Jason Rosete Films are big fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and have devoted their time to make a fan film about Black Ops 2 Zombies.

They shot this film in about 13 hours however it took them over 3 months of pre-production to get necessary cast, approval, etc. They spent over $10,000 on their pre-production of this film. After all the views they received, Machinima reached out to them and asked if they can post this fan film to their 4+ million subscribers.

Part 1 received over 150K views on YouTube, and they will continue to bring out more parts as they make them.

The island appeared abandoned. Three agents are alone with only the skills they have acquired. This island could be a tropical paradise. It’s anything but that when zombies make it a living Hell! Finding help through an unexpected resource, the agents are faced with fighting for their own survival. A romp on the beach with bikini-wearing babes this ain’t!

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 2:

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  • HenryDF

    Pretty crap….

  • 9410besi

    Didn’t feel like BO2… Just any other Zombie movie… Though there were things like Quick Revive bottle, 115 on the wall etc.

    • KHI

      it was more realistic and there was a hint at Quick Revive so yeah watch more closely at 2:34

  • Henry

    This is fucking awesome and below me is a fucking loser!

  • Brad

    This is badass! MeZaDoctor knows it.

  • Shaun

    Wow. This is epic. Can’t wait for part 3.

  • Christine

    That was fucking amazing! Part 3!

  • Erica

    Amazing work. Imagine what they can do with more budget.

  • RickShotGlass

    Holly Shit! Ray Gun and Jug. This is fan made? The quality looks like a movie. Definitely going to watch Part 3

  • Double_O_Slevin

    Pretty good. Only grips are that it has nothing to do with Revolution and the white guy is a pretty horrible actor.

  • GameFaceMark

    The camera work and editing are well done. Very similar to Zach Snyder’s films. They also did a good job grabbing my attention. There’s 115, ray gun, quick revive, and jug. Best BO2 Fan Film I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait for them to release Part 3.

  • Elli3

    This is sooo baaad… We’ve seen it 2000 times but better… Come on wake up poeple…

  • Robert

    That was awesome! Make one with all the pack a punch colas all 12.