Friday evening, Infinity Ward’s Senior Community Manager Tina Palacios tweeted that they had just completed a late ‘team building exercise” in their new office. Shortly after they uploaded a clip of the “exercise” to the Official Infinity Ward Channel. Checkout the video, its priceless..


SOURCE: Infinity Ward Channel

  • Jake

    They should spend less time doing whatever that was and more time fixing their crap for the next Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 3 = worst Call of Duty.

    • wiz

      thats how they brainstorm

    • HenryDF

      Wow, I can’t believe that some arrogant people are assuming that IW must commit their WHOLE lives to MW3/CoD10… Some people around here have jobs, right? Does that mean that you can’t have a minute of fun on a Friday evening? Seriously guys…

  • Whitbizzle

    I love how people think game developers aren’t allowed to have any fun that doesn’t involve making a game. This 30 second activity is unlikely to effect the outcome of MW4

  • DanDustEmOff

    It concerns me that they are not in their new office with only 8 months to go until the next game comes out

    • Keshav Bhat

      This is their new office.

      • DanDustEmOff

        I know I should have said just in their new office its still not long enough to make a AAA game looks like they will be releasing another beta

  • BHCMax

    bottom line is their games are made for xbox, with ps3 secondary and pc an afterthot, probably no money to be made with pc versions?,
    mw4 wont be any different..
    Last great cod on pc was cod4, (it still has a lot to offer through mods),.
    Looks like a fun place to work tho xd

    • Keshav Bhat

      I would say otherwise. IW is the only studio that have been able to make a similar experience between Xbox/PS3/PC. Treyarch can’t. PS3 version always has many issues for Treyarch games.

      • BHCMax

        thats the thing, us pc gamers dont want a similar experience, coz of lower player base, we need something different, we need localised dedi servers, iwnet p2p/matchmaking just isnt suitable, hence all the lag on pc..not to mention no anti cheat..

  • Pro

    The guy at the left dancing with the trash can !
    Priceless !

  • IW should be shut down

    This wasnt pricless! Its just too pathetic! They have time for this crap but not listen to the community about Modern S***fare 3. Thats why I hate IW! They dont put effort, just copy and paste their games, and launch it. Pitiful! They have no excuse at all.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s Friday evening. A :30 second exercise/party at night won’t impact anything. IW is the only studio willing enough to post a video of what happens at times in their studio.

  • Zent

    Thats what they so instead of making a good game… Infinity its crap

    • Keshav Bhat

      How? Don’t you go and have fun too? They can too.

    • Brosuke Awesomura


  • John

    Priceless? Really?

    I could easily put a price on this 1 penny, and even that is too much

  • s

    Never will buy anything from them again!

  • JahBlessRaa

    No wonder these games have been suckin so hard, they’re freaking idiots!!! 60 frames is all good & everything but if it runs like crap online most of time what is point?

  • bob

    Infinity ward is still the better developer. Treyarch is shit. The only reason mw3 sucked was because half of the dev team left during production, so they had to throw a game together with limited time and half a team (why Sledgehammer game in). MW2 and COD4 were plenty innovative the best cods so far

  • Chicothedog Gaytan

    I honestly dont know why IW is still making COD games, treyarch should ONLY make them. Treyachs COD games are soooo much fun! 🙂

  • Aaron The Creator

    erm.. what was the team building exercise? Shouldn’t they be focusing on the game instead of a stupid team building exercise. Fun is not at work. Work stays at work and fun is at home. I pay more than enough on their game not just for them to act like this!

    – This hooligan behavior better not reflect the work of the employees.

    • whoisthisguy

      do you ever shut up, no one gives a f**k about you or what you do!

      • Aaron The Creator

        To think, I was going to ask you the same question.

  • Dino

    Remember this when you are playing MW4, that these are the people who made it!

  • Ray’

    I am amazed at how stupid some of these comments are, wow! I am sick of captain price now though lol

  • Cougar_HD

    MW3| Harlem Shake [Game Edition]

  • Pelusa

    This is great do this stuff and fuck with the game

  • Alex Perez Otto

    Work hard, play hard.