Why should you care? Theres a good chance the next Call of Duty could be revealed at the Microsoft event. Which is why we might be covering a bit more next-gen console news as it relates to a possible Call of Duty announcement.

Today’s latest rumor comes from CVG as they are reporting that a large number of developers and industry professionals (some that are Sony) are saying the Microsoft will reveal it’s next generation Xbox for the first time in April.

One Sony official was even quoted in saying “…at first [we] caught Microsoft off-guard..We definitely ruffled some feathers.” CVG is also reporting that Microsoft Engineers are expected to discuss future tech prior to the event at GDC on March 25th

Also, Microsoft’s ad agency “US Techs”, which helped produce Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference, has just registered the domain XboxEvent.com earlier today.

Call of Duty has always been center stage at Microsoft’s Xbox events. The timing would be perfect to reveal the Next-generation of Call of Duty seeing as how Black Ops 2 was also revealed in April. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more…

UPDATE: Photo from Neogaf. More proof here.


SOURCE: CVG Via @boyle111

  • kevin

    That’s cool

  • HenryDF

    Meh, it’s gonna be a cheap, crappier alternative to the PS4, just like the current generation. I wouldn’t be suprized if CoD10 is announced though, given that Microsoft’s partnership with Activision is really CoD-based. Sony’s seemed to be supporting Destiny a lot, with all the exclusive content etc.

    • Ali Carns

      I take it you’re a Playstation fan as your comment is clearly retarded!

      • aefven

        Why don’t we leave the retarded “I’m better than you” shit out of this. I’m sick enough of hearing PC gamers constantly spewing their high and mighty garbage. Lets us console owners just get along shall we.

        • HenryDF


        • Primey_

          Nobody mentioned PC……….

      • NotObviousTroll

        He speaks the truth, not you of course 😛
        PS3 Master Race Time!

      • HenryDF

        Retarded…how? I express my opinion, which I’m allowed to do. I don’t see anything else that you could mistake for being retarded.

        • Ali Carns

          I retract my comment.

        • One point

          its just an extreme opinion…you expressed it as fact. You can express your opinions but when its so biased expect people to think that your opinion is bull.

        • Mr XBob

          The fact that all the rumours were right regarding the specs of the PS4, and the fact that all the rumours about the specs of the next Xbox say they’re 99% identical.

          So yeah. That’s why you sound like a retarded Playstation fanboy. There is nothing “cheap” or “crappy” about either system – they are incredibly similar.

          When you’re old enough to buy yourself two consoles at the same time, you’ll realise this. But hey, until then, continue your crusade against anything that isn’t made by Sony! “rawwwr my mommy says I can only have a PS4 so fuck Microsoft and gayfagxbox lololol”

          • Poplur33

            Guys calm down. The specs on both will be pretty equal. People won’t buy it for hardware y do u think iPhones r so popular? It’s the developers how it runs and everything else that’s gonna be y it’s better. If anythings cheap or crappy it’s Sony. They rnt user friendly and y wouldn’t it be if the technology is so good. Plus it gets hacked and the network services r way worse. My money’s in Microsoft so fat no features r really that helpful to me on the ps4. Microsoft is better in every way to me besides maybe some specs but its a lot better system..

          • necroxephon

            Someone’s clearly mad, bro. Although I’ll agree that both consoles are similar, you don’t have to get so worked up. lol

          • Keshav Bhat

            It’s the mere fact that each person likes something different. Clearly, you seem mad over the fact that he has an opinion on the PS4.

          • HenryDF

            The funny thing is that I already own a PS3 and and Xbox 360. The PS3 performs far better, and I enjoy it more. I don’t see why you’ve made assumptions about my age, when you know nothing about me. I’m 23, so please don’t try to patronise me or to make me seem like an idiot. You know nothing about what I think about the Xbox itself – I actually think it’s quite a good console, but it is cheaper, and it is crappier than the PS3. Maybe I shouldn’t be making assumptions about the next generation, but hey, rumours are rumours. Just because they were right about the PS4 doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be right about the Xbox. Surely you, the typical Xbox fanboy, should know that anything could happen.

