Editors note: We don’t normally post rumors when people don’t reveal their source and we’re just supposed to take their word for it. The only reason we’re posting this is because major sites are posting it for some reason (page views), and all of you are sending us tips.. So here’s today’s latest rumor (which we’re not believing until there’s proof)…

According to a YouTuber named Drift0r (with 288,655 subscribers), his “trusted source” told him that the next Call of Duty will be called Call of Duty Ghosts and be revealed May 1st.

Take this with a grain of salt, as nothing about the next Call of Duty game has been officially announced by Activision yet.

The rumor states that the game will be “branching” off the Modern Warfare series, but leading off into its own series. The game was reportedly called “Phantom” but was changed to Ghosts. The single player is reportedly set to take place in the future, but use current generation technology.

In Multiplayer, there will reportedly be dynamic map loading screens. As an example it could be you coming down from a helicopter or jumping through a window to start the game. There is a new prone and crouch mechanic and there will be a “looking around door” feature.

And, according to the rumor this game will be putting a little more focus on destructible environments. But, it appears these environments will be in Single Player and less subtle in MP.

Spec Ops – this is supposedly not returning and being replaced with a new mode.

The report also states that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be launching on next-generation consoles (New Xbox, PS4, and PC) only.

The video states we can expect the reveal on May 1st.

SOURCE: Drift0r Via VG247

  • Mike

    Ain’t a future setting more of a treyarch thing? I wouldn’t really want a repeat of of black ops 2 that game does get boring quick, happy about all the new changes made hoepfully won’t just be another copy with different guns and maps and really happy on next gen, if true looking at a good and new era of call of duty

    • Jpj51301

      Future more of a Treyarch thing? Treyarch has made one future game. Infinityward has made two, and at the time CoD 4 came out it was also future.

      • Mike

        Yeah I know but modern warfare series is only a few years in the future what I mean was like 10-15 years in future with all that cyber drone technology that’s more a treyarch thing

      • Batman

        MW3 is set in 2020

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    They’re gonna have to pull off some gimmick better than lens flare this year.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I’m pretty sure someone is gonna say this in the future but i’m just going to go ahead and break the ice. Ehem…….. GIVE THIS GAME SOME PROPER NETCODE!!!!! Cod make billions of dollars every year. Make the game play like so. It shouldn’t be that hard. On top of that, give the game a new engine. The dated software that they use is one of the key reasons lag comp is bad in the first place. This is why games like bf3 and halo play better, cause both of the said games run on modern software. I have had it with watching videos online showing that there is significant lag even in offline split-screen matches.Who knows maybe “Call of duty ghosts” will turn out to be great but looking at infinity ward and how mw2 and mw3 turned out, i’ll take it with a grain of salt. There were several good things about mw2, but all of it was overshadowed by the games near endless balance issues, and mw3 was mostly a copy-paste of mw2. Most likely, i’m sticking with black ops 2.

    • thebulky1cometh

      Some would argue that 60 fps actually “plays better” than Halo/BF

      • DanDustEmOff

        Im one of those ppl

    • Cheese_X7

      the next cod is being made by sledgehammer not IW there next one is going to be in 2014.

  • DanDustEmOff

    Sorry no servers no purchase, if it aint a next gen title no purchase hell there are too many reasons for me to not to buy another beta, I don’t mean to hate im one of the people that thinks mw3 was a good game after a few months but black ops 2 has left a bitter taste in my mouth even that would be a good game if they fixed the lag, which they won’t

    • Matt

      the lag isnt their fault -.- its your internet connection not connecting to the host of the match, they arent gonna come to your house and fix your internet are they? so stop bitching

      • Lee

        Actually, it’s been proven to lag, even in offline games. Screaming “it’s your internet! durr!” isn’t going to do a god damn thing.

