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Get a first look at “Revolution,” the first DLC Map Pack available for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. One of the most robust and diverse DLC offerings in Call of Duty history, Revolution includes four all-new Multiplayer maps, a new Zombies map, an exclusive Multiplayer weapon, and a brand new Zombies game mode.


The Revolution DLC Map Pack arrives first on Xbox LIVE on January 29th, with other platforms to follow. Purchase the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC Season Pass to get Revolution plus the remaining three DLC Map Packs at a discounted price.


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Multiplayer Maps:

  • Downhill – is set in the ski country of the French Alps, where players fight their way down the slopes and through a ski lodge, while avoiding the moving hazards of the mountain’s gondola system.
  • Hydro – floodwaters in “Hydro” as they contend for dominance of this hydroelectric dam facility in Pakistan, filled with treacherous spillways.
  • Mirage – pits players in competition amidst the sand dunes of a dilapidated luxury resort in the sandstorm-devastated Gobi Desert, where a range of long-distance and close-quarters combat will mix up the action for all play styles.
  • Grind – transports players to the historic birthplace of skateboarding, California’s Venice Beach, where they will battle it out through the ramps and half-pipes of this massive, epic skate park in a multiplayer environment comprised of unique curved architecture requiring players to adapt and learn new ways to take cover.


  • Die Rise – Co Op Map – Far East, where they will attempt to overcome a zombie infestation inside a series of collapsed skyscrapers towering over the remains of an obliterated Chinese city. In this new and original Zombies map, “Die Rise,” players will wield powerful, upgradable Wonder Weaponry as well as combine new buildable devices to fight a relentless army of the undead throughout Escher-esque sceneries over a deep and perilous chasm
  • Turned – Game Mode – where players can finally compete against each other as a zombie

Weapon DLC:

  • Peacekeeper SMG – This powerful SMG, accompanied by its own set of weapon challenges for additional XP, is unlocked to all Call of Duty: Black Ops II fans that pick-up Revolution.


  • Mitch


  • Greg AKA Pablo

    nvr said the peacekeeper was for multiplayer

    • hanfhase

      dude… you can see/hear it being used in multiplayer footage

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      now they confirmed it 😀

  • hanfhase

    Price ?

    • incubusman421

      $50 for a ‘season pass’.

    • CobraG7

      1200 MS points or $15

  • KenethKaniff

    i think activisions new strategy is to put bullshit maps on the disc so people will complain and buy the dlc for the better maps

    • ArgNacho

      You say that like if the maps on Black Ops 2 were bad.

      • Guest

        well they are pretty bad
        in mw3 the only map i never played was downturn
        now i have drone, aftermath, turbine, express, hijacked and cargo to worry about. all of them are camp fests except for aftermath, which is basically downturn 2.0

        • DanDustEmOff

          you forgot carrier and slums

        • derp

          I like all those maps -_-

        • 240SwogYoro

          Drone, express, and cargo are actually pretty fun. But no, Aftermath, turbine, hijacked, and carrier… I swear, I wanna strangle the person who designed these maps.

  • Optic-N00b

    Much prefer the way Treyarch are delivering the DLC. No stupid face off maps with screwed up spawns, no crappy special ops missions (who even played those?) not being forced to buy the season pass as everyone one Xbox gets at at the same time, getting 4 maps together with a zombie map AND an epic new zombie mode AND a new gun. Not to mention that moron actor who presented it. This is much better than IW’s Down-Loadable-Crap. I didn’t even bother downloading the DLC towards the end of the DLC cycle even though it was free as I regrettable bought the Elite pass. It was just that bad.

    • good chance faceoff will be back just wait that was not 1st dlc

    • DanDustEmOff

      I played the spec ops face off survival and the chaos I liked getting new maps every month even if it is only a few spec ops. I liked the variety and all the dlc maps were good quality maps the only map that I didn’t like from MW3 was downturn and I got a bit sick of dome towards the end there are so many craps maps already I’m hoping for better dlc cause in ffa u only get to play 10 maps and it’s usually the same 5 that come up so I’m pretty bored of the maps, crapy matchmaking, lag because of the crapy matchmaking and the ridiculous hit detection caused by the lag which they have done nothing to fix the game even though Treyarch are supposed to be good at support I have seen little to no improvement since launch. it’s the same as blops 1 they fail to fix the core issues every time.

