UPDATE 3: Nuketown Zombies available now for Xbox Season Pass owners.

UPDATE 2: Activision has confirmed Nuketown Zombies will be available TOMORROW (December 12th) for Xbox 360 Season pass holders.


UPDATE: Activision has confirmed that this was a mistake, and it was not supposed to be available yet. Nuketown Zombies is still coming sometime this month for Xbox Season Pass Holders.

Activision or Treyarch have yet to officially announce a release date for Nuketown Zombies, but it appears that Nuketown Zombies is available now on the in-game Xbox LIVE store for Season Pass holders.

Some fans are reporting that if you don’t have the season pass, it shows up in the in-game Zombies store, but it won’t download.

People with season passes are getting plagued with errors trying to download the map. Maybe because it is not supposed to be available yet? We don’t know for sure, but we’ll let you know once we find out.

PlayStation 3 and PC Season Pass holders will get access to this map in January, as Xbox gets all DLC first.

SOURCE: Black Ops II In-Game Store

  • Mattyb555

    When do non season pass holders get it!!!!????

    • Mitch


    • incubusman421

      I think that NT2025 and NTZombies will probably be released as a free download or it will come with the first DLC… I knew they weren’t going to keep it as a bonus.

    • never

      • Ll3

        dude they even said in the description of the season pass you will get nuketown zombies this month idiot

        • its not season pass its beep pass

          • idiots…idiots everywhere


      • if we dont get it ill end up killing the game

    • ConnorEfcc

      none season pass holders can BUY the map in May next year.

  • im a hardened edition holder and i think its kind of sad that they do like this 🙁

    • Brandon

      Learn from your mistakes.

  • Guest

    nice.. I paid 10€ extra for a map I would have got anyways because I will buy the season pass? that’s retarded Treyarch…

    • guest

      anyone who didnt see this coming is blind or this is their first go around with COD. hardened and prestige edition owners are nothing special, just cash cows for activision. keep throwing money at them so you can feel “special.”

    • Sauce_Boss

      consider your ten pounds a early access fee

  • bulldog25413

    How they determine if a bonus map will stay closed, or released later, is based on player list count. If not a lot of players are using a map, mode, or whatever, they will release it to smaller crowds to get the count up so work does not go to waste. As long as enough people are season pass holders, chance are it will stay like that. But if the numbers with the season pass holders are not high enough for 3arc to feel the work was worth it, then it will go up as a DLC pack add-on, or maybe founders to give them a extra bonus. Either way, nothing is a bonus to certain people, until the devs feel like the work was worth it.

    • I have the season pass and I don’t see it in the store.

      • bulldog25413

        It is not available yet. My guess is Microsoft did a marketplace update early. Happened a lot last year with mw3, and xbox updating shit early and gave away the spec ops achievements. As for PS3’s, once again, they renewed the contract so we will be waiting a month.

        • Sauce_Boss

          They didnt renew it is set to expire after this cod it was 5 years i think i dunno but they dont do it on a yearly bases

          • John Carroll

            Yes they so renew it every year they said that at E3 this past year

      • codbo2

        do u get all the DLC for free no MS

    • Brandon

      Nuketown zombies was promised to all Season Pass Holders and Ive already called and contacted treyarch support as well as activision on this matter, even if they decide to postpone from tuesdays release date, the 13th, season pass holders will be emailed download codes for nuketown zombies. They will not go without what they paid hard cash for. As for ps3, its not the same, if they decide to postpone, ps3 must wait til may. LOLS

  • guest

    wtf? how come stupid xbox gets it first thats freaking unfair….

    • Guest

      Because, Microsoft signs a contract with Treyarch making they get DLC releases and exclusive offers first while SONY sits there and just making extra money with exclusive games and new PS3 models. I’m a PS3 fan myself but it does making me see Microsoft getting the stuff first 🙁

      • Sauce_Boss


    • Sniperwolf_432003

      Because ps3 suck

      • Raul

        Xbox fanboy right here. Your console lacks bluray, a knowledgeable support team, and good hardware. I’d rather buy a cod game every year than pay nearly the same amount to play that game online.

        • Brandon

          PS3 Fanboy right here. PSN is glitchy, Laggy, and low quality. Xbox live is 100% better, no lag with good internet, get all DLC early, plays all formats of movies, PLAYS BLURAYS FROM USB DRIVE AND EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES. 3D. Although ps3 does have dolby 7.1 with surround, while xbox has 5.1, i dont really care for either system. Both systems are equal, where xbox lacks in graphic quality it gains in server quality, and where ps3 falls short in connection and server quality it gains in graphics. So Fuck em both.

