Infinity Ward’s Co-Founders Vince Zampella and Jason West who were fired from Infinity Ward/Activision in 2010 after a big legal mess with Activision Publishing today announced that their new studio, Respawn Entertainment, will be at E3 2013.

They left Infinity Ward because they claimed Activision was withholding money and going against their contract; and Activision claimed that these two were trying to break the contract and partner with competitors. As a result, Zampella and West created their own studio along with 50 other Infinity Ward developers called, Respawn Entertainment. Respawn announced that they are partnered with EA to bring their next game to the market, but after that announcement we have not heard anything from them.

Today, they have confirmed that they will be at E3 2013. This is big news because we are finally expecting them to reveal what they have been working on.

The image above is the only thing Respawn has shown(teased) about their upcoming game.

SOURCE: @VinceZampella

  • Faggot

    Can’t wait to see what these guys have been working on.
    Hopefully they took the good part of Mw3 with them. xD

    • tha_online_gamertz

      they never worked on MW3 :I

      • imXieli

        Thats why it sucked. they were fired after mw2 😐

        • Argy

          And yet MW3 is still rated a better game then both BL1 and BL2. Just some food for thought.

          • David

            They are “rated” better because reviewers are MW fanboys, but they don’t know what new things and innovation is. Seems that they like the same shit over and over again. Gamespot rated better MW3 than both BO1 and BO2; I was like “Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?” Anyway..

  • hey yo

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! I’m pumped to see what they got.

  • TheD3thDealer

    I smell a CoD killer!

    • Argy

      Consider the following:
      -CoD1 was what they wanted to do and was amazing
      -CoD2 was forced by Activision (they withheld the 360/PS3 dev kits)
      -CoD4 was what they wanted to do
      -MW2 was forced by Activision

      See a pattern? They make better games when they WANT to make the games. So yeah, something amazing must be in the making!

      • IW is Shit

        You must be blond if you think IW still makes “good games” first and second were best! The rest no!

        • MW3 was good, deal with it

          MW3 seems to be my favourite for multiplayer
          BO probably for zombies but BO2 still hasn’t finished with their dlc so i’m giving them a chance still

  • David

    I’m done with COD finally, and after BO2, bye bye Call of Duty. Seems that I will buy the game of Respawn Entertainment..

    • Iamtheattack

      you got that right. time for a new title to rise. #respawn ent.

    • Hey Yo

      Dam right amen to that these guys are gods.

  • JB

    Call of Duty Killer

  • Yolo

    I have heard that the next respawn game is a space one.

  • IW is Pathetic

    Fact is that if its Ex IW employees working on ANY GAME! No matter how “good” it looks! I will never buy a game from there copy and paste skills and not listen to community. IW in every way is pathetic.

    • Fail

      their* it’s a shame you failed saying such a lovely speech there…

    • Not a cod fanboy

      heres my theory i think cod 4 maxed out the ps3s and xbox 360s capacity for a smooth running game and with the new consoles the new cods will be better. I know that people will say look at games like BF3 or skyrim or even halo 4 the fact is cod has a higher traffic rate than every other game look at sim city if it had less people on it it would work so much better. i think that alot of the technology in current gen consoles goes into being able to maintain the amount of people using the game

  • ccrows

    Sweet another FPS with unlimited Noob Tubes!

    Seriously why are people already calling this game a COD Killer, when this team never bothered to fix MW2 which was clearly broken…

    • Somebody

      They left Activision not much longer after MW2 was released to the general public, so not fixing it falls into Activisions hands

      • ccrows

        They still left months after the game was made.

        Slice it up any way you want, they still made the most broken game in the series…

  • Lorhelm


    • 9410besi

      No that’s developed by Bungie and published by Activision.