We have confirmed with one of our contacts at Activision that “UnexpectedReveal.com” is in fact FAKE.

Many, MANY people believed the site was real because the domain was supposedly registered by “Infinity Ward”. Sorry to tell you but it’s possible to make up any business name when registering a site. Not to mention the site was registered under a gmail account, last time we checked our PR emails, it didnt come from a Gmail account.

As we tweeted yesterday, domains are registered by brand protection company ‘MarkMonitor’, which caters to over half the Fortune 100, including Activision..

  • Majestic

    I bet when the countdown is gonna reach its conclusion it’s gonna be a rick and roll or TROLOLOLOL

    • Teh mastur trole 2012

      I like your usage of le epic memes XDDDD you should be a comedian :PP XDDDDDD I dub you as “teh mastur trole rick role 420 light up the fire 2013”.

      • le 9gag master trol

        le brave warrior is u

        • Le 9gag meme mastur

          Onli 2000’s kids wil understan this XDDDDD le 9gog is the best news site evarrrXDDD hate are go0ing to haters TROLELOLELOLELOLE

      • Majestic

        Forgive my stupidity, but what did you say? Barely understood a thing lol

  • Trey

    I wonder what meme, they’ll use at the end of the countdown. Troll Face Rick roll or something else.

  • brittlepowerz

    It was just revealed and it is “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 – The Movie” it is probably some fan made movie. The date says 11/12/13. I was kinda hoping for it to be an actual MW4 reveal even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen.