Nothing to get too excited about here folks. Someone over at Amazon is probably just making the safe assumption that everyone on the internet is making, that another Call of Duty is in the works.

For those curious about the “10” in the title, the next Call of Duty will be the tenth Call of Duty to come out (Black Ops 2 was CoD9). We follow all the Call of Duty rumors/leaks on the web, and so far there is NOTHING credible on the next Call of Duty. Rumors regarding Cpt Price’s voice actor going to Los Angeles for MW4 proved to be inaccurate as he was probably just recording lines for the trailers on CoD: Online which hit the web last week. Everything you currently read about on the web including this site are just assumption. But that can all change if theres another leak like there was for MW3..

Here are our predictions/assumptions:
1) Next-gen consoles are coming out this year and Call of Duty could be a launch title. Infinity Ward and Sledghamer Games has been hiring for next-gen programmers etc.

2) The next Call of Duty game is in the works by either Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven, Neversoft or all of the above.

3) “Modern Warfare 4” will most likely NOT be the title since it could be easily confused with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

4) Fans will count the days and praise the next Call of Duty game until it comes out but then theyll start complaining about lag compensation and OP weapons.

5) Most popular fan-rumors so far are that it will be a prequel to the MW series. Keep in mind these rumors have been around since before MW3, and also all the plot rumors for BO2 were wrong.

These are just our opinions, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCE: Via @xMaccabix

  • Making this a launch title for next gen would not surprise me a bit, they better release it for 360 if that’s the case though. cod is due for another series, i mean how many mw’s can they make.

  • The Flash

    is this good or bad though? i see the pattern, MW2 – Shit, Black Ops – Amazing, MW2.5 – Shit, Black Ops 2 – Brilliant (So far), MW3 – Shit aswell?

    • Derrick

      Are you kidding me? You’re just an obvious TreyArch fanboy. I’ve never seen such a biased comment on here. MW2 was a master piece, sure it had it’s flaws but it was still a great game. More people still MW2 than Black Ops 1 today. That should tell you something. Black Ops 1 was a terrible game that was overloaded with DLC’s that money-hungry TreyArch wanted you to buy. But Black Ops 2 is good, but definitely not ‘brilliant’.

      • David

        But Black Ops was way more innovative than MW2&3 together. Even more Black Ops 2.. Dude, Treyarch makes the best games.

  • Chicothedog Gaytan

    why are people still buying COD games and still complaining about the same problems as the old CODs like lag ( since [email protected] ) ..cod 4 wasnt or didnt get the “lag comp coding” and it was alot or a ton worst in Mw3 BO2 meh lag not as bad..anyways im not buying IW COD its not as entertaining like treyarch COD eventhough the game freezes.

  • David

    lol this will be MW2.7. I still don’t care about the next call of duty! Just if it’s of Treyarch I’d may buy it

    • davidissuchauglyboy

      Shut the fuck up you… fucking…. fucker.
      Fuck you.
      You are such a dumbass.

      • David

        Shut up MW stupid fanboy..

  • TheAmmoLimit

    I’d like to see it be made by a whole differant company other than infinityward, treyarch. Then maybe we will see a big differance

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I’ll be sticking with black ops 2

  • CGZ x Warrior

    The engine for MW4 better be different than MW3’s engine. I don’t want to see MW3.5

  • i play hardcore mode in cod and i have to say mw3 is better than bo2. now remember i play hardcore so it doesnt matter what weapon u use. so in that sence mw3 is better, but i never really like treyarch. they always give a low quality product on launch on ps3 . at least for mw3, it was playable throughout its lifespan and did not freeze my ps3 66 times lol

  • Fedyuk

    So EpicPoorness…

  • what a blast from the past.

  • YoungMurf

    Clicked the CI logo at top of the page and got redirected here.. Didn’t even know about this site when this article was written lol.

    • GinsuVictim

      Same here. WTF?