  • peter
  • Cosmic Panda

    Turned… Finally! Im glad they added this game mode instead of race. All you perk lovers… Mule Kick and Deadshot Daquri? Are returning 🙂

  • what about flopper i want my flopper

  • BFplayer

    Hope an update comes with it that will demote all fake prestige masters.

    Anyways wohoo!!

    • Jayzero

      already happened

      • iknow

        No, just yesterday I checked on PS3 the TOP list of Kill Confirmed, I guess, and the number 2 guy was on 12th prestige.

        • Alex115

          Probably only happened on the Xbox, my friend got banned for 8 days.

  • David

    that’s what i meant that treyarch should’ve put this game mode as being a zombie and ppl in yt didn’t get me lol

  • Black ops GOD

    OMG turned game mode for die rise 😮 I got season pass to get it btw when is nuketown zombies ganna be release for ps3 🙁

    • xXbounty

      This Saturday 🙂

  • mike

    I realized for the zombies map they didn’t tease or preview any new buildables, transportation, or even a new zombie wonder weapon. 😮

    • Afdfsd

      That was the DLC preview not the die rise trailer

    • There will be wonder weapons according to the press release.

  • Sam1234343

    Fighting inside of a skate park? Thats so cheesy and impractical for a real operation.

    • How about nuketown? Who fights in a nuclear test site? Who said that this game is adapted from real-life past operations? This game, the story, the timeline, is basically fictional. Anything can happen. Are you telling me that the zombie mode is cheesy and impractical because it doesn’t apply to real operations? lol dude goml nimrod

      • Sam1234343

        A nimrod is someone who links their Facebook to a forum. Thanks.

        • noob

          except u dont know how to computer because u think this is a forum u cant do shit faggot

    • Afdfsd

      Grind was made for get rid of campers like you, that suck

  • Jimwolters

    GUYS am i the only one that sees that hes playing TURNED on DINNER so mybe we can play dinner in survival 2 😀

    • Wat


  • subperception

    hey guys feel free to disagree but am i the only one a little concerned about the peacekeeper?
    they said its a hybrid between an AR and smg which kinda makes me think “overpowered”
    as an smg, it should have the ads speed and ads movement speed of any smg, but being a hybrid, will you be able to across the map people as well?

    • DanDustEmOff

      nah it will be beaten at close range by shotties and smgs and mid to long by ar’s sniper’s and lmgs. I expect it to beat assault rifles etc at close range and smgs etc at mid to long range so there in lies the balance. There is no such thing as an over powered weapon only under powered.

  • Kill3rZz
    • KenethKaniff


  • KenethKaniff

    Figured out how gun dlc is gonna work. it is a part of content 1 so if you didnt buy the content collection you wont be paired up with people using this gun so no u cant just “pick it up off the ground” and use it if u didnt buy the dlc pack, atleast not in public matches

    • Lorhelm

      will you be able to get the Gun with the season pass?

      • KenethKaniff

        yea, u get all dlc with the season pass

  • Lorhelm

    If you get the Season pass will you still get Peacekeeper SMG?

    • Peacekeeper is part of Revolution DLC. As all four DLC packs are included with the Season Pass, yes you will.

      • Lorhelm

        Thank you Mr. Keshav

  • Mehmet Can

    will you get turned and Die Rise with other multiplayer maps with season pass

    • You get the entire map pack with the Season Pass.

  • Freeeagle9898

    My brother is the owner of the season pass will i get the peacekeeper too?

    • You get peacekeeper if you download Revolution.

  • Jkreidler100

    does the gun come with the season pass or just the seperate dlc itself?

    • Guns is part of DLC. You get it with or without Season Pass. – Doesnt matter.

  • Florian

    Ive got the hardened edition… If i pay the season pass, is it ripp of, because i already got nuketown zombies??? please help!

    • Season Pass gives you an in game calling card and all four Black Ops II DLC map packs for a $10 discount.

  • PrimeEchoes

    For some reason, I think that PHD Flopper will return to zombies in Die Rise. Honestly, how fun would it be to dive off of the skyscrapers?

  • fred

    next year if you guys make a third call of duty black ops 3 please make the campaign longer and add more zombie maps