DW24/7 forum member Rabbun takes Black Ops 2 back to the days of 16-bit awesomeness in this brilliant animation! Be sure to watch for all the little inside jokes highlighting the sometimes rage-inducing behavior of the Call of Duty community!

SOURCE: DW247 Channel

  • Xboxfinnoy

    if that have been a game on iphone, i would buy it:)

  • aefven

    This sorta makes me miss Dead Ops Arcade. I was really hoping for a sequel to that.

  • Dark-Caos

    That should of built that into BO2, another version of the Dead Ops arcade but for MP. Maybe it can be unlocked for getting prestige master.

  • ArcDestroyer404

    his latest vid says coming soon to android/ios, YES!

  • Guest

    where is the download ????