Activision has announced that the Nuketown Zombies bonus map for Season Pass owners will be available Jan 17th for PS3/PC.

“Nuketown Zombies is set during the events of Moon, and after the end of the multiplayer level from the original Black Ops game. A group of radiation scientists are investigating the Nuketown remains and discover soldiers that have been revived by Element 115 from a nearby Nevada base. The zombie soldiers attack the radiation scientists and turn them, and after receiving a distress signal, the base in Nevada sends in CIA and CDC agents to investigate. Upon arrival in Nuketown the agents lose communication with Hangar 18 and become stranded…setting the stage for Nuketown Zombies.”

SOURCE: @CallofDuty

  • Davidk120

    already have the hardened edition but some friends dont thanks for the information

    • Gerpaderp

      Fuck you 3arc

  • wondering

    Is there a double xp weekend then? If there is, I’m gonna rage so much..

  • mitch

    are u kidding me ive been waiting forever i figured it was comming out tomarrow ive been waiting forever

    • Bryanmenjivar20

      Ikr they have to be kitting , smh I been waiting for it & I was thinking that it was coming out today

  • Cargames1000

    man it’ll come after i wanted it tomorrow or at least on the tuesday but not thursday . AARGH!

  • Martin_crato_5


    • DLC for PS3 for Call of Duty releases on Thursdays, never Saturdays.

      • Rwingr17

        Not terminal for ps3 mw3

        • That came out Thurs for ELITE Premium, and Friday for non premium.

  • Way to ruin my f**cking weekend 🙁 Now I’ll have to wait for next Thursday =_= this SUCKS!!! This makes me hate xbox360 since they get it first. And i hate how COD shows the black ops 2 Revolution preview when PS3 owners get it 2 months after. They like to tease us.

    • *One month after Xbox. Expected release date for PS3 Revolution is Feb 28th. They aren’t teasing anyone. They have to announce the DLC any way.

      • Still While Ps3 owners watch gameplay from the DLC from Xbox 360 we get stick with the same old maps. and I watched the revolution preview and its sick. What Am i Going to do ?I’m already Master prestige. Not a high rank in zombies because the ranking for zombies sucks really bad. Today i just got on Survival Town 30 rounds 1 thousand and 200 something kills and only 2 downs…go back to lobby not a difference in my ranking.

      • Morgan Freeman

        It’s been over a month. Only by a few days, but still. And I get even download it because BO2 servers are down!!! Fuck Activision man soooo hard.

  • natedog1177

    bull shit, they could relese the fucking map with xbox360, the map was already made so no damn excuses 3arc

  • what if you already have nuketown zombies do they give you a code or something instead so i could give it to a friend??

    • HenryDF

      No – you get a season pass and it’s available to download from the PSN store. There were only codes for the pre-ordered stuff etc. because it was so early on and it was free. The Season Pass is a lot like a certification code in itself. You never get codes for DLC packs etc.

      • i have the season pass for ps3 and its not in the store. does anybody know wats up

        • HenryDF

          Give it some time; the map’s currently going up worldwide across PSS.

    • xZero_Strike

      unfortunately not wbrs

  • mike

    I thought this is a bad thing but I realized it comes out on thursday exactly right after my exam weeks so this is perfect I get time to study while I wait, or i would’ve wasted my time playing games and failed my classes.

  • PS3 Die Hard Fan

    I seriously think they favor xbox more than ps3 y cause they pay for online access we paid the same amount of money for our games and dlcs as well as those xbox loser why do they get everything early before us that’s discrimination somebody should sue these dudes and stop supporting cod and see how business falls

    • xZero_Strike

      die hard fan, i agree but WINDOWS (producers/helpers) pay SONY and 3arc to let Xbox go first in the DLC and other things

    • DucksGoMooo

      Microsoft pays for the right to hold the DLC exclusively for the Xbox for a predetermined amount of time.

  • Justin

    It still not out and it is 6:30 in the fucking morning and I give up fuck 3Arc man.

