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Activision and Treyarch have just announced that Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC, the first map pack for Black Ops 2, will be available February 28th on PS3 and PC. Activision has not announced any plans to bring DLC to the Wii U.

Revolution brings 4 new MP maps (Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage), a new Zombies map (Die Rise), a new Zombies game mode (Turned), and new a Multiplayer Weapon – the Peacekeeper SMG.

The DLC pack will cost $14.99 or if you own the Season Pass its free (paid up front).

Watch the Revolution Gameplay Trailer to see a preview of the DLC:

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog and Call of Duty

  • incubusman421

    Are they screwing over the WiiU like they did the Wii? lol

    • Captain Falcon

      Wii had the Nintendo Wifi as their online service. It couldn’t do much…
      Wii U has Nintendo Network, and it’s definitely capable of DLC…

  • What about the Wii U we want Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 DLC on Wii U

  • Bring back the flamethrower in the next DLC^^

  • Dilsmeister

    Once again, we the PC users, who spawned the franchise get screwed. If BO2 is anything like MW3 with the last DLC being release so close to the new COD in November it becomes a joke.

    We don’t download the last DLC, as there is a one month lag before release and we only get to play it for a week or two. That is if there is anyone even online with the new DLC.

    • Keshav Bhat

      The DLC is coming Feb 28th for PC too.

  • Srom

    I hate this contract that Call of Duty does with Xbox

  • W3SKER650

    Did any one notice it says available on 1.29.13 when this year February only has 28 days

    • lol

      did you notice that 1.29.13 is 29th January

  • HenryDF

    Suprise suprise >.>