The French military and government have opened an investigation into what they call “unacceptable” behavior all because of the photo you see above. The outrage comes from the French soldier dressing up as a character from a video game, an “ultra-violent video game” (Modern Warfare 2) according to the French government.

Whats funny is that some US soldiers have been seen wearing skull balaclavas since the beginning of the gulf war. In fact its presence in MW2 was inspired by real life US soldiers. Kotaku said it best, the mask is in Call of Duty because it’s associated with real soldiers, not the other way around.

The photographer who took the photo is surprised by all the controversy, “A helicopter was coming in to land and churning up tremendous dust clouds, instinctively, all the soldiers grabbed their scarfs to avoid getting a mouthful of sand. It was evening, and rays of sunlight were pushing through the trees and into the dust clouds. It was a lovely light. I spotted this soldier wearing a strange scarf and took the photo. At the time, nothing about the scene seemed especially unusual or shocking. The soldier wasn’t posing and there was nothing staged about the image. He was just standing there, protecting his face from the dust, waiting for the chopper to land. No one tried to stop me shooting the picture.”

According to Kotaku, French authorities are now trying to identify the soldier, presumably so they can reprimand/make a scapegoat out of him.


SOURCE: AFP Via Kotaku

  • ORB1T4L

    Duuuudes, the french government is shit ! They’re stupid as fuck ! They don’t know shit but shit they know how to spead ! And you can trust me on that…

  • stevetherepo

    How did they figure out that it was from a video game? What is the french government doing overthere?

  • Anon

    Wait. So a guy who is in the military, whose job is (more or less) to kill… Can’t wear a certain balaclava because it was just-so-coincidentally featured in a violent video game? Oh, okay, I forgot military’s were peaceful. The logic here is so far gone it hurts me mind.

  • Lorhelm

    French….even though my stepdad hates them they are alike…try to find something to goes against what someone likes or wants to do.

  • Kyle Turner

    kills people in real life…… cant kill people in video games …Fuck Logic

  • Alex Souza

    deixa o cara ser feliz!!!
    a reportagem fala de um “jogo ultra-violento” e a gerra??? não tem violência não!!!!
    é claro que o jogo é baseado nos soldados e não o contrario veio!!!
    queria ver as pessoa que criticaram se elas teriam coragem de entrar em uma guerra!!!

  • Brandon Josey

    I get it, they want to discourage individuals in there military from idolizing video game characters in fear that allowing such could make them trigger happy.

  • BabaBooey

    since when did the french have a military? 8)

  • abi

    they are angry because it is not part of their standard military uniform, not because it is from a video game,it would be stupid if it was the other way around.