurring issue. its a huge FAIL..

  • Robbiewaite1

    its fuckin shit anyway what the hell have you done to it there is no improvment on zombies the sound effects are rubbish servers a wank and tbh the worst cod whats ever been mate trayarch need to not make another call of duty

  • Ray’

    it’s not working on PC either, great game though

  • TJ

    I can still get into league play if that helps anybody just wanting to get onto any multiplayer

    With that said I could only imagine the ration of shit they would catch if this was on the 360 but suprise its the ps3 folks again. this is them getting greedy and not having enough server space to balance the load right across all the systems and to all ps3 people remember being perpetually on the shitty end of the stick when they try to sell you their shitty rehash vita game I wonder how well that IP is going to do now…..

  • Gzus32

    Been having this issue for hours. Cant get into a match. So i went into sp and the game froze halfway through. Had to completely reboot my ps3. Total bs.

  • FuzzyPooka

    My PS3 is doing fine. Ground War servers are going nuts though. Shame, it’s my favorite mode.

  • Snoope5150

    you can play public on your ps3 by switching accounts but i wanna play on my account thats already lvl 22 instead of being back at lvl 1 again, and ive had to reset my ps3 many of times worried that this game may even break my console so they need to fix the freeze problem first and then shitty connective matchmakeing next and then re open the public servers but im enjoying to the best it can be on public match now that im playing a diffrent acct, but fore real, activision and treyarch better fix this bull load of crap soon cause i payed 140$ FUCK

  • weeezl

    What about server not available at this time? It froze on me a couple of times but I can’t even get in multiplayer, that is mostly the reason we buy these games for? correct me if I’m mistaken.

  • weeezl

    I agree the hard freezes are annoying because you have to go through recovery menu to fix errors cause but not even being able to connect to the servers?? As Vahn would say “Do Over” Fix this guys, some can’t get on so does that mean we get another weekend of double XP seeing as we will miss this first one? I thought it was a perk to get Nuketown 2025 and access to double xp weekend but for those that can’t get on.. what do they get?

  • Rlop747

    I have an xbox and it freezes on mine too before it gets to the loading screen after setting up games it will freeze for about 20 seconds then the game starts and im already too late to even capture the first flag in domination -_______-

    • Hi, Vahn has not stated anything on Xbox freezing issues yet. Only PS3 as it is very bad on the PS3.

  • bloggy23

    Gamestop’s highest amount of preorders ever. And then this happens.

    This should get fixed fast.

  • Hunterio13

    it’s a good game, but they seriously need to fix this shit man. It’s annoying, I stayed home today from school just to play MP but it was giving me this exact message. SP and Zombies (Local) are fine but MP no. All day iv just been playing the bots. Vahn fix this please!

  • tomatojoe11

    Thank god!

  • Tyger

    The game screen doesn’t fit on my TV screen. What I mean is in the menus (multiplayer) it has A, B, X, and Y on the bottom but i can’t see what it says next to it. I can see the tip of the colors (B is red, Y is yellow) but I can’t read what it’s next to. It doesn’t fit on my screen. I made the screen fit when the opted you to do it when the game first started up, but I still can’t see it. I never had a past problem with this in any other Call of Duty. Please help.

    • Chrisgowan

      Chek your ratio setting for ur tv


    it is irrelevant but whats happening with the camos ??
    i cant select the camos and i cant find them

    • Mecha75

      While in the Pick 10 system >> highlight the Weapon and press Tri-angle or the xbox equivalent for weapon personalization.

      • GUFTOS

        thanks dude

  • Jose Moreno92297

    On mine singleplayer suddenly starts making weird grudge noises, idk if its my game or tv but before my tv wouldn’t make this noises with other games. I really like this game but I didn’t spend $65 too wait for a single mp match or to hear grudge noises.

  • Fucktreyarch

    Prob last treyarch game i ever buy. Absolutely bullshit u hve these probs.

  • woody

    Freezes after 1 or 2 games then mission to even get the game back on, can do it any time, when returning to lobby, in game, in the menus, now it wont even start u this a joke sort it now.

  • shell

    I getting so frustrated with this game can’t get it to fit my screen right on multiplayer. It was doing fine until they done an update now I can’t get it to fit right I’m so frustrated I’m about to say forget it n just play battlefield3 n say the hell with it. We got cod 2 so we could play it together but if we can’t see the screen what’s the point. If anybody can help plz let me no I have an xbox360. Thanks