Activision has announced that they will be adding in-game optional purchases called ‘Micro Items’ to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360 starting Wednesday (March 13th).

  • Personalization Packs – which allow you to dress up your favorite weapon how you want to. Each pack has a calling card, a camo, and three reticles and cost 160 Microsoft Points for each pack. One example is the Bacon personalization pack:

[nggallery id=459]

  • Extra Slots Pack – this adds 10 more create-a-class sets – which equals 50 individual custom class slots – and expands your storage allowing 20 more emblems, 32 more films, and 40 more screenshots. This pack costs 160 MSP.
  • Flags of the World Calling Card Packs – brings flags of countries from around the world to the game. This pack costs 80 MSP.

[nggallery id=460]

  • Nuketown 2025 MP map – a previously pre-order only map – is available now for free to download on Xbox 360.
  • Nuketown Zombies is available now for purchase for 400 MSP on Xbox 360.

All the items listed above are completely optional. These have no impact on the gameplay. More information available now atย

All the items listed above will be available for other platforms at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.

UPDATE: @moriarty1975 located 9 new Camos on the Call of Duty ELiTE web site (bottom 9 images):


New camos:

  • Jungle Warfare
  • Benjamins
  • Dia de Muertos
  • Graffiti
  • Kawaii
  • Party Rock
  • Zombies
  • Viper
  • Bacon

New Reticles:


SOURCE: EuroGamer

  • YourMazzter1

    Why the fuck is Nuketown free when others had to predorder it Activision you guys once again fucking up as usual

    • Cameron Graham

      Wow.. You preordered? What a lamo! You got nothing for that!

      Oh wait.. Except you’ve been playing Nuketown for SIX MONTHS! Is that not special enough?

      Quit Your Bitching!

      I Pre-Ordered, and got Nuketown.. I like that I have had this bonus for 6 months.. But it is infuriating for us gamers who have friends.. Especially when those friends don’t have Nuketown..

      I am sorry you are too ignorant to understand this decision.

      • FOX

        see, because of a-holes like you that dont want us to say nothing to Activition, they will do anything they want and they will f-ck us all for that; but if we show that we will not accept it then they might stop doing shitty stuff like this. And this is not called bitching, the fact that you come and tell him to stop expressing his opinion, that is bitching, so you stop it.

        • yeah budddy

          no, you stop it, i agree with cameron people who pre ordered it got 6 months to play before everyone else, so you and yourmatterz can suck d**k

          • Zeet

            Six months? From november to fucking marts is only like 4 months….

          • 1TBflashdrive

            5months mate… approximately .

          • brian adonis

            no. 4 months. black ops 2 was released on november 12. nuketown for free will be released on march 13. unless you bloody crooks dont know how to count, MATE!

          • Person above me suckshisowndik

            Dumb ass black ops 2 came out 11/13/12 fucking douche from that November -1 December -2 January 3 February – 4 march -5 see 5 Tomorow is the 5th month bo2 has been out faggot go craw up your mamas vagina that burns cause she’s got std bitch

          • Learntofuckingcount

            No, it’s 4 you inbred speck.

            Nov 13 to dec 13 =1
            dec 13 to jan 13 = 2
            jan 13 to feb 13 =3
            feb 13 to mar 13 =4

            You don’t start on 1 when counting up, you start with zero. go back to fucking school chump

          • DAMN!!

            Put that bitch on hush mode ^___^ LMFAO

          • edgevenom

            goodness ur stupid

          • Keshav Bhat

            Let’s all calm down. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • FUblackops2

            f*ck you man i pre- ordered the fucking game payed 80 dollars for hardenend edition so i got nuketown 2025 (1970) and nuketown zombies, and now they get nuketown 2025 for free and nuketown zombies cost almost nothing, it’s a fucking scam, i never should have bought this piece of sh*t

          • Josh Butterballs

            You bought a CoD game, that in itself is a scam.

          • Mi2Lethal

            Totally agree, Activision is scumbag

          • LogicalThinker

            That’s your faulty logic that cost you $20 . Plus you spent an $20 on more than 2 maps . I’m guessing you never had WaW or Black Ops 1, because you would have had enough logic to realize they’d be releasing Nuketown Zombies at some point for other people . Also, preordering had nothing to do with Nuketown 2025 . I preordered regular edition and got the game. All of the first couple of game batches had the code inside, therefore you did not have to preorder the game to get it.

            Don’t blame the company, because you couldn’t use logic to dictate your decisions.

