Activision’s CEO Eric Hirshberg had an interview with Digital Trends, and there he discussed the future of Call of Duty. Eric Hirshberg discussed about the annual release cycle, Activision involvement, and his views about a Call of Duty movie.

When asked about the annual release cycle and how to keep Call of Duty new, he stated:

The games have gotten increasingly long tails and people have shown a year-round appetite to keep playing multiplayer and for the new content that we release with DLC packs to enhance those experiences.

We’ve been able to have success with new games as long as they have big new innovations that have a big appeal to our fans. We’ve found the right cadence.

Digital Trends then asked him how deeply is Activision involved with the development of each Call of Duty game. Hirshberg responded:

All of our developers who work on Call of Duty are part of the Activision family. Our developer community represents our largest employee population at Activision, so I don’t really see the distinction when you say how much has Activision been involved. We certainly have a great track record of giving our developers tremendous amounts of creative freedom to make the games they want to make.

He then talked about his views on a Call of Duty movie:

We have dabbled in it, but I think that we work at it from the standpoint that is this going to make the overall franchise stronger, is this going to add creative ideas that the games can’t. Our primary business is making great games and we want to make sure that we stay close on that and don’t mess anything up in the pursuit of making movies. If we do that, it’s going to be with the right partners, and at the right time, and for the right reason.

A new Call of Duty game is confirmed to launch later this year, but Activision is not ready to discuss more about it at this time.

SOURCE: Digital Trends

  • Gus


  • Gus

    I really hope they don’t go further into the future then Black Ops 2 otherwise it’s gonna be another Halo also they should just stick to real guns not made up ones like PDW57 or Peace keeper, don’t copy Treyarch at all keep it different, new consoles new start for Call of Duty

    • Kid

      The pdw57 is a real gun

    • Roxas3510

      Call of Duty will never be like Halo. Just because it takes place in the future doesn’t mean the entire gameplay is going to change and they’re going to introduce shields and super soldiers with high tech armor.

    • stopbeingafaggot

      Halo is about 500 years in the future by the way.

  • scaf f

    chech out for a awesome black ops 2 triple kill

  • Jake

    The PDW 57 is actually a fictional version of the P90 just like the Type 25 is fictional version of the Type 95 it’s just been made to look like future versions of them guns, PDW 57 and Type 95 do not exsist

    • Joe Daddy

      No, those are real guns.

  • Jake

    PDW 57 and Type 25 do not exist* my bad

  • Pull skin back

    That guy has got a point going further into the future does seen silly that’s a treyarch thing should not copy each other keep to there own things

    • poopybuttslol

      Modern Warfare though. It’s a 6-year old franchise. I’m not saying they should go into the future, but they should visit a new era.


    To be honest I don’t think infinity ward or neversoft care what you want and don’t want in call of duty they just gonna learn from there mistakes and make what they want but I agree with a few comments about not copying treyarch that sounds good would be point less copying them

  • i am a p ness

    these arguments are getting silly now I don’t care who make cod2014 or mw4 what ever its going to be called I just want it to be out on ps4 with a new fresh engine not the same tweaked engine we’ve had since cod4… New console new start for cod

    • ClassicCodFeel

      No doubt we will see that, although i still want to get that feel of a game so that it feels like cod, so not too new…

    • Aaron The Creator

      Correction: A Treyarch “engine” please this time around.

      • Primey_

        ew no thanks

  • Минас Гадалла

    to be honest i dont think that infinity ward care about the gamers, they launch a cod only for $$

    TREYACH <3

    • Aaron The Creator

      The Titles For The Next COD Games:

      COD: IW – Déjà vu – The name is crap and reflects our game.

      COD: <3ARC – Just buy the damn game. We've made it, you'll love it.

      • Aaron’s a pussy

        You’re all pathetic moaning about a game. No matter what developer makes this years Call of Duty you’ll all end up buying it anyway so shut up, and everyone else moaning needs to sort it out just because someone said Infinity Ward makes a better game you call them pathetic you’re probably 10x more pathetic than them you four eyed virgin, Infinity Ward does make a better game in some ways.

        • Aaron The Creator

          I won’t be, too many great games on the next gen for me to care about Infinity Wards’s copied and pasted game.

