Sledgehammer Games’s CEO Glen Schofield was asked to talk at the D.I.C.E summit this year. During his keynote, he showed his inspiration for MW3 levels and how they made the audio, visual effects, etc. for many campaigns missions.

He provides video examples in his summit of how his ideas/inspiration made into the game.


SOURCE: Variety YT Channel via @SHGames

  • YouKnowItDid

    MW3 sucked o.o

    • incubusman421

      it isn’t only about multiplayer…

      • tha_online_gamertz

        the campaign sucked, they promised that ghost would return >:(

        • Keshav Bhat

          No, they never promised.

          • tha_online_gamertz

            robert trolling said in a tweet quote: ”
            Ghost… isn’t exactly dead… but you’ll see what I mean soon”

          • SilentChaos01

            heres how. play the game mode kill confirmed in mw3. Every red tag, the dog tags that need to be denied, have Simon “Ghost” Riley on them, which, in a sense, you are DENYING HIS DEATH.

          • ApokPsy

            Did you say “quote” right before using quotation marks?

          • N7

            yeah and he was talking about the MW2 Comic

    • DanDustEmOff

      bad ass game great maps, no balance obsession, brought back 1v1, class specific killstreaks, great guns, good sounds, specialist, moab, fast paced enjoyable campaign, chaos mode, frequent dlc and they fixed the lag and matchmaking Treyarch did none of the above onnly reason I still play black ops 2 is zombies

      • …..

        Did you just say great sounds? Please tell me you are trolling,

        • DanDustEmOff

          yup I did no other game gives you better situational awareness through sound than a mw title bo and bf has poor sound cues compared to any mw title

  • lMattW

    Awesome video, Schofield obviously knows what he’s doing. Makes me want to go back and play MW3’s campaign again.

  • Mw3 really sucked

  • Skisskdjdieksk

    They cheaper out on mw3 it’s exactly the same as mw2! mw and mw2 were good though

  • Personally I Liked MW3 For The Infected Gamemode:P,