Finally, after all the rumors, Sony has officially announced their next-generation PlayStation console, the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 comes with the brand new DUALSHOCK 4 controller with Improved analog sticks, enhanced rumble, lower latency, touchpad, headphone jack, Share button.


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Other features include X86 CPU, enhanced GPU, 8GB of high-speed RAM, and local HDD, brand new Social Features with the Social Button, and more.

“We wanted to hear from developers,” said Mark Cerny, lead system architect, at Sony’s PS4 unveiling. “We spoke to dozens of the best teams in the world. We wanted to know what was important to them. We wanted to make them happy. Our goal was to create an architecture that would facilitate the expresison of their ideas. “

Players will be able to play PS1/PS2/PS3 games on the PS4 via PlayStation Cloud services.

Sony confirmed many new games including, a new Killzone game, Watch Dogs, Bungie’s Destiny, Final Fantasy, and more will be coming to the PlayStation 4. All major publishers have committed to bring their franchises to the new console.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be available in Holiday 2013.

  • Tomatojoe11


  • James K

    *Look at the controller*

    Man that controller looks weird.

    • David

      and a bit ugly since the select/start were gone.

  • Sony Lovers=Losers

    Woopie! -____- new consoles less games! Microsoft does better! Downvote me idc its the truth! Look it up!

  • 20ft

    Wow, I might actually have to become a Ps4 person, until the 720 is officially revealed and we can see all the specs.

  • David

    First time Sony was first than Microsoft, lol. Now, Microsoft’s turn to reveal! COME ON!

  • matt

    Is it just me who wasn’t at all impressed? I have a PS3 and mostly use it, but there wasn’t anything I saw at the press conference that I haven’t seen in trailers for PC games. If i got a high end PC, I can constantly upgrade over the next 7 years, unlike a console. The social features with the PS4 were the main points, but they were obviously going to be there, as of now, i’m very disappointed. Just me?

    • Matt

      okay i hate PC gamers going on about how its wy better than consoles -.- if i have a PC and playing the same exact game against someone with a different PC with better specs (costs about 10 times the amount of current gen consoles) they will have better chances of beating you. whereas if im on an xbox 360 or ps3 the other guy im versing is definately on the same console i am and has no advantage other than lag which console developers cant fix so dont bitch about that either. PC gamers are stupid fucks. why spend $5000 on a computer to play games on when the easier option is a $400 console?

      • michael

        well in defense to PC gamers some of them build it their own which a normal $5000 Pc cost like $1000-$2000 if built by their own 😮 and the benefits of PCs are graphics are always at its peak as long as you keep your pc up to date but your right it is cheaper to buy a console but it won’t have the same performance as people would love from a PC. and for the PC gamers keep in mind that all the PC games are usually just imported from the consoles. With that being said, with the next gen consoles on its way expect to finally see next gen graphics on PC games. so stop flaming each other. =/

      • matt

        Don’t want to start an argument, BUT you clearly didn’t read what I posted. I said I use consoles now, but i’m not impressed by what the PS4 is offering and am considering going to PC, saying someone with a better PC has an advantage is not true, as long as you get the same FPS it makes no difference.

    • Fuzzy

      So go get a high-end PC.

  • Ben

    Can somebody tell me who this VG team is? I have been constantly hearing about them.