          • KeepCalm

            I mean its great that I can play with friends but it almost makes it kind of false advertising for those who pre-ordered the game. They said,” Nuketown 2025: EXCLUSIVE Content for those that Pre-Order”. So, it should have only been to those that pre-ordered. Also they could have made it worth something instead of it being free plus they could also add it to the rotation instead of in just a separate playlist since its free to everyone but clearly they didn’t think it through.

          • Cameron Graham

            Just to set the record straight, it’s free now so it CAN go into the full rotation.

      • Jacob Jones

        No you’re an asshole and all the people complaining are just people who didn’t preorder the game, Activision is going to walk all over us and know people will put up with it and buy their shit. It’s people like YOU that make it so activision does that the only reason you’re standing up for this is because you have friends that couldn’t get the time to preorder it Treyarch said it was going to be a preorder bonus only, so go fuck yourself you intolerable fool.

        • Nigga


        • Cameron Graham

          I’m not saying I like it.. Sure the content is something i’ve desired for a while, but that doesn’t mean I can justify paying for it..

          I personally just don’t like when people argue and complain about something from the wrong point of view, or with the wrong information.. (Or in the case above.. people who complain without punctuation or any logical thought.)

          If you had to pick any developer/publisher combo, who had fucked with people too much.. I don’t think Treyarch/Activision would be at the top of that list..

          Gaming is Money.. It’s simple, some publishers do it better than others, and some people do it worse.. – My point of view in this situation is that optional content that doesn’t impact gameplay has every right to cost $2.. You can’t argue that a $2 charge, for something you don’t need is the evil of the gaming industry..

          How about online passes for used games? EA, Ubisoft? So many publishers (and more on the way) are using this method.. But the fact is.. you can go and buy BlackOps 1 for $10 and play it online.. No fuss.. You don’t need to buy anything else.. unless you see value in it.

          And to further this, Micro-transaction models are far more gamer friendly than they appear. Look at the iOS app store.. Games that cost $10 sell 100,000 copies.. Games that cost a dollar sell 5 million copies.. So everyone can play the game for less, and the dev can make more money.. by giving it to everyone for cheaper..

          Now don’t try and twist this into a straight out defence for Treyarch, because it’s not.. I want 20 more Emblem slots for free.. I don’t want to pay anything.. But $2 is the better of all the evils in the gaming world..

        • YoureNotEntitled

          The thing is that it wasn’t a preorder bonus, and everybody fucking knew that. We all knew that they say that to increase preorders, where in reality, the first few batches ( like 3 million copies) contained the code. As for Nuketown Zombies, you should have known this if you’ve ever played Black Ops 1 . What was it’s preorder collector’s bonus? WaW zombie maps. What came as the ending DLC? WaW zombie maps.

      • bernerd

        you dipshit, vahn said there were no plans to ever release it. So they outright lied and idiots like you support them.

        • Ascending Legend

          No, he said that they have no *plans* but that could change, besides Activision is the one who handles that stuff

        • Obviously

          And look what happened. It’s not even in constant rotation due to a split playerbase . Everyone knew they were going to release to widely so they can throw it in normal rotation. This was a given.

      • bluedreamz

        But they said in the begining that nuketown was a pre-order only content yes it’s nice that everyone will get it but we did preorder for that reason

        • bitching cod player

          Because pre-ordering the damn thing was such a fucking hassle. I guess we should all feel cheated now, huh? Get over it. We all knew they would give it out eventually. I’d feel cheated for Nuketown Zombies, not Nuketown 2025.

    • Telling you straight

      shut your mouth moaning jheeze get a life its just a game boo whoo you pre-ordered it and got it before everyone else do you feel special? no? so shut your mouth

      • Guest

        you contradict yourself by just discussing that lol its only a game but you still anger by that discusion, You mad bro?

        • you guys are all retards

          I love watching people fight over little things. If you pre-ordered or got a special edition then great. Now the price for those maps has been reduced. Don’t start crying because you missed the price drop. Besides, all you people who pre-ordered (me included) will now have more people to play with therefore you will get into games faster and there is a better chance of finding a game to which you have good connection.

      • you contradict yourself by just discussing that lol, its only a game but you still angry by that discusion. You mad bro?

        • lol

          your nan

    • Keshav Bhat

      Because you never paid for it either. The game always costed $60. Nuketown was a bonus for buying the game day one.

    • You didn’t even have to preorder to get zombies. You just had to purchase the game within a certain release window before they stopped inserting the nuketown code into the box.

