Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was one the Nintendo Wii U’s launch title. The Wii-U went on sale today, and fans are wondering how the screen quality and performance compares with other platforms.

The video above by shows the PC/PS3/X360 versus the Wii U. The performance and graphics look almost identical. Treyarch did an excellent job trying to make the graphics throughout platforms match.

SOURCE: The Wii U Daily

  • FuzzyPooka

    IMHO, Graphic are mostly defendant on the TV and connection to the TV. Statistically, the PS3 is graphically more powerful than the XBox, but I’ve seen CoD look significantly better on the Xbox due to brightness, and connection methods. Comparisons are usually biased to the users system.

  • Zombag addict

    Ask any developer around and they will tell you the Xbox is far superior to the PS3 in every category. The PS3 fanboys try to find reasons that theirs was a better buy so they can feel better about their poor decision in console choices.

    • Strike

      Its a good thing you’re not one of those blind fanboys.. My bad, must have mistaken you for someone who’s not a faggot.

      • Zombag Addict

        Good thing you know you fucking queer I have both systems! I just tore a hole in your theory bitch tits!

        • Xbox is gay

          Wtf! People in Xbox pay for nothing they pay 60 dollars a year for shit! Ps3 we get that for free dumb ass fag! Xbox just got fucking blueray how long did that take them a year and ps3 had that like 3 years before the Xbox even put it in so stfu bitch go get red ringed

    • Scotty Le

      I am a developer and i say you are such a stupid fanboy.
      The Internal Hardware of the PS3 is better than the XBOX 360, the XBOX 360 sale a lot more just because it has the better Online Service than the PS3.
      Game on XBOX 360 usually run better because the developers get a lot of help from Microsoft (they design the damn thing on Windows as well – MS product). Sony is just a lazy ass.
      By the end of the day, PC is the best for gaming , especially FPS.

      • Argy

        I have a strange feeling you aren’t a real developer… but that might be because of the grammatical errors and other mistakes in your speech.

        • Scotty Le

          Well , international is something i should mention. 🙂
          I am not exactly into the gaming industry ( i am a Phone Developer to be specific) but i do know some stuffs about coding and programming for games.
          But yeah, i still blame myself for making grammar error still, trying to fix it 😉

    • Rubbish

      Actually ask any developer and they will tell you the PS3 is superior.

      But ask those same developers which is the easier to develop for and they’ll tell you it is the 360.

      The Cell and architecture is leaps and bounds above the 360, but to reap the rewards is not an easy task.

      In the age where studios are trying to keep tight control over budgets, they cannot afford to spend the extra time required to make the PS3 version as good as it can be.

      This is why the first party studio titles are so good. They only have one platform to concentrate on, and it is a platform they know inside out.

  • pc>consoles
  • Argy

    For most of the video, I can’t tell the difference between the two. When I can, I sometimes wonder if the guy is standing just a little to the left in one or looking just a little to the right. Pretty spot-on.

    I have to say that the makers got pretty lazy. They should have redone the scene for all of them instead of just calling one box the other three.

  • Anonymouss

    Is it just me or does the wii-u look better 0.0

  • I’ve played multiplayer on Xbox and Wii U and I can honestly say the wii u version is better. I’m not a nintendo fanboy btw. They both look exactly the same but the Wii U’s added benefits of being able to see the full minimap whenever and being able to play whenever you want on the gamepad even if you have a shared tv sets it beyond the other versions. However, the lobbies have yet to fill up on Wii U since it just came out and people have to buy a brand new console and set it up.

    • I also forgot to say, on the Wii U, I’ve had no problems with lag comp (Xbox) or with server errors (PS3).

  • Fanboys are idiots

    The only thing you faggot fanboys are proving from these console wars is that you’re all idiots. All of the consoles are good and bad in their own way, just accept that and play the game.

  • BFplayer

    Who cares about it. The next gen. consoles are coming and Nintendo will be the bottom again.
    It will be same as before.

  • Davidgutierrez1065

    Kids arguin over consoles *face palm* .______.

  • Anon

    I find it very hard to believe that the WiiU looks better then a PC does