Steam has announced that many Call of Duty games are on sale for their annual Steam Holiday Sale.

The games are all 50% off from the original price.

Games on sale:


  • incubusman421

    MW3 should have been $30 bucks at release lmao.

    • DanDustEmOff

      MW3 was a great game no matter what bf fans and critics say I would choose it over any current fps if it had more people playing it and there was more dlc coming out for it

      • incubusman421

        The campaign was average. The multiplayer only felt like a half step from MW3s multiplayer. That’s why so many people called it MW2.5. I didn’t care for BF3. The main issue I have with the MW3 multiplayer was the lag. BO2 seems to have long periods of lag followed by periods of greatness. MW3 is a little smoother but it lags consistently for me no matter what. Plus it’s not significantly changed from MW2. I feel like the MW3 lag is always there no matter what. Maybe 3ARC is messing with the skill filter in matchmaking or something. My K/D is .20 pts higher in BO2 and my SQM is 50 pts higher in BO2.

  • Typhon

    you forgot cod 5

  • Poop

    You forgot the war chest.