    • DanDustEmOff

      if u really think treyarch care ur deluded if they care so much where was that lag comp patch for blops 1 and 2 treyarch are useless when it comes to core mechanics net code etc and always have been blops 2 would be a good game if they could do a semi decent job coding the game but atm its utter garbage

  • rob

    infinity wars does make a better game then treyarch though

    • IW is for Tards

      you have got to be one of the most pathetic people out there to even say that! “Better game than treyarch” wtf did IW do?? Copy paste the shit! Have you even tried Black Ops 2? Doubt it! Yea thats ur opinion but anyone can tell you IW sucks major ass in CoD! Your blind as hell!

      • Rob

        Calm down idiot it’s just a game lol don’t get out your pram silly cunt lol

        • Fear blade

          It’s spelt Infinity Ward and you can’t even structure your sentences properly. And yet, you call him an idiot and silly? Congratulations sir, you have redefined the meaning of an idiot.

          • Jen

            You’re gay you posh talking wanker! Why is your name Fear Blade? I bet you’re some pussy.

          • Guest

            well, I shall not further this conversion any further.

          • yourallgay

            no1 cares

          • Aaron The Creator

            I bet your an incompetent fool who fails at life.

          • virgin like aaron

            you look like a fat tosser with no life ya lil rodent

          • Aaron The Creator

            Please, do continue with your troll comments. They are rather amusing me and everyone else here. As already said. I’d be wasting my time arguing with you as you’re an idiotic troll.
            —- U N D E R S T A N D??

          • Mr. Thuggins

            You’re an*

          • Fear Blade


          • thebulky1cometh


  • GeDDeN

    If CoD doesnt get dedi servers count me out..

  • Aaron The Creator

    Well, I’m afraid MR Eric Hirshberg, the “cadence” of 3arc’s big innovations isn’t going to continue for IW’s next COD however much you want to gloss the game over to make your money making profits.

    – You get me IW? Oh wait there to busy doing the Harman Shake.

  • incubusman421

    They didn’t talk about how laggy it will still be in the future? *sigh lol.

  • mw3 has a better connection than b02. sorry u 3arch fanboys but mw3 is a better game than bo2 cause the overall gameplay is more enjoyable connectionwise. sure bo2 has the pick 10 system but i did not have an orgasm like the other little kids. i would have been fine with the old system.. btw setting ur game in the future does not make it innovative. i dont see how people can call Treyarch innovative when they are using infinitywards engine and saying that a selectfire attachment is the biggest innovation ever. the cod community became shit when mw2 came out…. long story shot MW3>BO2 there is nothing u fanboys can say to change my mind lol this is just an OPINION and should be respected like i do to others

    • yurafegut

      You’re making an asshat out of yourself and trying to justify it by saying it’s just an “OPINION” and it should be respected, while you’re also dissing others’ opinions. Just putting that out there.

    • DanDustEmOff

      I agree with u treyarchs games have always had bad net code it hasn’t changed since cod 3 utter bs

  • Treyarch destroyed clan opps. mw3 had that shit well

  • Anonymous

    People have some very good points on here, but how can people ask for both Treyarch’s and Infinity Ward’s games both be set in the future wouldn’t that make it basically the same game? I say keep the Modern Warfare series in modern times and Black Ops series in the future.

  • blah

    CoD – Infinity Ward: Modern time setting.

    CoD – Treyarch: Future time setting.

    Simples 🙂

  • xReelGamingx

    In my opinion, I think Infinity Ward does a great multiplayer, and Treyarch does a great campaign. If they worked together to produce a better Call of Duty, I think it would be awesome 😀

  • Oxi

    Having been a fan of COD since COD existed it reached its peek and has been going down hill since MW2 (in my opinion, some i know think it was before then). The multiplayer has been the same for so long and requires no thought its simply requires you to have faster reactions, hear where people are and shooting them before they shoot you or try to play mind games to get the upper hand over your opponent but in a very bland an un-imaginitive way either go left or right (no matter how i may try want there to be more to it). maybe im looking for a game that doesnt exist yet a game that requires teamwork not kill streaks and spawn killing, dont get me wrong i’ve played them all i’ve had fun, i’ve had massive kill streaks, clutch winning kill cams, over come the odds when it counts but the Call Of Duty franchise seems to be turning into quake but people die faster and have flashy customisable guns. thats enough of a rant cba to carry on..