Call your friends, message your teammates, beacuse Clan Ops for Black Ops 2 begin today! The first Op is “Core Team Deathmatch“, try and get the highest total kills.

2:00 PM PST
5:00 PM EST

Your clan can win rewards by participating in clan operations. The clan that finishes in 1st place wins the Champion badge. Placing in the top 10% earns a Gold badge and the top 25% earn a Silver badge. Below the 25% threshold, all participating clans are awarded a Bronze badge, so long as they finish the operation with a non-zero score. All clans that finish Bronze or higher will also earn Clan XP. Keep in mind that your clan must enlist in an operation before its start date and time in order to participate.

Clan Operations only count the scores of the top 6 clan members who are premium Call of Duty: ELITE members. This operation only counts performance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
New Clan Member Disclaimer: Newly added clan members’ scores start counting on the first Operation enlisted in after their join time.

  • Mitch

    Why the fuck always these shit times for Europe? Can we have some 2pm (14.00) sometime? Jeez beachhead!

    • Primey_

      They are actually good times for Europe. Is 10pm past your bed time?

  • Skinny jay

    Anyone else confused by the score rules?

  • seriously copying and pasting from mw3 clan ops? come on now time and scoring is wrong

    • JamehJam

      how is the time wrong? they can pick whatever time they want to haha

  • James Harnett

    I can’t find the Clan Op in ELITE. Where is it? I want to enlist my clan.

    • Mitch

      Browse then Clan HQ, then go down and click ‘view full schedule’.

    • Argy

      Go to competitions and it’ll show it on the schedule. In fact, you can sort by game and bring BO2 right to the top.

  • BFplayer

    Is it for me3 or bo2? Plz someone tell me.

    • Mitch

      Learn to read or GTFO.

      • beacuse Clan Ops for Black Ops 2 begin today
        This operation only counts performance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

  • Ap3x Aries

    I told everyone in my clan that there’s a clan op for black ops 2 today, but they say its for mw3 when they dint even check it. There gonna be pissed when we get a bronze 🙂 loll


  • codbo2


  • Alex Pollok

    Scoring: … this operation only counts performance in Call of Duty: MODERN WARFARE 3… ????
    Think this is a Black Ops 2 ClanOps?!?!?

    • Argy

      Beachhead Studios is a bunch of lazy people, you’ll just have to deal with it.

  • Argy

    I’m sad that they have a brand new score system and yet we are still seeing the same old, stupid clan-op rules. Taking a quote from Beachhead Studios “We can do so much more now and have plans…” yet all we ever see is the same crap.

  • Mouthstuff

    Is it true that only premium members can score in black ops or can anyone signed up through elite score now in black ops 2? Sorry I am just confused by this.

    • OniTenshu

      I can confirm that you don’t need to be premium to get the bronze badge.