Treyarch has just flipped the switch for Double XP on Black Ops 2. As previously reported, Activision planned the Double XP weekend right after launch (a first time for Call of Duty I believe).

No word on exactly what time it will end however in the past, double XP always ended Monday morning PST. Also, OneOfSworda just confirmed double XP is on all playlist. You do need Nuketown 2025 downloaded in order to get Double XP though.

UPDATE: Confused on why the kill points look the same? Here’s why:


  • DeeJayBliss1

    mikey good guy 🙂

  • liplop

    Wait does this mean that I get more or less XP than previous years or roughly just the same

  • Tril

    So if the host dashboard I get no Double EXP?

  • ET

    Are all the people who accidentally exited out of the update prompt screwed out of double xp?