        • Sauce_Boss

          Dude its $60 its not that much at all. ($5 a month) if u cant afford that then why do you own a console or internet in the first place.

      • Guest

        Come on, it’s obvious you’re a Xbox fanboy I bet you don’t have a PS3. Who has free connection? Ps3 Does. Who has to pay for their connection to connect to Xbox live that wastes your savings in your bank account? Xbox does. I guarantee you that there just consoles besides we’re all gamers.

        • Brandon

          Yeah, we have to pay for our connection, thats why our server quality is 100 times better, thats why we matchmake faster, thats why we can play without lagging (:

    • Blkyoshi94

      We pay ofr online usage. thats why

  • codbo2

    on t he seasons pass u get all the dlc for free

  • Dareesewardle

    ok i have the season pass and i just went on the store and the map wasnt there

  • Guest

    Why people don’t get it. If yo have season pass doesn’t mean you will get dlc first

    • Brandon

      YES IT DOES DUMBASS. Nuketown Zombies will be available first for Season Pass holders on Xbox 360 in December with other platforms to follow.

      • fleabag323

        NO IT DOESN’T DUMBASS. …with other PLATFORMS to follow. All this means is PS3 Season Pass users will get it a month later, like all normal DLC. Nuketown Zombies seems to be exclusive to Season Pass and not sold separately. Anyway, the normal DLC packs will be released to everyone on Xbox at the same time and everyone on PS3 at the same time.

        • Ashley_2012

          Can nobody READ!!!! It plainly says sometime in JANUARY, ps3 users will get the nuketown zombies it doesnt say “Buy season pass and you will get nuketown zombies right now”. They will release the date so stop writing and asking cause NOBODY but Activision knows when ps3 gets nuketown zombies….All these stupid answers saying not for another year??? Where the hell did u hear that cause ps3 sure hasnt said that!!! Peace

      • Blkyoshi94

        December is not over

  • HeyyBO2ROCKS!!!

    i downloaded the season pass and nuketown zombies does not show up to download it

    • NuketownInformer

      Same here.. Good to see people have the same problem and I dont just have a glitchy xbox. I hope they fix this soon..

  • Christianeperdomo

    that happened to me today i own the season pass i clicked to download and when it hit the 99 percent mark it said nuketown zombies cannot be downloaded

  • NuketownInformer

    I have the season pass but it doesnt show up…. 🙁

  • Kevboy22

    because all they fucking want is money. they dont want you to download only one map. they want you to buy all to get one map. fucking asses

  • Speedomonkey


    • Bandar Saad

      Season pass IS ABOUT Getting ur maps the day they release i got confused too

    • Skiller0506

      Click Zombies Or Multiplayer And Click Store and go to map packs!

    • painbow747

      thank you for someone with common sense

  • that is stupid what drag about nuketown zombies they want me to pay over 10 dollars well i will go insane and end up coming up in news channel angry man goes enraged about not able to get nuketown zombies without stupid pass

  • i guess ill wait just 40 dollars to go

  • i guess ill wait

  • Kairobinson10

    We will get you really wrong for fraud if you don’t do anything about it

  • Dime_bar

    Not happy.hardcore free for all has been taken off black ops 2!!!

  • Silentkilla

    if you didint buy season pass and you try to download the map is still does not work

  • Mando_Gandon

    Do the hardened edition owners get a season pass?

  • bulldog25413

    They made it public a while ago that only those that bought the hardened or care pack edition would only get NT zombies. Right after launch they made it public that those with a season pass also get it. How do u have to pay a extra 10 to get it? you SAVE 10 for getting the season pass, or in a nutshell buy all 4 dlc packs ahead of time save 10 bucks then buying them separate when they come out. The NT zombies is a extra bonus for season pass, you dont have to pay extra. Stop saying you have to pay 10 bucks more for it. And stop with season pass gets it early on there console, this is not the same as premium elite last year. YOU DO NOT GET SHIT EARLY, season pass is just that, preordering all the DLC’s to save 10 bucks. This shit is not rocket science, just takes 5 min to read.

    • bulldog25413

      And no shit those that have season pass can not see NT zombies, read the damn post. IT WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE IN THE STORE/MARKETPLACE YET. Calm down kids, and take the time to read everything, not just what u want.

    • SykosymatiK

      *Savings of $43 total, after all DLC will be released.

  • Ff

    i have h edition but also have season pass it let me download it

  • brad

    wow im pissed i cant get it yet i payed for season pass so when will it come out

    • Miguellopez11111

      The season pass holders on ps3 will get it sometime In January(10-17) buy Xbox already has it.

