Two of Treyarch’s developers just posted a Q&A on to answer some questions on the first ever gun DLC for a Call of Duty game. Check out what they had to say!

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In anticipation of the upcoming Revolution DLC Map Pack for Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, sat down with Combat Designer Anthony Flame and Lead Artist Murad Ainuddin from Treyarch Studios to discuss the bonus Peacekeeper SMG.

Weapon Choice

There’s a lot of excitement around the Peacekeeper SMG, as it’s the first time Call of Duty has ever offered a bonus weapon with DLC. Why did you go with an SMG?

Anthony: First we began thinking, what will get the most people excited – what is something that people haven’t seen before? The conversation quickly gravitated to the fact that our two most popular weapon classes are SMGs and assault rifles, so we thought it would be cool to create a hybrid of those. Having a weapon in DLC is new, having this type of weapon is new and it speaks to the choices that players make – we loved the idea.

Design Inspiration

The Peacekeeper is an original design by Treyarch. What inspiration did the art team take for the weapon’s look?

Murad: Based on Anthony’s direction of creating a hybrid assault rife and SMG, we designed the Peacekeeper to have a compact rifle look. We also wanted to give a base white finish to provide a stark contrast from all the other weapons in Black Ops II, but also in Call of Duty history. We chose a lot of synthetic polymers and lightweight materials to make up the surface look to represent that near-future “hotness.” We want players to feel like this is a familiar weapon, but one they’ve never seen before.

We typically start out with some side profiles, not worrying about detail – getting the big ideas down first. After the profile is approved, that’s when we internally start breaking up components inside the silhouette.

Early Silhouettes



How does balance factor into the Peacekeeper to ensure that it falls in line in terms of stats with other weapons?

Anthony: The Peacekeeper is a Submachine Gun-Assault Rifle Hybrid. It has the lightweight design of an SMG, but with better range and accuracy at the cost of close quarters firepower. It’s a great weapon for objective modes like Hardpoint, where you need to quickly get into position and cover objectives from a safe distance.


Is there any kind of backstory to the Peacekeeper? How does it fit into the lore you’ve created for Black Ops II?

Murad: The idea is, this is the weapon that is issued to special ops forces of the future to deal with counter-terrorist threats and for VIP protection. It reaches out far, yet compact enough for concealment, and easy to carry and operate in vehicles.

Diamond Camo

For our Diamond Camo fanatics, how will the Peacekeeper affect SMG Challenge progress?

Anthony: The Peacekeeper does not affect diamond progression for the 6 core submachine guns – they will function exactly as before. If you earn Diamond Camo on the core 6 SMG’s, when you earn gold for the Peacekeeper you will then get Diamond for it as well.


Any last words from the team in regard to its use?

Anthony: We’re very excited for the opportunity to give players a DLC weapon for the first time in a Call of Duty game. This has allowed us to evaluate how the fans are playing the game, and offer new content that improves the online experience. For the Peacekeeper, we wanted to give players a high mobility weapon that wasn’t just meant for close quarters, which will open up more medium and long range firefights. Internally, the team has been having a blast with the Peacekeeper on the new maps. We look forward to the community getting their hands on the Peacekeeper, and seeing how this affects the meta game of Pick 10 selection.

That concludes the interview. We’d like to thank Anthony Flame, Murad Ainuddin, Will Huang, Mark Manto and the rest of the design and development team at Treyarch for their work on the Peacekeeper and taking the time to walk us through its creation.

SOURCE: Call of Duty ELiTE Via @MrJon92

  • :|

    It’s just me or they still haven’t answered if the Peacekeeper will take challenges to unlock it? Just asking 😐

    • Why would you need to complete challenges to unlock it…?

      • :|

        In Battlefield 3 you need to complete challenges to unlock a DLC weapon, but also there are,t prestiges in BF3… I don’t know, I was asking because there should be some difficulty to unlock the weapon (for example, for most of the weapons in the MP, you have to lepel up to unlock them)

        • With this I’d say it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t have to level up or anything for it

        • The Flash

          if we’ve paid to get it we shouldnt really have to wait to get it

    • Roxas3510

      The fact that they haven’t mentioned it probably means that it won’t.

    • Chris Ilott

      It wont 🙂 if you have the dlc, it will be available from lvl 4

    • John

      No it’s unlocked if u buy the dlc u don’t have to unlock it.

  • incubusman421

    Does it guarantee hit markers? I swear, sometimes these guns seem like they are firing blanks…

  • KC

    So in other words, you pay for DLC and then can’t use the gun right away? Hopefully the challenges are easy otherwise players that aren’t very good may take a long time before they are able to use the DLC they paid for.