          • Mr XBob

            Your statement about the PS3 performing “far better” is… um.. to put it bluntly: entirely wrong? You only have to do a quick google search for comparisons (especially ones written by Digital Foundry) to see that 90% of multiplatform titles perform and look better on the 360.

            That’s no opinion – that’s technological fact backed up with hard numbers and video examples.

            Also you then go onto say the Xbox 360 is “cheaper” and “crappier”? Please, do go on and explain in detail exactly what you mean. It simply sounds like you’re a fanboy with a chip on your shoulder about the Xbox – since both consoles are extremely well made, cost the manufacturers roughly the same to produce and both have high quality components. So the fact is, your “cheaper” and “crappier” remarks are absolutely laughable.

            You call me a fanboy. Yet I can guarantee you that I own more consoles than you, and far more games for each console than you’ve ever owned in your life. That’s not me bragging or being patronising to you – I’m just proving to you that brand names mean nothing to me. I don’t prefer one over the other. I’m simply telling you that the bullshit you’re spewing is coming from an unsavoury fanboy place, while my comments are coming from facts, evidence, and common knowledge.

            I do know that anything can happen. But I can tell you, with 100% certainty, that the new Xbox will not be a “cheap” or “crappier” alternative to the PS4.

            The mere fact that you deny that without anything to back it up, is proof that you’re the biggest fanboy I’ve ever come across. Everyone here agrees.

            Perhaps this generation your parents will allow you to own more than one console, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the games without getting butthurt everytime somebody gets to play something your system doesn’t offer.

          • HenryDF

            I’m stepping out of this before this gets too mucky. You’re getting offensive for no apparent reason, so I think I’m making the right choice. Feel free to contact me separately at “[email protected]” if you really wish to carry on this argument.

          • Mr XBob

            Translation: “I agree with everything you said but I’m on the internet so I have to be stubborn and play it cool so that I can look like I’m the bigger man”.

            Later dude.

          • HenryDF

            You try to make yourself out as the bigger man…and then you go and say something like that, because you just want to carry on and bowl out all your endless facts that you’ve been sad enough to look up on the internet and savagely memorise…

          • Mr XBob

            Hold on a second. You’re saying that my facts are pointless because I took the time to know what they were?

            But your bullshit is worth more because you dragged it out of your arse and splashed it into your comment?

            Are you actually seriously saying that? Amazing! Haha

          • SoLo Zinc

            You enjoy PS3 more based on the fact that Xbox is where all the “TRYHARDS” are at. Not simply because the PS3 is a “tank” nor the fact that the graphics are SLIGHTLY better

          • Revolver Ocelot

            99% identical. That really went back to haunt you, Neil, you moron. 🙂

        • Djangos

          Just because you’re allowed to express your opinion doesn’t mean that your opinion won’t be retarded, retard.

    • lMattW

      Destiny will be published by ATVI as well.

    • Mr XBob

      When you grow up and can afford to buy your own systems rather than relying on your parents (who will only let you have one – the Playstation), then perhaps you’ll come to learn that they are electrical devices that do not need your utter devotion.

      Get over it. Both PS4 and the next Xbox have very similar specifications and the games on both platforms will look identical. You know. Just like they do on PS3 and Xbox 360.

      It’s a technological fact. Get over yourself kiddy!

    • Sony is Tard

      That’s funny! Careful guys we got a badass over here nagging about consoles already! Sheesh! Here’s my opinion! Sony seemed to rush their ps4 quick as they announced it and all. When you go get that ps4, I bet it’s gonna get fried. Yea the 360 had RRoD and Microsoft is putting more effort into theirs probably! That’s my opinion! Xbox has a lot more games and much funner with friends than the ps series! Like I said! My opinion! Don’t like? Downvote I don’t care! It’s the truth anyway! Look it up!