        • Jjf

          I get more lag in mw2, mw3, and waw than bo2

      • DanDustEmOff

        Listen the game has lag built into it even in an offline split screen there is significant lag. You have no idea what my Internet is like so why assume that is the problem mw1, 2 and 3 play fine waw blops 1 and 2 always lag like hell on my set up. Fyi 100mb down 10mb up top of the line Asus router dmz and ports forwarded, xbox right next to the router on a 0.5 m ethernet cable that I change every year and I play on a dell um23h monitor so I have no input lag, tell me again that its my connection

    • Your a douche bag

      That’s alright mate no one will miss you lol like activision cares if you don’t buy they’re next game

      • DanDustEmOff

        Probably not but they should im not alone if they dont make big improvements then their game will go the same way that guitar hero and tony hawks went

  • lMattW

    I would say this is ok to post because Drift0r does not trifle with anything half-assed. He is very thorough with everything on his channel. I have my doubts about this rumor and the saving grace is that Drift0r is the one talking.

  • incubusman421

    I doubt that they will call it “Call of Duty: Ghosts'” but the story sounds legit.

  • aefven

    Rather than trying to figure out how to get the same voice actor to play the same kinda role despite the fact they keep killing off the characters they decided just to make him all the characters.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Sooo let me get this straight: next gen software/hardware, and they can’t figure out destructible environments? WOW. And Battlefield has them NOW on current gen consoles? Are you kidding me? Gee, between this news and BLOPS2’s awful lag, I think I’m going to make the switch to BF4!

    • I’ll be playing both, next CoD and BF4 – as both FPSs are very different.

    • Rad

      Clearly you didn’t read the article, it said that destructible enviroments is in singplayer, but it is not working as well for multiplayer.

      • thebulky1cometh

        I did indeed read the entire article. Bf has destructible environments in MP, right? They also have planes, tanks, and dirt bikes. These jokers at IW (presumably) can’t pull off these environments? Not to mention my lack of faith in COD ppl developing a logical spawn system/consistent hit detection/solution to lag…why wouldn’t I consider switching to BF? I’m on ps3 BTW.

        • Rade

          No, the problem is not implementing destructible enviroments, the problem is, lets say we have a map like nuketown, and someone calls in an air sterile, what happens then?
          And your comparison to battlefield crashed as it has been used many times before. Call of duty multiplayer is always about the gunning and running, man to man, close quarters arcade combat, and the fact that it all call of duty games run at 60 fps is a testament to that.
          Battlefield is a games that requires tactics, due to it open endness and vehicle combat, it is much slower than call of duty, with the battlefield running at 30 fps.
          Both games take different approaches, both games have a different target audience.
          What I dislike more than anything else’s in this world is gaming elitists and self pretentious game developers attacking call of duty for trying what it is attempting to do, as if its the bane of existence. So what if call of duty has small maps? So what if doesn’t have vehicles? The only valid criticism is in regards to its execution, that failures of its attempts, but since when did fast pace action become such a bad thing?

          • Markdg23

            Maybe take a step outside breath in some fresh air, then think why am I defending a game that continues to dump on me every November. You, me, we , US for F$&@ sakes have asked for one thing dedicated servers and have we got them, NO! The answer to most problems with CoD right now and for a while (lag, lagComp, Hit detection, camera problems with head glitching and or not seeing people on screen) wait for it……. ready it’s very simple here we have it DEDICATED SERVERS BAM! Therefore, if activision can’t crack their screwge mentality then the hell with their series EA and Jice love giving their community what they want CQC/Vehicle Battles/ Huge maps or Small maps/ NEW WEAPONS (multiple weapon’s not just one fake ass POS).

          • Rade

            We are not talking about dedicated servers or lag compensation, we are talking about destructible enviroments and the style play that call of duty takes.
            Get your head out of your ass.

          • thebulky1cometh

            I think Stomping Power’s point is relevant, and it’s related to what I said originally- COD fans are growing sick of severely-flawed games. In my opinion BLOPS2 is pretty awesome except for when it’s lagging or hit detection becomes woefully inconsistent. I absolutely love that there’s not 1 gun that is the “go-to” fun (think FAMAS in original blops), I like how it’s tougher to get UAVs/ghost only works when you’re moving…they did a lot of stuff right but there’s still no excuse for the most basic element of an online game (connectivity) being so severely flawed I put that squarely on the shoulders of the development team and it makes me wonder if the next-gen cod will be any different. Hate to say it, but Cod needs another ass-kicking FPS to compete with and force them to put out a more refined product. OK, stepping off my soap box now.