      • Cameron Graham

        that’s what i initially thought, but retailers all over the world received both copies at once and were instructed to give the Nuketown copies to pre-order customers.. Granted.. this didn’t actually happen the whole time.. so a lot of preorder customers received non nuketown boxes.. Which is why treyarch opened a claim thread.. so if you bought it in the launch week, and didn’t get nuketown, they’d send you a code.

    • mathboy7

      lol i didnt preorder it and i got i L0L

    • This comment has to be the finest troll post ever… looks like you snagged quite a few victims too. #TrollOn

    • Roxas3510

      You’re acting like you had to pay more to pre-order the game lol, the map was basically free, all you had to do was start paying for the game before it came out.

    • RedAce

      i didn’t even pre-order it and i got Nuketown for free, so really your the one who fucked up

    • John Smith

      I didn’t preorder and bought the regular edition a couple of days after release and it came with a Nuketown code anyway.

      • Xenoga13

        Same thing here. Lol.

    • BangOut

      Why are you complaining. It didnt cost any extra.

    • SoFunny32

      that single comment produced 40 replies… Thank you call of duty kiddie community… I hate you guys so much… xD

    • You had to preorder to get Nuketown ZOMBIES you get nuketown 2025 for free

    • FNT

      Worst of all is that we have to suffer through this map all the time now, shittest map there is to cod and people like it!?
      Array people say is the worst map, this piece of shit is a hell of a lot worse and the spawns are worse than BO’s nuketown which makes me hate it even more.

  • Wow Nuketown should’ve been free from the beginning -__-

    • hahahhahahahaha

      your breath stinks

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ i didnt brush this morning!

        • lol

          your a tramp then

  • Cameron Graham

    I like this.. Normally, I disagree with MicroPurchases, but at the same time.. this is content I have wanted.. I ran out of emblem spaces a LONG TIME AGO! and was seriously hoping they would increase..

    Would I rather everyone get these upgrades? Actually no.. Surprisingly, If everyone had 20 CaC classes.. the trolls would take over the game.. 20 different variations of a Target Finder LSAT? No thank you..

    The only thing that will make this a sure thing for me is if it’s included in the Season Pass..

    It’s unlikely, but it would encourage more people to go for it..

  • Joe

    This is getting beyond a joke, STOP TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF THINGS THAT SHOULD BE FREE! Dead space and now black ops, i’m going to boycott these games soon!

    • lol

      no one really cares

    • Mitch

      so you’re gonna boycot everything since in a few years all games will have this?

    • Guest

      all is extra time and money, they have to do other project, they have to work more hours on extra content, its like saying becouse someone get a house they can have by free a extra room since they already bought it -__-. No one will give free their extra job for free, all requires time and hard work tha deserves to be paid. Doesnt matter the way you look and it.

    • all is extra time and money, they have to do other project, they have to work more hours on extra content, its like saying becouse someone get a house they can have by free a extra room since they already bought it -__-. No one will give free their extra job for free, all requires time and hard work that deserves to be paid. Doesnt matter the way you look and it, its the fair thing to do simple as that.

    • Roxas3510

      Don’t buy it?

  • ll-RAY-ll

    I honestly hope this will be included in the season pass, I’ve already dumped 120 dollars into this game, I better get these for free…

    • CobraG7

      they’re not included…

    • Roxas3510

      I doubt they’ll do that, you know it’s all about the money.

  • yoloswag


    • Yep

      100% agree

  • HeadshotMachine

    what about PC/PS3?

    • jacob-15-wolves

      Exactly we always have to wait even longer for stuff

      • 360MasterRace

        Because Xbox has more players that are more competitive. Xbox players will find the glitches and exploits faster and better than ps3 players. (No offnese)

        • NoOffenceMeant

          (No offence)Yeah, if you are saying that XBOX finds glitches and exploits faster and better than PS3, i am afraid you are wrong there mate if you don’t remember than the people on PS3 hacked the Play Station system itself, not because of it being crap or the firewalls were weak, i don’t see XBOX hacking microsoft (yes i am aware of the fact that microsoft created security in the first place)

    • isnakke

      Nobody gives a fuck about ps3 n pc

      • ^Dis nigga stupid as phuck

        PS3: 150,000+ on mid-peak hours
        PC: 50,000+ on usual peak hours

        5+mil total registered via ps3 tdm leaderboards.

