Treyarch has announced via the Message of the Day that Black Ops 2 will be having a double XP weekend, this weekend from Jan 25th (at 10am PST) to Jan 28th (at 10am PST). This is to go along with the launch of Nuketown Zombies for PS3/PC (Season Pass).

We’re less than a week away from the January 29th release ofย Revolution, the first DLC Map Pack for Black Ops 2. To get you ready for the action that’s to come, we’re hosting a Double XP weekend, beginning on Friday, January 25 (10am/PST) and running through Monday, January 28 (10am/PST). Whether you’re an Xbox 360, PS3, PC or Wii player, warm-up your skills, all while earning twice the amount of XP.

And with Double XP, they will also have Nuketown 24/7 for the weekend!

Are you planning on prestiging this weekend?


SOURCE: Black Ops 2 (via @DW247)

  • Lorhelm

    Can they please leave Nuketown 24/7 as a play list..doesn’t have to be Double XP…they should have 24/7 of every map…for the people that absolutely love the maps on Black Ops 2

    • Lorhelm

      and also should have a Double XP during the week that way others can get some during the week if they can’t play on the weekend ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Dean

      Turbine 24/7. Best playlist of all time.


    • Primey_

      They can’t do that. More playlists = More player fragmentation = Longer searching times which they are trying to avoid.

  • lol

    how about adding some more prestiges?

    • Austin

      It’s hard because they already have “master prestige” unless they have like a master prestige 2, 3 ect kinda like bf3 once you hit colonial

  • OzzYroX456

    if they kept nuketown 24/7 then people would be prestiging and leveling up fast, which treyarch has never wanted

    • Lorhelm

      but also bringing the levels down to 55 also is a not sure if each level requires more XP than Black ops 1 but it doesn’t help surpress those fast prestigers that play all day and during Double XP..See i can only play during the week cause im working on the weekends…i want double XP too…do it on Monday and Tuesday or something…give the people something to look forward to ya know?

    • wolfboy678

      People are already prestige glitching

  • The Flash

    surely it would make sense to do it the following week, to celebrate the release of Revolution, thats been the tradition, nuketown is small and DXP has no effect on zombies so is kinda pointless

    • Master_Glitcher

      They will do a DXP weekend the weekend after the new map pack comes out for PS3, that way it makes it fair across the board when people will get double xp on the revolution maps

  • Lorhelm

    Also it’s really hard to find a match on League Play for me…can they fix that ๐Ÿ™

  • Tom

    when will the next double xp weekend be after this one

  • daboever

    still not active the double xp?

  • cant get double xp helpp

  • ryan_13

    has anyone got double xp as i’m not getting anything ๐Ÿ™ HELP!!!!

  • its the 26th of jan and im not getting double xp on xbox 360 idk whats going on my friends are getting it but im not whats the problem?

  • ryan 20

    Just like to no wen the next double xp is on it takes to long to level up am not very good thanks