A new exploit in Black Ops 2 has been identified allowing users to reach prestige 12, level 55. Black Ops 2 supports for players to only level up to Prestige 10, level 55, so it comes as a surprise that an exploit can allow you to gain a non-existent prestige.

But, Black Ops 2 could always have support for more prestiges. As of now, Treyarch has not acknowledged the problem, nor identified if or when they will fix the issue. We’re hoping that these players get banned for such action because hacking is against the Black Ops 2 Code of Conduct.

Also if you remember, a few weeks ago, we reported that Elite has place holders for prestiges 12-15 for Black Ops 2.

As always we’ll keep you posted when Treyarch says something.

  • affliction4

    Never mind that, what about the Master Prestige hackers…FML

  • Coqui

    I’m Prestige Master on PS3 and when I check my stats on Elite I can see the “12 Prestige” emblem behind.

    • Connorrathbone


    • Anouk

      Could you hack my account? 12thPrestige_Girl

      • Dave

        Are u stupid?. U wanna hack u piece of shit

      • kymm puckeridge

        I can do it for you, just give me your psn password, Facebook account name and password and email address and password


    Maybe instead of making a pointless post about this the info should’ve been sent directly to activision devs/support.

    • incubusman421

      Maybe they did _

  • SillyAnon

    MLG Stats right there lol.

  • incubusman421

    I figure 3ARC added the ability to have additional prestiges just like IW did in MW3… They probably inteded to have the prestige emblems available via update because they didn’t want people to find the files on the disc.

  • Fletch27

    Keep us all posted… 🙂

  • Afdfsd


  • Dark-Chaos

    They better not even thinking about adding more prestige’s, I’m only prestige 3 so it’s going to take me and many others, ages to just get to prestige master nether mind prestige flipping 15. Just a bull**** excuse, for the prestige masters who were sad enough and have no life, constantly playing their game.

    • noob

      prestige master isn’t for casuals like you

    • soldier boyo

      Im crap at the game but if you play on hardcore you can do it fast took me 2 hours a day for 3 mounths to become master

  • Jbillies2010

    I have played with a guy who was 12th prestige. He did it legit he got it hacked so he could prestige. He was quite nice

  • LethalFame

    What about the duplication glitchers

  • Sam

    David Vonderhaar said on twitter that this has already been taken care of.


    • Food4lyfe

      I dont think so lol. I just got in a lobby with one.

  • sKenDread

    Just played a level 12. Definitely played like a master. I have no problem with it

  • Ps3

    I’m giving master prestige and 12 prestige for free

    • Xxlightningxx

      Can you give me 12th ive been looking everywhere

    • Rawa2

      Add my psn ThEDoN_-R please 12 prestige

      • Dave

        I’m sure u would want prestige 12. Your probably ass anyways

  • zachsoul

    all hacking faggots should be banded they hack cause they have no pride and r 2 bad to get shit legit -_-

    • kymm puckeridge

      Same with the pieces of shit that buy camo and titles, if people stop paying for these filthy micro transactions and actually had to accomplish something to be able to get something there would be less ‘hackers’ let’s face it they aren’t hackers they are installers of mods

  • D-dumas

    well i was apparently in a hosted lobby i was 8 th prestige lv33 and if i get banned because they allowed some noob hacker on the server they gona fix that if they dont then they better reimburst my season pass money

  • Memoloco1971

    Help I’ve been on level 55 > 5 stars and now I don’t get any points from any won games. It show earned. Shows next level 0: xp and shows next level 0 xp needed then a number 1. no tokens earned either. what do I need to do to advance? elmemoloco1971

    • haudshiadfnasuidf

      you need to go into barracks then go to prestige then go enter prestige

  • Its The End0

    add me i wil do it for you IP:rawaz112

  • dodo

    i got hacked and my presteg level is 10 how can i git rid of it ps this is on xbox360

  • Billjen

    Hostile_305 ha done this on ps3 report him.

  • gpsforjamz247

    add more prestiges and get rid of hackers and boosters thats all that needs to be done

  • Wtf

    It’s not even a hack. It’s a glitch…

  • Nathan Auroro Korvis Walsh

    I made it to 9 legit if im master i may try…its just the idiots who jump 8 prestiges who piss me off

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    Wow this more prestige emblems could be exciting 😀

  • Hugh

    Ppl who hack are garbage I played bo2 and I found a pair of boosters sitting in the corner at back of the map two ppl on my team where boosting for the other team reported them and 2 days later there still boosting wtf losers . Band the hackers and boosters