        Yep nobody gives a fuck ๐Ÿ™

        • or pick a name

          PS3 on Sunday evenings close to 800,000. Usually way more than 300k. PS3 5-50k..
          Xbox, I don’t know.

          And why the fuck it matters if xbox is for more competive gaming? I don’t enjoy finding glitches, I just like to level up and get guns on gold which I already have all of them and hit the max level on prestige master.

      • lol

        no body cares about your mum either!

      • donthateon420

        are you one of those 360 fanboys?

      • Anonimusssss

        Scumbag move

  • str8noob

    Nuketown sucks.

    • hahahhahahahaha

      your only saying that because your couldnt afford it

  • lMattW

    The big question is whether or not NT2025 will make it into the normal map rotation.

    • CobraG7

      it will eventually. confirmed by @DavidVonderhaar

  • moriarty_1975
  • Ratonhnhakรฉ:ton

    A pack-a-punch camo for multiplayer would be nice.

    • Cameron Graham

      I’ve ALWAYS wanted that! It looks way more badass than diamonds.. Diamonds do not belong near firearms.. Diamonds should only be used in exchange for guaranteed blo…. I’ll stop right there..

      Additionally a chrome camo would be kinda cool..

  • The Flash

    wow your releasing NT Zombies to everyone, i paid ยฃ60 for that, and the map is shit anyway

  • Rich Herminghaus

    1. They are not obligatory. You do not need to buy them.
    2. NT and NTZ were pre order bonuses, You got to play them for 6 months before anyone else.
    3. NT is the worst map in any COD to date hands down. It makes me sad that I won’t have a viable way to avoid it.

    • Guest

      you maybe dumb, i respect your like. But your comment stop being objective the moment you said you cant avoid playing it. Just go to your dis manage and delete it -_- that way you wont be playing on that map, also you can use any of the other playlist is not that hard, sigh this generation of gamers now days.

    • you maybe dumb, i respect your like. But your comment stop being objective the moment you said you cant avoid playing it. Just go to your hard drive manage and delete it -_- (any console or PC) that way you wont be playing on that map, also you can use any of the other playlist is not that hard, sigh this generation of gamers now days.

      • Rich Herminghaus

        Sigh….I know. It’s easy to avoid it now, but I don’t because everyone I play with just loves the map. I think it is the worst map in any FPS ever. I like that its in a special playlist now making it super easy to avoid.

  • Booker T

    wait… im a season pass holder will i get personization packs 4 free

    • CobraG7

      no, only Nuketown Zombies.

      • Booker T


  • King

    And ps3/pc ?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Coming soon.

      • CobraG7

        probably a month…

  • Ian

    Nuketown 2025 is free only for Xbox 360 or PS3 also?

    • CobraG7

      in a month, PS3

  • AlterWK

    I need the bacon camo!

  • Carter


  • The Winds of Winter

    People with the SeasonPass will have it for free?

  • BiteSize22

    I think that the micro purchases should be free for people who bought that season pass. That’s what we bought for right? So we don’t have to pay ever time we want dlc. If its not free that’s just stupid

    • Ross Neilson

      that’s what i think, mind you they have not said that they haven’t, have they ?

      • Cameron Graham

        It’s confirmed.. Not included in Season Pass..

    • YUP!

      Silly Rabbit, we don’t buy season passes. You should wait to see if the Maps are even worth downloading. MW3 maps were horrible, and the DLC ended up being around $45 for all 3 due to low review and sales

  • WowActivision

    All they want is more money. You have to pay every time you want a new Personilization Pack. Why cant they just add these camos to all guns for a dollar? Nooo they want money. And what the hell? What is the point of people buying the hardened and care package edition if all the bonus content that came with them is just avaiblale to download 4 months later? What the hell Activision/Treyarch? This is ridiculous, another scam to get more cash. I am never buying another COD ever again.

    • IBetYouAre

      I bet this year, you won’t wait to get your hands on CoD MW4, CoD is just one of those series that even if you get pissed of, you always come back for more

  • Snoope5150

    Do they come with season pass?

    • CobraG7

      no, only Nuketown Zombies..

  • Nico


  • Boomboom

    If you have the season pass is all this stuff free?

    • CobraG7

      no, only Nuketown Zombies.

  • OhGod

    You have to pay for camos? Shows how desperate they are for money

  • xxionjaxx

    are micro items in play 3 too?

    • CobraG7

      we get it in a month like all DLC.

  • Luis Rivas D

    Well, as always I don’t like this kind of stuff (The nuketown for free) But maaaan! Bacon camo for god sake! B-A-C-O-N.