  • Martinez619559

    Its should be for the ones that pre ordered it 2

  • the bandit

    fuck call of duty iam sick of waiting for bullshit…..black ops 1 was way better than 2…..last time i will ever buy a fucarch game die bitch.

  • Relue

    Yeah I read reports of people without season passes able to download nuketown (for free) while it was briefly available in the store and everyone I know that had a season pass wasn’t able to get it. which is were i find it total bullshit

  • Tyree Mcghee

    Dude all I know is it better come out before da end of December…period point blank…

  • Bailey-r

    I have season pass and it won’t let me down??? Wtffff?

  • Whatthezombies

    Why buy black ops 2 with NT2025
    If you need to pay £40 for NT zombies that would end up in £80
    When u can just buy hardend edition for £60 treyarch need to LOWER the price

    • Hey123

      The 40 dollars is four all four map packs plus nuke town zombies

  • Aidan Rodriguez03

    i paid for season pass and its dec. 17! what happened?

  • Mathew hulsebus

    Yeah dam it where is it

  • Gage Oldham

    i dont see why they cant put it out at the same time for ps3 as they do for xbox

  • Lewissims16

    WHAT THE FUCK i paid for nuketown zombies early but now i have to wait until january

  • Henry

    i purchased it on ps3 and it say purchased will it give me the maps the day it comes out?

  • Ayoitszhenry

    please email me and tell me how i will get the season pass for ps3 and if it will give it to me e-mail me at [email protected]

  • smithanthony55

    Wat the frik!!!! Why isn’t nuketown zombies playing when the game supposively says that I downloaded both the Season Pass and Nuketown zombies????

  • Nighthawk779935

    This Sucks that we have to wait way longer than xbox to get 1 map because when we get the next map we be behind on playing this map

  • Tom

    you have to go on to the game and go on store on the main menu and it should be there and say for free

  • Soonerfandevru

    This is BS why should they get it first

  • Mikael

    When is the relise of nuketown zombies seson pass ps3?

  • Reece Tait04

    i got one with the game

  • Eidoadam

    Bat on Ps3

  • Gazza5times

    When nuketown zombies out for ps3 season pass holders.

  • Nolankraemer

    does anyone know exactly when it comes out in January for ps3?????????

  • Sde1918

    You fucking Xbox Fuck you. Why the fuck y’all get your maps first FUCK OFF WITH THAT BULLSHIT.

  • thecodgod

    guys the reason why you save 10 bucks because its like shangri la no one wants it you wouldnt buy it but with season pass you will automatically buy that sucky one you would not of bought and they make more money i guess

  • Tregtac

    Ps3 users listen, nuketown zombies will show up at january 12th or 13th, I am not sure if ppl without a season pass can download it

  • Ashley_2012

    We just went into our Gamestop here in Kingsport, Tn and what he told us was some bullshit!!! He said “Pc and Playstation 3 will not get Nuketown Zombies if they didnt buy care package or the hardened edition!!! That only xbox 360 gets it if they buy season pass now said that because of xbox pushin their millions of dollars around they are the only systems to get Nuketown Zombies wit their season pass and ONLY care package an hardened edition buyers for PS3 will also have it but NOBODY else 🙁 Total bullshit if you ask me but he said that they get a update from activision almost every week since the game is such a big hit everywhere an the last update for them about nuketown zombies was just this past week and that was what he was told my store manager if any customers keep coming in asking about it to tell them what they faxed us. So who knows when this damn map will come out but i jus wished ppl would stop posting all this bullshit dates bout this map cause NOBODY knows shit so fuck off. I jus typed it in and i seen at least 30 diff dates from users that dont have a damn clue 🙂 The 29th for xbox on the DLC maps an then others to follow on the revolution map pack but NO NUKETOWN ZOMBIES in this either

  • CockBlock69

    What is the exact time ps3 dlc will come out?

  • The.champ.of.the.world

    what date will Nuketown Zombie get out for ps3 season pass holders

  • nuketown 2025 zombies ps3 is said to be released Jan.17

  • i wanna know when the season pass will be available on PS3!!!!!!!!!!

  • can someone please tell me when the season pass will be available to download on PS3!!!!!!!

  • painbow

    Treyarch is always screwing ps3 over why is it the 19th and the nuketown zombies is still not available for season pass owners (and it should have been released the 17th)

  • kwstas

    when the season pass ends for ps3??

  • meeee

    I paid for the season pass just now am to late to download revolutionmap pack

  • Warrior

    Everyone just shut the fuck up and deal with it it not gonna die if ya don’t get one fucking thing in life so just go suck it dick

  • Kaieggy