James C Burns (Frank Woods) has just uploaded this video on his Official Channel, check out the “WORLD PREMIER” of the video that WOULD have played at the VGA’s had Menendez won Best Character of The Year. EPIC.

UPDATE: The video was set to private after @jamescburns tweeted it out?

  • Notzach410

    He should’ve won too. Connor was a horrible choice.

  • David


  • Mitch

    why the fuck isn’t this the end in bo2 if menendez escapes after the final mission.

    • incubusman421

      there are 8 possible endings to this game… Menendez could be killed and that’s the end of him or if you killed Harper, Farid would have jumped in front of Cloe saving her. Cloe would have cracked the bug and she would appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. where they would have shown her insulting Menendez. He wouldn’t have escaped in that outcome. I think that 2 out of the 8 endings have that happening but I am not all that sure.

    • idiots…idiots everywhere

  • incubusman421

    Video marked as “Private” :-/

  • These guys nailed the in-game acting in Black Ops 2. Wasn’t a big fan of the story, but the acting really captured me, for the most part.

    Also, yeah, it’s now private 🙁 FIND IT VICTOR!

  • Tomas Brousson
  • Anon
  • y0ungcapc0m

    sucks that Black Ops 2 didn’t win anything in VGA, I was pissed when that stupid robot from Borderlands 2 won the Character of the Year is kinda of the waste, Menendez deserve a wins