  • Some name

    Will the packs be on the ps3? It just says u can pay with msp

    • CobraG7

      no, for now.. we get it in a month like all DLC.

  • BACON CAMO! *Throws money*

  • Cooter

    >still playing Black Ops 2

  • Ray’

    Is this stuff free if you purchased the season pass? Sorry if already answered

    • CobraG7

      no, you only get Nuketown Zombies free…

  • Ray’

    Small mistake, “Wednesday (March 12th).” should be 13th right?

  • TheUnseen0

    Is this only for XBOX? Damn, I got PS3 and go screwed just by reading this!

    • CobraG7

      for now.. we get it in a month like all DLC

  • Sergiio

    Only Xbox?

    • CobraG7

      for now.. we get it in a month like all DLC.


    hey treyarch… why dont you make a hardcore mode playlist so i can play the game modes i enjoy in the mode i enjoy.. k thanks…

  • Thorvoldsson

    All you cry babys suck it i preordered and everything all they did is make it longer for the broke d!cks

  • pene

    stupid people aroud here…I bought too nuketown and i dont mind that now anothers persons have nuketown im happy 4 they….so dont be a fucking down posting this shits

    • Rob Schneider

      what the hell did you just say o.O

      • lol

        He saud that he’s happy for the people, man, TRY TO KEEP UP!!!

  • kamil :D

    will the season pass give us all of the things above ?

    • CobraG7

      nope, it will give you none of the above except Nuketown Zombies ๐Ÿ™

  • Davidk120

    I love this black ops 2 its my favorite game and I’m going to buy it right away because it’s awesome that they spend time on smaller things than just working on the big ones good treyarch!

    • JustSaying

      At least they aren’t like Infinity Ward, “fixing” more than needed and fucking things up!

  • 3xpl0siveChicken

    I kinda feel like these may be fake. They camos look a bit too real and better than what they usually put out. Plus, the reticles look a little fake also.

    • Anononmus

      All the images were taken from COD: Elite. But I do agree with you, it’d be interesting to see what these actually look like on guns

  • noah

    Stupid and people will buy this garbage ! bacon camo really that must be a poke at the islamic people and some of the reticules they should fix the lag and the hit detection quit trying to milk this subpar game

  • LAGops2

    Please 3arc nerf the B23R, i get killed by that OP gun all the time. It can win a gun fight easily!!! WTF!!!

    • CobraG7

      pick 10 system requires pistols to be powerful.

  • J_Burton_25

    I think that this is the best option for making BO2 better for the average player part of the community as a start to be a pro player.

  • will Ps3 be able to buy the nuke town 2025 zombie latter on ?

    • CobraG7

      yes in a month

  • KD Stryker

    The only person that should be pissed about them giving away Nuketown 2025 is the guy who payed me $26 for the dlc code 4 months ago on eBay.

    • CobraG7


  • I hope this comes to the Wii U version

  • Superbob

    Having more custom classes doesn’t give an advantage? Do you know how many times I wish I had a class but wasn’t able to have everything?

  • Yandre

    Hello tryarce or what ever can u plz low the range on shotguns it’s fucking annoying from 3 miles away I get killed its like a sniper god

  • OverInformedGuy

    People that argue in the comment section of anything on the internet make me laugh.


    • hahahhahahahaha

      go suck your nan

      • CalmDown

        wowo, easy there bid fella


    • CobraG7

      the marketplace or in game store

  • Alexnuno9800

    Why not on ps3

    • CobraG7

      it will in a month

  • BenDover69

    Every black ops 2 came with the nuketown code if I remember correctly

    • CobraG7

      nope. just first print copies

  • YouNow333

    When does it comes out for ps3 ?

    • CobraG7

      in a month

  • Jason

    So what time are these becoming available for download? It’s 6:40AM right now and I gotta go to work in a couple hours, I want to start downloading Nuketown Zombies before I leave so I can just play it when I get back.

    • CobraG7

      it’s available now on Xbox 360

  • Ascending Legend

    Why does PS3 and PC have to wait a month for this? i mean we have to wait for the DLC (which i don’t mind) but these are micro transactions why should we wait for these?

    • CobraG7

      it’s still DLC and covered under the contract

  • MrNoFatChixAllowd

    I didnt pre order and I still got nuketowneveryo e who bought black ops 2 ggot nuke town chwck your gamebox there a code on one of the papera inside thw box so all you who paid 5 to preorder yeah your stupie I got mines free and on the release date and didnt preorder

  • the reason for the free nuketown is probably so they can add it to the regular playlist , i preordered mine so im all good but i hope it’s going to be free on ps3 , im tired of us ps3 players always getting [email protected] .

