Activision and Beachhead Studio teams have announced the eight teams that have qualified for the Call of Duty Championship via League Play.

The eight teams are that have qualified in the US are:

  • Rage
  • TVA
  • Vintage
  • Phoenix
  • Curse
  • Quantic
  • comPlexity
  • Awe Sports

There are more teams to be selected via the ESL tournament and other country specific tournaments.

Call of Duty Championship, partnered with Xbox, takes place April 5-7 in Hollywood and will be live streamed on Call of Duty ELITE.

SOURCE: Call of Duty ELITE


  • RaGe Topshot

    My team in league is RaGe and we are ranked number two masters right now :0 I wonder if thats us…

  • James K

    No Faze?


      Wait I thought those guys only did those silly ballerina shots or some other flamboyant spinny sniper nonsense; they actually did competitive gaming? lol whadayaknow.

    • GETxxxSOME

      FaZe is now Quantic Gaming. The Faze team is no more.

      • James K

        Ah I see..

  • Sam

    No Optic either? wow…i really wanna know who the ladders work if Optic got cut from the top 8…something is messed up

    • Noah

      i was also suprised to not see Optic on this list!

    • Jay Zero

      there are other qualifiers include MLG Dallas where optic with rein supreme

    • GETxxxSOME

      OpTic couldn’t qualify for CoD Championships through League Play because a player on their team, Scumpii, is only 17. have to be 18+. They are allowed to be 17 if they qualify through MLG Dallas this weekend.

  • Lorhelm

    How do you qualify for these? and are these clans or just teams?

  • ViRo

    FaZe is competing at dallas! No more my A$$