          • DanDustEmOff

            100 percent agree well said I stopped playing the game for that exact reason but the go to gun is the fal select or r870 depending on the map

          • thebulky1cometh

            Yes, but at least they have taken steps to reduce the effectiveness of the FAL and R870. Treyarch certainly isn’t lazy – I just wonder if perhaps they really can’t improve lag/hit detection due to software/hardware restrictions? Honestly, I don’t know enough about programming/development to know for sure.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Its an easy fix for a multi billion dollar franchise its well within their limits to patch the net code

          • thebulky1cometh

            OK, so you’re knowledgeablein this stuff? If so, what would a fixed net code do, exactly? I know I’ve read that it’s impossible to remove all lag, but I also complain all the time about random stuff that happens while playing this game (quick freezes, awful matchmaking, system freezes, bad hit markers, inconsistent damage output, spawns,etc.).
            Would “fixed net code” help a lot of this stuff?

          • DanDustEmOff

            There is a problem with the cameras in the game where while playing in split screen or on a lan which should have no lag is actually allowing on player usually the host to see the other player before they can see them. That is the first thing they need to fix. The netcode is basically lag comp and matchmaking which also need fixing although they can never eliminate lag a combination of good matchmaking and lag comp will massively reduce those wtf moments like when you empty a whole clip in to someone or you get shot around corners bad hit detection etc but not the spawns and system freezes

        • No, just no

          Call of duty can’t exactly copy battlefield other wise will be the activision version of battlefeild

        • hfd

          it lags coz so many ppl play it

          • DanDustEmOff

            The more people that play the better because it increases the matchmaking pool so you’re more likely to connect to a local host

  • BFplayer

    Battlefield showed its growth, but CoD needs to shows a better view in the next gen.

    • Growth, how? For ATVI, CoD is showing growth: making $1B in almost 15 days.

      • Ascending Legend

        As well as being the #1 game played on Xbox live

        • LegitCryptic

          And with black ops 2 being the largest entertainment launch in history yeah thats not growth all right

  • Is the history of ghost (mw2)

    • It appears to be unrelated to Ghost from MW2, as the name is Ghosts.

  • Cell

    I’m wondering if so many players would play using ghost… hahaha

  • Drift0r is probably the most trustworthy and reliable person in the YouTube community, in my opinion. He’s always on-point with his claims, backs them up with hard evidence, and provides meaningful analysis. I just hope his trusted source is as great. By association with Drift0r, I’m assuming he’s as great. I do like the idea, though… future era forcing us to use older guns? What could possibly cause that?!

    • JakeTheDog

      Good lord nukes maybe O.o That would be awesome!

    • Jimbob

      You being a fucking idiot, that’s what caused it.

  • Jamie McDonald

    look around corners….Wowwwwwww…… This is just some extra money until the new hardware releases


    I dont give a shit about CoD unless its treyarch! They put more effort into it than anyone else! IW is copy and paste pathetic!

    • I, respectfully, disagree with you.

    • DanDustEmOff

      At least an iw game is playable online treyarch games are laggy as hell

      • XxGamingLT

        MW3 Multiplayer was Shit .. Deathstreaks …. i’d perfer a little lag then some “unfair” deathstreaks

        • DanDustEmOff

          Nah the lag in this game is a deal breaker im not saying that I wouldn’t have prefered mw3 without them in the game but I kind of got used to them in mw2 so I would rather have an unbalanced game than a broken one

    • Dnsjdnsnsnnsjdjdjdn

      The reason there isn’t much change since mw2 is the hardware. Our consoles can’t handle gun dlc or bigger games. Treyarch have confirmed that no more gun dlc will come to bo2 because of ps3’s crappy ram, and xbox’s isn’t much better!

  • LukasPanda

    Call of Duty Phantom is better than Ghosts 😀

  • Kwhizblitz

    I think that driftor has been leaked some half-assed info,I mean yea next-gen consoles are coming out but iw will lose sum serious cash if the next cod doesn’t come out on current gen and next gen.are maybe I’m just seeing it that way

  • CodSucksDick

    this SUCKS

  • Ascending Legend

    I remember when the supposedly leaked Black ops 2 info told us that they were changing the knife system. and they were wrong, so im going to call fake on this because you cant believe anything this early

    • They actually were right. The knifing system changed in BO2. You can use a knife without needing a gun in that class – that was the change everyone was talking about.

