According to a new image that Infinity Ward posted on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, it appears that they might be developing their next game on Valve’s upcoming Piston PC (also called Steam Box). The Piston PC is a new game box being developed by Xi3 and backed by Valve. It is rumored to cost around $499 and come later this year. The Steam Box is basically a gaming PC designed for use with home TVs.

The images of Xi3 that Valve showed at CES 2013 are the exact same as what Infinity Ward tweeted. This suggests that Infinity Ward might be developing their next game for this new device.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard via GameSpot


    If they are using the same game engine again I am done with cod.

    • Jay Zero

      not sure why it’s such a big deal, it’s not about how good it looks, it’ll still have the same game mechanics as the previous call of duty’s so quit your bitch ass complaining

    • PHNX

      No one cares about you..


    Gayarch failed miserably. Bo2 public matches are worse then ever the lag hit detection is the worst it’s been out of any cod. All they care about is esports which is about 5% of the community and were all tired of it.


    Esports is the future didn’t you know ????? 🙂

    • Name

      Your breath stinks!!

  • Kralamoonard

    Do you think there will be a specific game for the steam box, or will the same game be on the PS4, Xbox720 and steam box? Plus, does the steam box have better specs than the ps4, just out of interest??

  • Are We Not Young God?

    I dont know how people still complain about/lag and hit detection and such I just put my search peference to best and zero lag and good hit detection.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      I have had my search preference on best since day 1, and no matter what, Black Ops 2 has been a complete joke. And no I don’t have “Wal-Mart Internet” as every other COD plays fine. Just my experience.

    • Good for you..

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I know a way to significantly decrease lag in blops 2. Just simply clear the memory cache on your console. It won’t erase any of your save games, stats, profiles, etc. I have done it and lag seems to have decreased significantly. Try it out.

    • spazzy

      Huh. Never thought of that. I mean, I usually do pretty good connection-wise, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to make it even less laggy.

    • CobraG7

      That will only work for Xbox. PS3 doesn’t have that option.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Yes it does. Just google how to clear game data utility on ps3.

        • CobraG7

          that’s not the cache that you think it is…

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Still not understanding why all of the comments on this are about Black Ops 2. I’m actually excited to see what IW has in store with this. Will be nice to see what they can do with some new hardware

  • noah

    For your tv? Why not just buy a console

    • asdn

      Well people say the PC is the ‘master race’ with it’s high graphics and what-nots. It’s basically a PC made into a console so PC can brag about whatever else now (i’ll probably get one once they’ve been reviewed)

  • lolwut

    It is just a PC. They release COD on Steam, so yeah… it will of course be playable on this…

  • CoolJ

    Im glad they’re make a new console for 2013, But to be honest it looks kinda gay, i think ill just stick to the ps4 or xbox 720.

  • Chris

    i hope it’s not Call of Duty 3.14…….

    • Chris sucks

      You suck