Looks like Activision marketing sent out a mass email to a select few that asked if they wanted to participate in a Call of Duty survey. Charlie INTEL reader Ryan was nice enough to send us some screenshots when they first went out. The survey offers SEVERAL clues as to what we could possibly expect this November if/when another Call of Duty is released.

Call of Duty Next-Gen?:

What really grabbed our attention was the option to possibly download and pre-install on consoles similar to what most PC users are currently doing. According to many leaks and rumors, Next-Gen hardware will be pushing more digital content, now it looks like Activision may be getting on board. The survey ask how you would feel about “Digital version pre-downloaded to your console and available to play at 12:01am on launch day.”

Some other hints as to what might be included in this year’s Care Package are also teased.

Care Package “Showpieces” include:

  • Character Statuette
  • Operational desktop Sentry Gun replica (similar to previous care package QuadRotor/RC-XD)
  • Collectible sets feat. characters, vehicles, scenery from the game (similar to Halo Mega Blocks)
  • Custom-branded Audio Soundbar
  • Custom-branded Gaming Headset
  • Custom-branded Wireless Router

Modern Warfare returning?

“Operational desktop Sentry Gun replica” leads us to believe the next Call of Duty might be set in a modern era. We know Sentry Guns are featured in Black Ops 2 and could possibly even be used in a future setting so who knows.. Or it could also just be an example to describe that another RC Toy might be included in the next care package.

What options do you guys want? let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: We’ve decided not to post the screenshots due to an NDA. Sorry guys..

  • Fuzzy

    Those were the only questions asked?

  • incubusman421

    I did this survey. It looks like they are trying to figure out how they can get more people to buy the more expensive editions of they game. They also seem to be interested in allowing people to download the game to consoles. One version lets you download the game before release then play on release and the other option lets you download at 12:01 am the day of the release.

  • lolwut

    PS3 already does downloading to play on release day, so that isn’t much to do with next-gen.

  • David

    if next CoD is of respawn, it’s most likely to not fail. If the game is of IW, be sure it will be disappointing!

    • Thomas Jaffray

      Respawn isn’t associated anymore with cod

      • David

        Oh so then Treyarch is the only one that can save CoD. Next CoD is of IW and again a fail! Ain’t buying a CoD that isn’t of Treyarch!

        • Thomas Jaffray

          They take turns every year – this year is IW think – the new consoles may mess with it

  • Thomas Jaffray

    Sentry guns were in black ops which was set in vietnam

  • the custom branded gear sounds like this will probobly be very expensive

  • Lucas Michels

    Thanks man Working Thanks a lot mate,I love the game.

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