This past weekend was a big weekend in gaming for Call of Duty eSports. Major tournaments around the world took place including the ESL, MLG Winter Championship, an Australia tournament, and an Africa tournament. The top 8 teams from ESL and MLG, two teams from Australia, and 1 team from Africa have earned a spot to play in the Call of Duty Championship.

News from ESL:

The 8 teams from Europe to qualify for the Call of Duty Championship have been decided at the ESL Championship tournament, in Cologne, Germany. The top 16 European went head to head to settle which 8 would be heading out to L.A.

Top 8 teams from ESL:

  • Fariko
  • Allstars
  • GAMEeNigma
  • Pain Gaming
  • Millenium.COD
  • Epsilon,IRL
  • KILLERFISH eSport e.V
  • Fariko.Dargons

These teams have qualified to go to the Call of Duty Championship in L.A at the beginning of April.

MLG Winter Championship:

After a great weekend of gaming for Black Ops 2 pro players, the top 8 teams of MLG Winter Championship have been selected. It was an amazing event by the MLG team, and all the casters there, including Hastr0 and Fwiz.

Top 8 Teams from MLG Winter Championship:

  • vVv Gaming
  • UNITE.NA Gaming
  • OpTic Gaming
  • Fariko Impact
  • Donut Shop
  • SoaR
  • Team EnVyUs
  • FeaR

And, two teams from Australia have been selected:

  • Team Immunity
  • Mindfreak

And from Africa:

Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox, takes place April 5-7 in Hollywood, CA. 32 teams of 4 players are competing for a chance at the $1M tournament. The entire event will be live streamed through Call of Duty ELITE.

SOURCE: CODeSports Hub

  • marcellus

    optic’s gonna have there hands full with this line up

  • marcellus

    good luck to all the teams

  • Ascending Legend

    Charlie Intel should make a MLG team. C’mon Victor you know you want to….

    • Thats a great idea!! 😀

      • Ascending Legend

        You, Keshav and Peter can be the leaders and you can pick people from the clans to join in. 🙂

  • CoD4

    i hope Team Fear wins because i love Moho (no homo moho).

  • Let’sDoThisShit

    sad, iFoRePLayy’s team didn’t go through (IcoNs [Black]) but I am pumped to see Envy and Optic, especiall Rambo facing off against Nadeshot again

  • incubusman421

    Does anybody know how this game performs on LAN?

    • Ascending Legend

      There’s basically no lag, other than that no difference to the regular multiplier.

      • DanDustEmOff

        This game lags like hell on a lan net code sucks on this game

      • John

        Dead wrong. This game has some sort of inherently broken net code / camera glitch that ruins the game even in local play.

        This video says it all.

    • DanDustEmOff


  • Ltrick

    It was a South African tournament. No other country in Africa (continent) took part. XtaZ is a South African clan. Just sayin’

    • Michael

      Sounds a bit better saying from South Africa than Africa, let’s hope this gets updated soon.