As always with achievements, proceed with caution because there might be spoilers. Telixion was kind enough to tweet out some some screenshots he came across of the 10 new achievements being added for tomorrow’s DLC zombie map “Die Rise”.

SOURCE: @Telixion Via @DW247

  • fsdgasdg

    sliquifier new wonder weapon maybe?

    • Marc Peter Shemmans

      it better be, or else i will SCREAM. I am sick of the ray gun now

    • Argy

      Sounds like it turns them into water and then it’s slippery when wet 😉

  • FrostKnivEz


  • PMChr97

    revive yourself? Can you walk around as a ghost, finding your body and reviving it?! lol crazy ideas.

    • Sounds more like the achievement involves Quick revive in solo.

      • Seems different to me, I’d say it’s probably a new perk of something similar.

    • PMChr97

      Lol! I was right.

  • Daniel


    • General X13

      ya and not like that crap gun from blops 1 that turned the zombies into business men.

  • Fraqqer

    Facing the Dragon?
    A DRAGON IN ZOMBIES?! Oh my f*cking lord.

  • Ross Neilson

    sliquifer, dragon, fling 10 zombies, cool

  • JigZaw__

    Revive yourself in die rise. that’ll be hard, since i never go down :3

  • Chris Ilott


  • jpjustinjp

    i think this two buildings are in Skyrim

  • IGN

    Being an architect of their instruction means to be in control

  • michael

    hollly crapppp A DRAGON>??? REVIVE YOURSELF!> whats a chained cymbal monkey and get all the perk machines????? omg so excited too bad i have a ps3 >_>

  • scorch1402

    the sliquifier is an awsome wonder wepon it vaporises the zombies and makes the ground slipery and trips them plus it makes the new novas stay on the ground witch is wonderful because they are such a pain

  • Lorhelm

    That would be cool if the dragon was an actually boss..but it isn’t…it’s just a big sign..thats why it isn’t many points…and in Turned you can get a monkey bomb perk by killing the other zombies and the zombies can get perks..and you can SPRINT as a zombie and you look like the ones that sprint behind the bus and chase you