UPDATE: We’ve been able to confirm that the ‘Orientation’ image is fake. After this was posted another image appeared for an apparent “Induction” DLC for Black Ops 2. This is also fake as the soldiers in the image are from MW3 and Ghost Recon.



According to a new image floating, around the web, it appears that Black Ops 2’s second DLC pack has been leaked. Uh huh, the so-called leaked image states that the DLC is called ‘Orientation’ and contains 4 new maps, a new zombies map, and a new gun of some sort.

This leak seems fake to us because of the map names. “Water”, “Southpaw”, “Mobile”, and “Plane.” We’d expect more creative names.

We’ll keep you posted on anymore info that arises on this leak…


SOURCE: Gamer.Ru via @ryanwil22

  • oggydood123

    sorry to correct you but the names southpaw not southway and southpaw is a stick controll setting so its odviosly fake anyway

    • Amro

      NOOOOOOOOOOO i think you sholud correct your own self… cause its southpaw

  • I don’t see how this is ‘incredibly fake looking’ at all, compare to the Revolution DLC poster. It’s the same art style, same layout. Treyarch is very consistent with their artwork.

    • Parker jackson

      its not the layout that makes it look fake its the names and the images that make it not look right

      • The images are the same shadowy-character, interesting-environment images as always used in Treyarch’s DLC posters. They look very similar to Revolution’s. As for map names, that’s a dry claim. Allow me to list some of the simpler map names in CoD: Dome, Castle, Jungle, Zoo, Village, Plaza.

        • Adam Nord

          Okay so clearly Derek/ Diriz is the one who faked the image. haha just kidding.

        • All of the map names you give have some clue about the map, these(except for one) do not.

        • HenryDF

          But “Water”?! WATER?!

    • Keshav Bhat

      The poster is same design. But the hand in the zombies is apparently from Left for Dead game. The character in Water looks like a crysis 3 person.

      • But it’s not from L4D nor L4D2. Look up the boxart for both games, they are significantly different. Compared to the L4D and L4D2 boxarts, the Dead High hand’s palm is facing toward the viewer (as opposed to away), the knuckles aren’t bent as much, and the thumb is missing on the LEFT side of the image (as opposed to the right).

  • JuggerSmith

    On the zombie map picture, that’s the left for dead hand, so it’s gotta be fake

  • Snoope5150

    Heres why its fake. Look at the main background. Look familier…..BLACK OPS1 LOL

  • trepicz

    Wasn’t it confirmed that the next dlc would have a new kill streak?

    • Keshav Bhat


  • Dean

    Why name a map Water when there’s already one called Hydro? Seems pretty damn fake to me.

    • HenryDF

      Water, if it is fake, seems to be the one that gives it away. Also – “Die Rise” and “Dead High”? Uhuh…

  • hammo

    i hope its legit because the maps look awsome

  • Kralamoonard

    Lol – How are you meant to use any of the scorestreaks in a ‘Plane’ – it’s gotta be fake


      call in a vtol and kill yourself by running yourself over, lodestar can put a hole in the plane and kill everyone and hunter killers always go for the unbeatable, robot pilot!!! that’s how!

    • PrimeEchoes

      Maybe the plane is on the ground?

      • Kralamoonard

        Well now we know it’s fake so it doesn’t matter

      • there is already a plane thats on the ground in the map yemen which is crashed

        • I think you mean Turbine.

          • StalkerDellaNote

            Yeah, and no, it’s not a plane, it’s a fucking turbine, a wind mill

    • IM BATMAN, bitch

      The Dogs would fly, and break through windows.
      Black ops 1 & 2 dogs aren´t normal dogs

  • Kralamoonard

    If you also look closely, the Zombie map background looks similar to Die Rise’s poster background, and the gun looks like the peacekeeper, but with an ACOG

    • asefs

      Shut up, this is fake, but the gun has nothing to do with the peacekeeper

      • Kralamoonard

        If you actually saw when this comment was posted, it was 3 days ago before it was announced it was fake, so you shut up you retard.

      • drewz

        actually, it does look a bit like the peacekeeper

  • If Treyarch says that this is real then -> MASSIVE FACEPALM

  • Evan

    Die rise, or die high. FAAAKKKEEE

  • Evan

    sorry, dead high

  • Aaron The Creator

    I hate water…. wow, better not dislike this map then.

    – The names are like they have been made by an 8 year old or IW. Either way.

  • Adam Nord

    Its definitely FAKED. If you look at the name, “Water”, you can see that the letters “TER” are slightly larger than the “WA” and its rotation is slightly off.

  • Ben

    REVOLUTION contains the same letters as ORIENTATION, but for the A he used an upside down V. Anyone could just copy the letters from Revolution poster, change them to blue, and stick them to make them look like ORIENTATION.


    And, if you all notice, they both have a sniper from halo or ghost recon, well that how they look like and one just has a longer barrel than the other.

  • cookstar

    how does that guy feel who wrote a parapgrah on how they wernt fake images looooool

  • David

    Maybe the names and images are placeholders did anyone think of that?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Why would they make a retail poster with placeholder material? Placeholder material stays internal.

  • Argy

    Gonna be honest, Treyarch would be smart to now call the next map pack Orientation. Why? Cause no one would believe them after this. Not to mention, Orientation can mean a lot of things, like maybe a map that disorients the players with verticality or fucking with mirrors and what not. Too bad Treyarch it’s slick like that…

    • Keshav Bhat

      Why wouldn’t anyone believe them? This is someone who has taken the time to photoshop it and post it everywhere.

  • This post is fake

    Induction is slightly more believable due to the better map names, but still obviously fake due to the Ghost Recon image. Also, the center Zombie map name is inconsistent with previous zombie map names. As far as Orientation, It’s pathetically obvious due to the comical map names, the familiar images, the fact that the weapon is a peacekeeper with an ACOG and a minor color change, and the layout is exactly the same (which COD usually varies it’s map pack posters by release). Don’t fall for it.

  • Pelusa

    i like the idea of a new sniper

  • So many BSers out there! Not sure if seeking nerd fame, or just trying to keep news sites on their toes 😉

  • Dead High? Water?

  • Xotic Soul
  • crisis00
  • possessedtube

    I’d have to say, even though they probably are both fake, ‘Induction’ does look more believable…

  • Guest



    I would love to see some Vietnam Maps in BO2, I don’t mean remake maps from BO1 but maps based on maybe the BO2 Campaign

  • BenDover

    Haha the induction one is way more believable then orientation

  • jguy10


  • jguy10

    They say its coming out in april, but I think its fake!

  • hector

    When dismissal dlc

  • gavin guy

    yeah but plane could also have where you can go in the plane and in the AIRPORT a custom level on world at war.

  • codGamer

    really, a map called “water”, either tretarch ran out of map names or thats just dam FAKE

  • rune man

    the map came out already not on my ps3 sadly. but for dumb old xbox and it looks awsome.