Treyarch has announced that there will be a Double Weapon XP weekend starting this Friday, March 1st at 10am PST, and ending Monday, March 4th at 10am PST for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U.

This Double Weapon XP is to celebrate the launch of the Revolution DLC pack for PS3/PC. Rank up that Peacekeeper!

SOURCE: @Treyarch

  • Lorhelm

    Does anyone else find this a little wierd that they JUST had double XP on the 22 and again today?

    • Normal double XP on the 22nd, Weapon double XP starting today. They are different. One allows you to level your character up quicker and the other allows you to level up your guns quicker (which can help you level up a bit quicker as well but not as quick as a full double XP). I don’t find this weird at all.

      • incubusman421

        I think they gave regular xp before DLC because they want make sure you know the DLC is coming soon (people ask why the 2xp). The 2x weapon xp is for the new gun i guess.

  • Mobin Amanzai

    its double WEAPON xp

  • semir krcic

    I’m lvl 55 with mp7 scorpion evo chicom cqb msmc gold and msmc n goin 4 vector now wen I get it ima prestige n double xp!!!!

  • Srom

    If Treyarch was smart they should have done both double xp and weapon xp but they had to do double xp last weekend for everyone.

  • semir krcic

    Just got my smgz diamond