      • Ascending Legend

        No, i mean when they were saying its going to take 2 knifes to kill someone or there are war hammers that are good for killing AGR’s etc

  • cmon? call of duty: ghosts? that does not sound legit, but im already having a hard time hitting all the people with all the lag and hit detection problems so they might as well be ghosts

  • smayo

    sounds like complete shit to me, treyarch did a good job already to F* up black ops 2, if this rumour is true IW/SH/raven is doing it to the MW (or whatever its name) series with this one…

    • Jake

      dafuqs wrong with bo2? It’s a fun as game! Lag aside it’s the most fun I’ve had since COD:4!

      • smayo

        lag aside ?? its the main reason this game is unplayable for many people, but its more then just the lag for me, the small maps which lead automaticly to bad spawns, the million head glitch spots in it, lag compansation for the host which result in tons of host migrations in a single match, BS attachments etc etc everybody knows the issues by now. MW3 wasn’t perfect either but at least they tried to fix it, treyarch is just concerned about there MLG/tournaments/ league play now and it shows in the support for the game, almost all major fixes are for the league playlists and public lists are left to hang

        BO2 is by far the most frustrating and boring COD game to date for me, i cant play 3 matches of this game without being worked up about the constant BS happening in this game, glad i could still sell it for a decent price last month, for the next COD i first read the player experiences before buying it to avoid another waste of money in november.

        • Jake

          Perhaps for you. I’ve had an absolutely different and better experience. Also what’s wrong with the attachments? In terms of gameplay and flow BO2 is so much fun! Remember leading up to the game’s release? How excited everyone was? How everyone thought it was going to be the best COD based PURELY on gameplay? During livestreams? During the trailers? I bet even you thought it would be amazing which it is! Well, at least for me. :P.

          • smayo

            you are right i was pretty convident this was going to be the best COD to date, all sounded right this time, but every single problem we complaint about in mw3 ( exept deathstreaks ) are in this game while nothing is done about it this time in terms of fixes, if you have a good time with it i am happy for you, for me it’s 80 euro wasted on a broken game, i surely hope the new COD will be good again because i like the cod style gameplay, but if the major issues with COD are not adressed i will not spend my money and time on it anymore and i am not alone in this, people becoming tired of cod because of these problems, while the gameplay is still appealing to many including myself, but COD is becoming the next guitar hero and tony hawk series, destroyed by itself…..

          • Jake

            Fair enough. But I reckon BLOPS 2 did better in terms of balancing. I get far more frustrated in MW3. Assassin Pro OP as fuck. ACR zero recoil. MP7 zero recoil. FMG9 akimbo. Sometimes I just wanted to just snap the disk it was just that annoying!
            But you have to admit not including lag, it BO2 was defiantly the most balanced CoD. But I am sorry you’re having such a bad time 🙁

          • smayo

            balancing wise i have little complaints in this game, exept for the target finder which is treyarch version of the heartbeat sensor, and the frustrating over usage of BB’s and shock charges, gun wise exept maybe the FAL select fire (which i did not have a problem with) and the secondary pistols its pretty good i guess, if the issues i spoke about where not in this game or at least adressed and the maps where more like the ones in BO1 this would be the best COD to date, treyarch had gold in there hands but sadly they messed it up big time in my opinion, BO1 still remains my favorite cod.

          • Jake

            Makes sense, Just imagine what this game would be with dedicated servers and no lag comp 😀

  • somebody here

    LOVE the idea I just don’t think they will do it

    • somebody here

      guys give IW some slack they where fired right after MW2 was released and its not like they did THAT bad on MW3

  • I call fake becuse the Wii U is a next gen system and he did not say anything about Wii U

  • spencedawg33

    Sucks they’ll only be on new consoles D:

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    LOL only coming out on next gen consoles? You know how much money they would lose! This is Activision we are talking about. They care about nothing but money

  • Jose

    Too bad the games get boring quickly

  • Iris

    People complain about cod constantly.

  • Connf

    Don’t think they can just count out the 360 and the ps3 from the launch titles highly unlikely

  • That Dynamic Loading Screen thing isn’t a loading screen, it’s the pre-match timer. That doesn’t really load the map, it loads the players giving them a chance to all connect before the match starts.

  • hi

    everything good except for next gen only thing