    • CobraG7

      in a month, it will

  • Black ops 2

    Why it’s free noobs are gonna be all over dat

    • CobraG7

      it’s good to slay noobs

  • dardy fella

    how do we download it for free?

    • CobraG7

      Xbox Marketplace or in game store

  • myAnuS

    Lol if you pre ordered Bo 2 to get nuketown and its not even in reg rotation..Bahahaha …dummies

    • CobraG7

      it will now be added to regular rotation. Vonderhaar confirmed this

  • dcast711

    What about ps3? Do they get any of this?

    • CobraG7

      in a month.

  • nasim

    on playstation 3 also?

    • CobraG7

      in a month

  • R3V3NG3

    whats with the pc??? i want nuketown 2025 for free ,too!!!! Why only the xbox??? Or come snuketown later on the pc?

    • CobraG7

      30 days later

  • stepov

    is it included in the season pass

    • CobraG7


  • R3V3NG3

    want nuketown on pc too….

    • okay

      no, buy a console

    • It’s coming to PC soon.

  • SwtAznGrl

    Really Treyarch? Havent you guys
    stolen enough of my money already! You guys need to focus less on making
    money and more on actually getting all your crap to work like ELITE!!!!
    Oh and I want theater mode to ACTUALLY work not to mention will we EVER get something for ranking up our clan??? I’m tired of busting my butt in clan ops for absolutely Nothing!!! Clan rank means nothing if you can’t even show it off!!!

  • I will be voting with my wallet and not buying any of this.

    • CobraG7

      that’s the best way.


    Do you get the Micro packs for free if you have season pack

  • Peter La Anguila

    What the fuck? Why they don’t add this f*ucking camos when we have the game, the same day? Or why I have to pay for this piece of sh*t? They only want the money, the f*cking money. If they want, they can do it the first day, but nooooo, they have to do it latter and you have to pay… Motherf+uckers.

    • It’s apparently considered ‘micro-dlc’ and all ‘DLC’ comes to Xbox first – as the contract they are bounded to follow states.

  • imofflinenow

    when can i download it, i went to the xbox marketplace and i cant download and purchase the map

  • imofflinenow

    i meant nuketown zombies

  • some1example1

    160 ms points is $2. look thru your couch and you’ll probably have enough and then some to get the new camo’s.

    skip the late night doritos for one day and get the new reticles, which doesn’t seem worth it as all the useful ones are already free in the game.

  • Kottonmouthgotme

    I’m done with call of duty it’s the same thing every year. So I think i’m going to buy battlefield 4 when it comes out. I used to have a lot of fun on cod but it gets repetitive quickly and there’s thousands of 12 years olds talking shit about how they’re the greatest. So cod is really a scam. Why don’t you just make a base game of cod and add on to it and just make map packs. Have a good co-op campaign, many zombie maps. But Activision are greedy and well rape your wallet. Or make a another great simple COD like cod 4 it was good because it was simpler that the new games.

  • LagMeAllDay

    how about fixing the Lag problems with-in this game. Fuck the map packs, fuck the camo, fuck the new guns all of this shit means nothing if we can’t play a fair game. We had payed a lot of money and we expect for you guys to fix it.

  • BigMan

    haha 95% cod players are bitches this is sad. read all the shit you guys argue about! LOL

  • Dualnuts

    Where is ROC’S(Taiwan) flag?

  • vosok80

    Nuketown 2025 in ps3 free?

    • Yes, coming soon, though.

  • angelbolanose

    This is totally and completely bullshit, how it is that a stupid game now it cost almost 160 dlls, are you kidding me?

    • All the “Packs” are optional.

  • SniprGaming

    Why should Season Pass holders pay for this?

  • Sam Shelton

    will it be free for ps3??

  • SaantiiID

    will it be released for pc?

  • Black ops 2 complainer

    Does ps3 also get nuke town2025 free if not that’s bullshit

  • Fudge jub

    What about ps3

  • shaine

    I am unable to download ut on ps3 even though its out and I got the update, it tells me to go to the store but then it says that there are no items in the store at this time?

  • DeeZNuTz

    can anyone please help me i bought the grafiti,north america packs and the extra custom classes off the psn because on the in-game store they wouldnt show up now my problem is that when i download and install i go to the game and nothing will happen