We don’t get much Call of Duty Online footage, but when we do, we drool. The China Exclusive Call of Duty recently hit overseas and is basically a free-to-play “Allstars Call of Duty” edition that features tons of maps, new guns and skins.

Untitled-1 copy

This is the first (poor quality) gameplay that reveals character and weapon customizations as well as a Cpt. Price clone running around. Along with an all black custom M4A1 with a Magpul mag and laser attachment. I might consider moving to China now…

UPDATE: Added several more videos featured on the codmizonlinegameplay Channel:

SOURCE: TehDuty Channel and codmizonlinegameplay Via @iPizzaBox

  • posavec00

    no, dont move, just check out FourDeltaOne

    • Alec Sisson


  • Alec Sisson

    You know that we’ve already been playing Nuketown from Call of Duty: Online in Modern Warfare 2…


  • lMattW

    There are perks from MW2, Black Ops and MW3 in there, they all have their original coloring but are not all in their original tiers. Also there’s a perk I don’t recognize of a hand grabbing a pistol, and it’s not Last Stand because the player always dies immediately with or without that perk.

    • Zoo-Cow-Ski

      It’s QuickDraw.

  • Adam Nord

    WTF! Call of Duty Online (A free to play game) gets more character customizations than MW,MW2,BO,MW3, and BO2 combined?? WHY?? It’s little things like what a character wears that make such a huge impact on how much people like a game.

    • Activi$ion

      I noticed this too. I think that they implemented this because the game is FTP, and to make some more money.

  • Hablala

    How can you download this game?

  • Walter Iego

    Seems like fun, but I’d rather play it via STEAM.