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UPDATE: Twitter user @RaptorClaw141 went to his local GameStop and saw the poster in their store. According to him, the manager had no specific date of when to put it up. Raptor tweeted a picture showing the full poster, added to the gallery above.

A forum post on the official Call of Duty forums (which has now been removed by ATVI) appeared showing a leaked promotional image for the first Black Ops 2 DLC, called ‘Revolution.’ This image reveals that this pack will contain a bonus weapon – ‘Peacekeeper’ SMG. If this image is real, this will be the first time a Call of Duty game has gotten weapon DLC.

The image also reveals that the pack contains 4 new MP maps and 1 new Zombie map.

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Hydro
  • Grind
  • Downhill
  • Mirage


  • Die Rise

This information is not confirmed, but according to another image appearing this pack will be out for Xbox 360 on January 29th. The images show that this is a GameStop US location, suggesting that an official announcement is coming very soon.

We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE 2: After the leak, Treyarch tweeted that DLC news is coming soon..


SOURCE: Call of Duty Forums via @RobsStang and @DW247

  • Pål Martin Christiansen

    More eastereggs!!

  • Stephen Guinness
  • Jonh

    Try fixing the game first, dickheads!!

    I hate everything about what COD has become!! Release a broken game, ignore calls for fixes, churn out 4 generic DLC map packs, profit!! Do the same again next year!

    Sick of it!!

    • Roxas3510

      What’s wrong with it? I’m not trying to be funny, this CoD seems to be the first one in a long time without a crap ton of problems.

      • Ahhoefling

        I think you meant to say without instead of with…

        • Roxas3510

          yeah I did, typo.

      • Yeah, I’ve got to agree. I’m really enjoying it, considerably more than some of the previous titles.

    • Many different teams working on the game. They have DLC team, and normal team working on the game issues, etc.

    • Roler42

      And yet you support it every year

      • Nick

        lol so true.

    • Totally agree!

    • RdJokr

      And what exactly is broken about the game?

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Mostly the lag and the killsreaks really make me want to take my 360 and bodyslam it but other than that i’ll take black ops 2 over mw3 ANYDAY.

        • Roxas3510

          I’ve accepted the lag because these CoD developers seem to have no idea how to fix it since it’s been in every last game. As for the killstreaks, they seem fine to me.

          • Nick

            I do lag in certain game matches but most of the time I don’t lag in this game online, both zombies & Multiplayer. Unlike My Online experience for MW3…

        • Fredrickds

          IDIOTS! lag has to-do with YOUR CONNECTION TO THEIR SERVERS AND YOUR INTERNET! not their servers.

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          @Fredrickds Thats not true. I have 30-50ms ping, 25-30 down and 2-4 up. In addition to that i have a top of the line router. I shouldn’t be lagging at all but the sad reality is that cod players with good internet is being punished.

    • Hills92

      Are you made mate?

  • Mitchell

    Any possibility that Downhill might be a remake of Summit? That would be insta-buy right there.

  • Jerry D’Erasmo

    A bonus SMG? Really? Like we don’t have lobbies flooded with the ones already in the game?

    • “Like we don’t have lobbies flooded with PDW and MSMC already in the game?” FTFY. If this’ll be the 3rd God-Tier SMG then Ill be happy. TBH those 2 are actually the only reliable smg’s anyone with half a mind will use. Most of the time if you’re using the mp7 or the vector, you’ll basically lose to a gunfight against the pdw and the msmc. Not to mention the peacemaker looks totally cheese. Equip dat baby with a suppressor and you’re golden.

  • Dark-Chaos

    YESSSSSS! A snow map, at long last! Hoping its like Summit.

    – Is Hydro a snow map as well?

    • IamWilcox / Jake

      Hydro looks like a power dam

      • Dark-Chaos

        Possible Location/Setting: “A new energy-efficient building research test center in Qatar will investigate how Hydro’s aluminium building solutions will perform in the climate extremes of the Middle East”


        • Dark-Chaos

          “A significant portion of Hydro’s aluminium is produced using renewable hydroelectric power.”

          “Our aluminium production in Brazil, Canada and Norway is based on hydroelectricity.”

          Please be Canada or Norway, one snow map out of APX 20 isn’t enough 🙁

  • Repleteorb2

    FINALY a gun as dlc

  • death crusher

    what da fuck this is fucking fake no maker of zombies would name it die riese

    • haters r going to hate

      ur an idiot

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      its die rise… your dyslexic by confusing it with der riese

      • Nomy

        Its youre, fucking muppet

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      your so retarded… you have to be dyslexic to confuse it with der riese

    • Nick

      You Just went Full retard, Never go full retard…

      • noob

        go back to 9gag

  • Stephen Guinness

    @deaath far from fake its up in gamestop stores.