    • Vordb

      Um…I think you misread the article.

    • Keshav Bhat

      You pay for the DLC and the gun unlocks for immediate use.

    • John

      Wow your a retard u buy the dlc u get the gun immediately. People amaze me with there stupidity.

  • Jerry D’Erasmo

    I don’t care about a gun DLC…fix the hit detection and lag compensation. When I fire my gun first and pump 4 hit markers in someone I should win a gunfight…nope…not in B02

    • Yeah, that sucks!

    • John

      Weird I don’t have that problem and apparently neither do the people your shooting at if they’re winning your gun fight maybe u just suck!

      • Jerry D’Erasmo

        Obviously your playing the wrong COD game then

  • Lp

    Sounds like its gona suck …. Just a rip off to continue the rip off thats Lag Ops 2

    • Keshav Bhat

      I would be happy with the fact that ATVI finally listened to the fans and brought gun DLC to Call of Duty.

    • John

      Game doesn’t lag for me at all maybe 1 out of 20 matches I get a bad host and it lags. Your ISP probably just sucks.

    • XPI2002 BIFCKID

      Dumbass bet you feel stupid now

  • Jake the Dog

    Why are all the comment negative? JUST BE HAPPY WE GOT WEAPON DLC

  • JamehJam

    So they bring out the most common type of weapon? -.- why dont they bring out a kind of weapon thats uncommon like maybe a sniper or shotgun where theres only 4 choices? instead of just releasing another over powered SMG/AR

    • JayC42

      Because they want to please majority of the fans. If a sniper came out for the 1st weapon DLC ever, it wouldn’t be to exciting for someone like me, who hates camping, and loves to run and gun. Which is what majority of the community do.

      • JamehJam

        Yea but seeing as the majority already have 6 SMGs to choose from why not give the snipers or shotgunners a new gun to give them more options?? People get bored of the same shit guns, there’s only 2 good snipers and 2 good shotguns whereas theres like 4 really good SMGs

        • Tyler Mcmillan

          Because you can’t have much weapon variations with weapons that are designed for 1 hit kills.

        • John

          Snipers already have the most op gun in the game the dsr no flinch and a one shot kill to the pinky toe guns a joke.

    • Keshav Bhat

      This is a Treyarch designed weapon. This isn’t a real weapon.

      • JamehJam

        Is Treyarch incapable if designing a sniper?

        • Keshav Bhat

          No, they decided for the first time ever DLC gun they would go with a popular category of guns.

    • Rodmadd

      …And Snipers and shotguns aren’t over-powered? Both of those types have ruined this game. One shot kills anywhere on the map with snipers and stupid range on shot guns. I use an assault rifle and I don’t mind being taken out by an SMG but being shot from 2 feet away with a sniper and 50 feet away by a shot gun is just pathetic.

      • John

        Finally someone that knows what they’re talking about thank you!!!

    • John

      Are you joking me? All the sniper rifles are op. a snipers mobility should NOT be 95% it should be almost the same as a LMG and you should not be able to fire a sniper rifle off the hip.

  • stevetherepo

    A very smart way from Treyarch to get people to buy the DLC.

  • Brosuke Awesomura

    Are we gonna be able to play against people who have this gun if we don’t have it? Like a patch that downloads its data but the Map Pack unlocks it.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yes, you can. And, even if you don’t own Revolution, you can pick up the gun in game and use it. But the kills won’t count towards the Peacekeeper challenges as you don’t have it unlocked.

    • John

      Yes and if u kill someone that was using it you can then pick it up. This was confirmed by 3arch already.

  • Ryme Echo

    just saying what i think, they should release a gun uncommon. like a sniper, im a quickscoper and there choices are limited in B02. Not an overpowerd SMG

  • Lorhelm

    do we have to have a certain level to unlock it and will it me semi-auto 3 round or full auto? we will find out tomorrow

  • NJRindo

    i am trying to decide if i should buy the revolution pack. I really want the gun, but are all the maps and the gun worth 15 bucks? help me out plz.

  • $37366391

    For all you haters crying about the gun, here are some tips:

    -PK is a mid-long range SMG, meaning CQC with this gun will result in you losing most of the time.

    -FMJ does NOT increase power, just gives you the ability to wallbang.

    -The best strategy for this gun is to setup the gunfights to your advantage: know your spawns, keep distance around mid range, and always keep moving.

    -Long Barrell and Fast Mags are the 2 best attachments for this gun.

    -TTK with this gun is SLOW, 4-6 bullets, every time. Rapid fire does help somewhat with this, but the 30 round mag goes hella fast, this attachment isn’t one I’d recommend.

    -Last but not least – HAVE FUN