Check out this all new trailer for China’s exclusive ‘Call of Duty Online’ which showcases some of the Killstreaks in the free-to-play shooter. If you’re a fan of CoD4 or MW2 then you’re probably wishing you live in China right about now..

SOURCE: TehDuty Channel Via @VectorK10

  • Nick

    Hidden Nuke?

    • muzza

      It was an emp buddy listen and it also says it 🙂


        He means could there possibly be a hidden nuke he want calling the EMP a nuke you should read comments before you reply to them with a stupid answer

        • Matt

          He confused the EMP blast in the background for a tactical nuke, it clearly shows an EMP explosion and it says it. And no need to reply with an even more stupid answer back.

  • wuwuuw

  • Chicothedog Gaytan

    new killstreaks are going 2 ruin what COD4 was, i bet that lag comp is in COD4.

  • BHCMax

    most of that stuff, apart from map mp_crossfire (lost due to xmodel limits), have been on our cod4 mod server ip 92.48,91.102:2304 for last 3 x years xd

  • pachiderm

    The Chinese will never forgive us for this

  • Lucas

    Did that shotgun have dragons breath?