  • why u no

    Its the 17th, still nothing

  • Zombie_Killer

    Activision said that today we can download the Nuketown Zombies from the PS Store, but I can not see where it is, oh man this shit I can not believe I paid $ 50 for seasson pass I can not get the fucking Nuketown zombies !WTF!

    • xZero_Strike

      guy you got to go to bo2 ingame store to download it ><

  • Morgan Freeman

    And now fucking PSN is down, what the hell man.

  • jimmy

    what time

  • jimmy

    what time tonight

  • jimmy

    i am so impatient

  • sydney

    NOT OUT YET???

    OR I CANT FIND IT lol if anyone could help

    email me [email protected]

    thank you

  • Philippe

    Idomt havé it

  • Twistedfireball

    The map is out but the PSN store is down. Accoring to Sony it should be back up by now but it isn’t. Treyarc already did there job so just hate on Sony for doing the matnanice.

  • ZAR

    18/1 still nothing

  • daedshot

    im am not waiting one more day for nuketown zombies or i will call treyarch and tell him im sick of waiting a month after xbox gets it

  • xZero_Strike

    I’m downloading finally! download it –> go to call of duty black ops 2 multiplayer and select store, then download nuketown zombies for free it takes 1-2 minutes, hopes this helps you out, <3 y'all ^^ and add me on ps3: xZero_Strike 🙂

    • Ross Neilson

      Thanks so much for the help

      • xZero_Strike

        your welcome

    • Ben

      Absolute legend! Was searching around on the net and playstation store for ages and couldn’t find it! Thanks so much!

    • dagr8

      Lol that’s not free if you buying season pass for it

  • xZero_Strike

    everyone calm down, if you bought and downloaded season pass you can download nuketown zombies at the ingame store @ BO2 multiplayer

    hope this helps you out <3 y'all ^^

    • spazzy

      I did buy and download the Season Pass, but Nuketown Zombies doesn’t appear for some reason

      • xZero_Strike

        make sure you downloaded correct seasson pass (according to your BLES-code!!), then go to ingame store @ multiplayer and then nuketown zombies should appear at ‘map packs’ right next to the season pass, if not: contact treyarch for help.

        • preston

          thanks my user name is dylanharo13 no caps add me please1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xZero_Strike

    everyone who has trouble with downloading nuketown zombies or can’t find it then you can e-mail me: [email protected] or at [email protected] or add me on ps3 you can find my id here: [url=] [img][/img] [/url] PS: i live in europe, if you can’t find nuketown and i helped you, contact treyarch

  • tomatojoe11

    How do you download?

  • The man

    Go to multiplayer store you will find nuketown there

  • xZero_Strike

    follow these steps to get nuketown zombies, if you did everything and you can still not find nuketown, contact treyarch then
    Step 1:Go to playstation store.
    Step 2: Search for ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Season pass’.
    Step 3: buy ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Season pass’
    Step 4: Download ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Season pass’
    Step 4-extra: check if your downloaded season pass has the right BLES-code or it will not work! If you can’t find the right one just download all season passes with all BLES-codes.
    Step 5: Close Playstation Store.
    Step 6: Put in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ and start the game.
    Step 7: Go to multiplayer.
    Step 8: Choose ‘play online’.
    Step 9: Select ‘Store’
    Step 10: Search for ‘Nevada / U.S.A: Nuketown Zombies’ and download it. (don’t worry, it’s free)
    Step 11: Leave multiplayer and go to zombies.
    Step 12: Choose your game mode (public match/ solo/ etc…)
    Step 13: When you see the (destroyed) world where you can choose green run/etc…, go to the right and you will see another sign, press X, press X again.
    Step 14: Start match and ENJOY PLAYING.
    You can contact me for further questions at my e-mail’s or add me on PS3: xZero_Strike
    My e-mails are: [email protected] or [email protected]
    If you can’t download nuketown zombies then contact Treyarch, Nuketown zombies release date is 17th January 2013.
    Oh, Don’t forget to like my posts if they helped you out 🙂

  • So when do people without season pass get it?

    • xZero_Strike

      probably with or after DLC packs or never

  • Smith

    Ca u give me a code for ps3 plz

  • Smith

    User name for ps3 is xGeN_sweetz