Treyarch has announced, via the Message of the Day, that Black Ops 2 will have Double Weapon XP weekend from Feb 1 to Feb 4th for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. This is to celebrate the Revolution DLC launch for Xbox 360.

This marks the first time Treyarch will have Double Weapon XP in Black Ops 2.


SOURCE: Black Ops 2 Message of the Day

  • Already got diamond for the peacekeeper.

    • GG x Alpha

      same but mine is also prestiged 2 maxed kind of pissed people without the other subs diamond can waltz along and get this gold but w/e trollarc will always hold theirs players hand, starting with the insane lag compensation

      • Moron

        Well good to know you don’t know anything about lag comp. And get better at games and you wont be so mad.

  • Mitch

    Don’t really see the point in double weapon xp since you don’t unlock camouflages with it like MW3.
    EDIT: I also heard this is xbox exclusive, is this true? I need to know because some sites say it is and some sites say it isn’t

    • 9410besi

      You get XP every time you level up your weapon in this way Double Weapon XP is great 🙂

    • moriarty_1975

      No mention of it on the PS3 motd. Guess we’ll find out on Friday.

      • incubusman421

        PS3 and PC get the DLC on Feb 28.

        • moriarty_1975

          Yes….i know.


          • you derp

            And this bonus xp is in celebration of the map pack. So other platforms will get when it comes out.

  • Ray’

    I’m gonna use this time to level up the LMG’s and pistols, specifically the ones I struggle with

  • YoMama

    Why didn’t CI ever address the issue with the peacekeeper? The one where most people didn’t have it? It was massive