      • Keshav Bhat

        “rush their PS4.” I’m confused how the rushed it. 5 years of development. And their actual hardware is still being finalized.


      Why are you on here if you play on PlayStation? Somebody is obsessed with the Xbox.

    • AKAZzz

      superDaE hacked both Sony and Microsoft development servers and ordered several Durango’s and Orbis’s. He’s the reason Sony raised the PS4 from 4gb to 8gb. Chances are, the 720/Infinity/Durango is going to be MORE powerful than the PS4.

      • Keshav Bhat

        No; he’s not “the reason.”

  • BFplayer

    Still Sony makes more than Microsoft with cameras, sd cards, tablet, tvs, ect.

    • claus

      no. microsoft is one of the largest global economies

    • SONY

      But Microsoft can buy Sony because Sony isn’t worth a lot to Microsoft! So keep talking!!!!!

      • Keshav Bhat

        Right now game industry states MS was actually “caught completely off guard” by Sony’s PS4 announcement. So, right now, Sony’s PS4 is all the game industry is talking about.

    • Argy

      Yes, I guess Sony does make more stuff… I mean Microsoft doesn’t make the most popular OS for computers, the most popular office tools for computers, or an OS for phones, or even have a tablet out…


    cheap, crappy ? yer ok…………..

  • Are We Not Young God?

    Ignorance at [email protected]

  • Are We Not Young God?

    I honestly think the next gen xbox will be better than ps4. Dont get me wrong the ps4 is okay I expected way more honestly if anything.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Like what?

      • Dirtknap

        I like that you encourage the sharing of informed opinions, although not many of the posters in this thread have cared to elaborate. I really would’ve expected to see quality conversations occurring at such an exciting juncture for the gaming community.

  • DocWTF

    When I buy complex tech whether it’s a tv, an audio system or a console I want it to be japanese-made. Also, PS has better exclusives (Halo and gears of war? No, thanks, leave that for kids) and their online policy is by far more fair then microsoft’s. The only thing I like about xbox is kinect, though it has yet to be used in a big AAA product, like CoD.
    And you guys, do you support xbox so much just because it’s made by an american company?

    • Aaron The Creator

      I wish my Alienware PC was actually made by Aliens.

      • Dirtknap

        This is hands down the best comment in this thread!

    • Argy

      I find it funny that you say Halo and Gears of War are to be left for the kids when the first exclusive game that comes to my mind for the PS is Little Big Planet.

      • Keshav Bhat

        I guess you haven’t heard of Killzone, Resistance series, The Last of Us, Uncharted, etc.

        • Argy

          Just for reference, I’d never throw killzone out as a “great” exclusive. 😉

    • Kyle

      Wow dude i couldn’t agree with you more.
      It’s arrogance with the Microsoft fans.

  • STFU

    I get angry on the internet because people don’t agree with me….

    • Aaron The Creator

      I get angry with people who get angry over nothing to get angry over so they are feeling angry which in turn gets me angry over nothing for me to get angry about except you who is just angry over completely and utterly nothing. But not as angry as this guy but still getting fairly angry: >

      • Anonymous

        Put your helmet on the bus is coming.

  • xkikassgmrtagx

    I really don’t know which one to go with when they do come out. They both have their advantages, and they both will probably have their disadvantages. All consoles do. It’s just the way that it works, and it will probably work like that for many, many years to come.

    • Aaron The Creator


    • Argy

      When it came down to the PS3 vs 360, for me it was an easy decision because Microsoft had a better game plan for it and Xbox Live was already a top notch service. With this next round I’m basing my path off of the same criteria. Who’s system looks like it will provide more fun in the long run.

  • scaf f

    chech out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8kGH66ti50 for an awesome black ops 2 triple kill

  • BFplayer

    Why people leave out Nintendo? (not a fan of it)