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The demand for Call of Duty has become more popular in the Japanese gaming community recently. A cosplayer has remade the famous Call of Duty MW2’s Juggernaut suit.

The juggernaut outfit weighs a hefty 20 kilograms—30 kilograms when carrying weapons. The outfit takes about 30 minutes to put on.

Pretty amazing stuff that the community comes up with!

SOURCE: Kotaku

  • Notzach410

    Wonder if that’d actually stop a bullet…

    • JuggVsBullet

      Only one way to find out

    • xRenegadezzz

      I’m pretty sure it couldn’t…since these suits are just EOD suits made to look cooler. They probably couldn’t stop anything over a 9mm bullet.

  • Guest

    MW2′s juggernaut > MW3’s juggernaut 🙂

    • Stealth_fighter_2008

      This. One could easily spray down a MW3 Jug and point-blank, but doing that in MW2? You fucking cray, mang.

    • David

      The whole MW2 is better than Money Wasting 3

  • Dean Ball

    One question……


    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      a true fan will show their passion for anything… he showed this… i like it…

  • incubusman421

    That thing just may be 22 LR or .38 proof.

  • SpyingEllis

    how much for one?

  • sonny


  • sonny

    i wish i could have one………………..