Call of Duty Online was launched in China recently and many non-Chinese gamers are wondering how the game looks. Check out this video which is a collection of all the official gameplay videos released so far by its developer Tencent.

From what we can tell, it’s a mixture of Modern Warfare 2 and CoD4:MW with the addition of the RC-XD(4:35 min mark) from the original Black Ops and some new MP character skins.

SOURCE: TehDuty Via @_N7_

  • i thin that the trailers for cod online are pretty cool, i mean, great words from cpt. price, amazing music and i love the trailers and how they were put together 😛 nice!

    • fdrfefefefrefefefefewf

      A bit long though.

  • BHCMax

    and its FREE to play
    A chinese contact sent me vid links a while back, i asked devs why this wasn’t available here..

  • BHCMax

    looks like our old cod4 mod xd

  • butterboy

    So THIS was that voice work for a new modern warfare game that Billy Murray was talking about

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think so… I think they are still doing a MW4…

      • James

        No Anon, you are wrong. Bill Murray stated he was voice acting for a Call of Duty in China. This is it.

  • krooker1

    is it comin to uk

  • COBRA~G3 (Márcio)


  • Flied lice?

  • ipadking

    hi play call of duty here is one of my videos

  • PrimeEchoes

    I saw a bouncing betty in the trailer, and the MW3 pointstreak meter on the side where the killstreaks are. Looks like the game is a combination of every non-WWII game except for Black Ops 2.

  • Dean

    That shotgun trailer couldn’t be any more staged.

  • lMattW

    The trailer that starts at 6:20 shows that they’ve either extended the campaign or changed it. There are new characters and they’re using multiplayer maps for campaign missions.

    • JonJonFTW

      The multiplayer maps have been based on Campaign levels since Call of Duty 1…

      They probably haven’t changed very much.

  • Apocity

    I.……….play. brb moving to China till mw4

  • Apocity

    Also, why is it free???

  • Jared

    I wonder if there’s one man army danger close and commando