The Call of Duty World League’s mini site on ELITE has just launched and is a new feature for Black Ops 2. The World is League is based off of League play, which allows you to compete for rank in skill based ladders. You can compete solo or as a team to see how you match up with Call of Duty players around the world.

Leagues are played in Series, each with its own rulesets and game types. Initially, there will be two Series. Your rank is specific to each one, so if you play in both, you will establish a separate rank for each Series.

There are currently two series available for League:

  • Champions Series
    • A mix of objective game modes that use competitive rules.
    • Format: 4v4
    • Ranks: Team and Solo
    • Special Rules: No Care Package. No Tactical Insertions.
  • Moshpit Series
    • A mix of Team Deathmatch and objective game modes that use standard rules.
    • Format: 6v6
    • Ranks: Solo

There are six divisions in League Play:

Masters: top 2% of the active population.

Platinum: next 18%.

Gold: next 20%.

Silver: next 20%.

Bronze: next 20%.

Bronze: bottom 20%.

League play also features Seasons and Preseason:

League Play is broken up into Seasons, each lasting approximately thirty calendar days. At the end of a Season, there will be a brief window of time before the next Season starts. This period of time is known as Preseason. During Preseason, we are finalizing results of the previous Season as well as adjusting the game rules and map rotations as necessary. You can play and practice during Preseason, but these games won’t count for League Ladders. The current Season and how much time remains in it will be displayed to you in-game.

The first season begins on December 1st, 2012!


  • wolfsjetta12

    How does the trial period affect the season? Does it still count or will I have to be re-ranked?

    • Argy

      The trial period will be tossed out when the real season starts. You will have to compete in 5 placement matches again. So in some ways, no it doesn’t really count against you unless you are worried about your personal leaderboard statistics.

      • wolfsjetta12

        Thanks. I don’t care about ranking and things like that.

  • Alfredo Pisci

    we want back the blog… where are the news?

  • Argy

    So here’s my gripe with why League Play doesn’t work in Black Ops 2 as being a skill based matchmaking system (After playing it for over 10 games). Side note, this is for TDM League Play.

    My first five games went like this: 1 loss, 2 wins, and 2 disconnects. The engineers over at Treyarch apparently count disconnects as losses (IE 12 people all received a loss). So I was placed into Bronze Division. I then start playing. I haven’t lost a single round since, and in fact my K/D has been above 1.0 (and usually closer to 5.0) every single game. Clearly I’m in the wrong league, but because it already placed me in this league and it counted the disconnects, I have to now suffer with slowly climbing the ranks to get somewhere close to my right league.

    If Treyarch wants to get this right and really make it Skill-Based Matchmaking, they need to come up with a better way than wins to determine your league, because wins mean absolutely nothing when it comes to skill. Another thing they need to do is put a warning that the HOST will receive 3x the value of losses for pulling the plug, and everyone else will be given a null-and-void score. It also should then put them on a do-not-host list and ban them for an hour. That would fix disconnects.

  • Jorden

    How do you get your leauge rank to show up on your regular game modes

  • Xero

    I got placed in bronze division (the higher bronze) rank 188. after winning ALL 6 of my placement games, the last 2 games I basically got carried and.. I mean I barely got out of spawn before my team had already eliminated the other team in SnD… so maybe that counted? 2 rage quits were my last games. since they were being stomped.

  • chris

    they need to make it on skill not wins

  • DestroyYourLife

    i finished season 3, Rank 1 in gold division and now the season is over and says that my league best is Rank 188 in gold division……WTF is up with that?

  • Robbert

    I dont get any points after playing league play my bonus is after playing less but ladderpoints stay the Same en raking also. Could sombody tell me why???