  • Corianmx16

    Mw3 had a gun included in a DOC

    • TheAcidHammer

      No it didn’t?

    • Afdfsd


  • Afdfsd


  • Afdfsd


  • IamWilcox /Jake

    Hydro = Hydro power dam?

    Grind = Skate park

    Downhill = Snow Map (Possible summit remake!?)

    Mirage = Desert temple?

    Die Rise / DieRise = Skyscrapers/Highrise’s (Highrise from MW2 would be cool for zombies)

    I also have a feeling that the peacemaker SMG will be overpowered (So ATVI can use it as a selling point for the DLC if nobody likes the maps).

    • Afdfsd


  • Logan


  • Jagordllo1

    doesnt the peacemaker look like an assault rifle? just saying

    • Jagordillo1



    The original picture says “BONUS PEACEKEEPER SMG” but the new picture says “EXCLUSIVE PEACEKEEPER SMG”.

    • Roxas3510

      Yeah I noticed that, I think they are two different posters though, because the bottom of the first one where it shows the ESRB rating and which systems it’ll be on is blue, and on the other poster it’s the same color as the rest of the background.

    • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

      It’s more marketing jargon than anything. Both mean the same. Get the DLC, get the gun.

  • ddrhodes

    If this is legit, does that mean the trailer comes out on the 14th January 2013?

    • We first want to get an official press release from ATVI with screenshots. Then a trailer will come. So maybe Jan 14th.

  • Vengefulslinky

    Well lets hope that this is true would be nice, on the other hand im suprised that one or two posters have been put out in the world of this if someone has just gone down to there local game store.

    Im sure if they were being sent them people who work there would of posted more of them?

    • GameStop has stated that these posters arrived to their stores, and no date was given of when to put them up, so many stores have put them up.

      • Nick

        On January 1st, I’m assuming thats the date Treyarch should be able to officially announce the map pack. on the 8th or 15th should be the preview trailer, and the 22th should be the reveal trailer for the revolution map pack. Just Taking a guess.

        • This seems like it could be right. Never know

        • Weerdo52

          22th? lol.

  • Nerfispwnage243

    Perhaps since there are extra guns included in Campaign and Zombies, the DLC guns can reuse those assets but with a new skin to make it look futuristic. So maybe this ‘Peacekeeper’ thing is actually just an AK74u, which I’m totally ok with.

  • Lolwut

    The funny thing is, the poster doesn’t tell you what it is.

    No where does it say ‘5 new maps’ etc.

    • It’s an assumption that those pictures are 100% maps. What else could they be?

      • Lolwut

        Of course they are – but what I mean is, a poster should tell you what it is it is selling.

        It isn’t telling you anything.

        • Well, if you look at Black Ops 1 DLC posters, and MW3 DLC posters they never stated what those are either.

  • Ahhoefling

    The Zombies map is called “Rise”, not “Die Rise.” “Die” is in red for a reason!!


    If this date is confirmed, that’d be awesome. I am really interested in seeing these maps. Especially Die Rise, in a sense, it sounds like High Rise from MW2 and Der Riese from WaW/Black Ops. MAYBE AN EPIC MIXTURE!?! What am I talking about haha.

  • Afdfsd
  • Erikkesek

    i cant wait for grind

  • Dustin Fredrick

    will ps3 season pass holders get it on January 29th? if not we got to start a petition to activision to stop sucking microsoft’s dick

    • No PS3 owners will not get it on Jan 29th. And Season Pass holders AND non season pass owners get DLC at the same time.

      No petition will work. ATVI has a signed contract giving Xbox all Call of Duty DLC first, for a timed exclusive.

  • Hills92

    Mirage looks a little like the Castle off world at war

  • If you cannot say Die Rise, just say Diary’s and there you go.

  • ChrisJ

    DRD Paratus-18

  • Charlie B

    The Gun is only for Zombies

  • I_am_doing_this_once!

    This gun DLC got me thinking. Maybe they will be releasing new Assault rifle then a new Shotgun then a new LMG then a new Sniper every DLC release. That will be cool!!

  • 3arc DLC <3

    I’ve always hated Cod DLC cause the maps were horrible, but this one (OFC cause its 3arc) looks pretty nice 🙂

  • blackops2fanlol


  • Ryan Zman

    They need to put out more zombie maps I hardly play Multiplayer lol peacemaker should be in the mystery box as well!