GameStop has just put up a new page for the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC for PS3. The page is stating that the Revolution DLC pack will be available February 28th for PS3 for $14.99. This seems in line as the PS3 & PC DLC usually drop exactly a month after the Xbox.

Earlier today, Treyarch teased that they would be announcing more information next week for PS3/PC players. We’ll update you again next week once Treyarch confirms the date.

SOURCE: GameStop (via moriarty1975) and @Treyarch

  • Korflock

    Don’t Season Pass users get it early?

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      no just a 10 $ discount… and all you have to do is just select download

  • Guest

    The DLC will be available to download on March 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM (US/Pacific) according to Amazon. In this case, for Black Ops 2′s PC Season Pass

  • Jason

    Anything call of duty only comes out on a Tuesday. February 28th is not a Tuesday.

    • The Flash

      for ps3 it comes out thursday, xbox is tuesday

    • CoD

      No. PS3 DLC is always Thursday.

  • March 1st is not a monday either. Should be feb 26th that is a tuesday. They always come out on tuesdays.

    • I meant tuesday either

    • moriarty_1975

      Call of Duty DLC has been released for PS3 on Thursdays for Black Ops 1 & MW3.

      When the pack was released for xbox Gamestop Europe sent out emails that also said the 28th for PS3.

  • jimmy
    • HenryDF

      Is it reliable?

  • Jared glop

    Why dont we just all get it at the same time, Treyarch should have seperate teams that work on DLC for 3 diffrent consoles PS3, Xbox, And PC. I know activision signs a contract with microsoft but c’mon it would be cool to all just get it at the same time.