Treyarch has just released a new hotfix for Black Ops 2 fixing the issue where a host migration would put you on probation.

Many fans have been complaining over the last few days about this however it should finally be resolved now. This new feature still puts you in probation if you leave to many matches by you actually quitting the game.

  • Saltlife5782

    That’s BS in my opinion ! If I’m gonna get modded in almost every match then I’m gonna back out and join a new match and try to find a match if possible that doesn’t have modders , laggers and cheaters !! I don’t think it’s right that you put me on probation for backing out of modded lobbies and yet you don’t do jack to the modders and cheaters in your game !

    • BFplayer

      Just camp in a corner and use the following tactics if those ever happens:

      •Use UAV/CUAV
      •Go camp in a corner with MMS/shockcharge/Bouncy betty or claymore
      •Use the enginneer and black hat device to hack enemy equipment. Like the C4 throws

      •Run on the side of the map, flanking them making a spawn flip to have some advantage.
      •Run ghost if they’re spamming UAVs
      •Use low scorestreaks like: UAV/RC/LS
      •Use surpressor

      If this doesn’t helps go moan somewhere else or trade it in for a game of your choosing.

      Have a nice day. ☺

      • Saltlife5782

        Ya and I bet your one of the douche bags that make the game not fun or enjoyable for the rest of the people playing either ya cock !

        • Codzombie115

          The guy did nothing bad to you. He only wanted to help you. Leave him alone you cyber bully.

  • Thomasgreenwood1

    The whole probation issue is absurd. I bought the game, play it over the connection I pay for and should not be told how to play by the manufacturer.
    If I want to move to another lobby for any reason, it is my business alone.

    • Kyle Trnr

      u are so right if they didn’t want you to leave games then y put the option in there

  • C0UNT IT

    I leave matches when the lag is too bad to play with. Fix the lag and I won’t leave matches early as much as I do. Stupid idea.

  • BFplayer

    I personally love this feature. I’m a person with a kd above a 2.00 getting warthogs/Loadstars and I always hate when the noobs rage quit and average people join in.

    All I want to know if this will also affect in zombies?

    • Saltlife5782

      It’s not rage quitting when almost the lobby is lagging in some way or one or more people are using modded controllers or other mods . I personally have a k/d in MW3 of over 2.00 but it seems this game since its new has a lot more cheats , mods and hackers playing .

  • Thresh

    lol ive left so many games because of lag and nothing has happened to me -_- but thank you treyarch regardless for doing something. NOW WHEN ARE YYALL GONNA FIX DAT LAG

  • Noahlux02

    I personally love campers they are easy to find and even easier to kill !! All because they dont better their gameplay

    • DanDustEmOff

      Agreed although sometimes they can be frustrating to clear out if they are a semi skilled camper

  • Mikejones

    Well I’m glad we don’t have to put up with this bull shit on ps3

  • Mindfreak17

    why does my rank reset from lvl 42 back to lvl 1 I turn on my xbox I go into black ops 2 I go on multiplayer and is says persistant rank corruption has occurred your rank has been restored to the most recent in memory lvl 42 and when I press ok and I go to public match it say all online stats have been reset but after it says tht im still lvl 42 until I get into a match then it goes back to lvl 1 so I turn off my xbox and it keeps doin this over and over plz fix this I did nothing wrong

  • ScreamJ.

    I have never backed out of any game I’ve entered, but yet I still am getting my rank reset for corrupted data. Granted it’s only backed me down from level 39 to 37, but I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong to make this occur over and over. If this continues on to a point that I can no longer level up, I will quit playing and find a different game to invest my hard earned money into, because this is a little Bullshit. And I’m not sure if Treyarch is responsible for the lag, but it’s gotten worse and worse over time =/
    I love this game, I would hate to discontinue my playing it due to these malfunctions or whatever has caused this.

  • Bob

    How do I get the update. It keeps telling me I can’t play and I didn’t leav