According to Call of Duty Wiki, MrDalekJD (206k subscribers), and a forum post on CallofDuty HQ, received an update earlier today which revealed the name of DLC Map Pack 2 along with some other details uncovered through a new Xbox Live theme coming out with the DLC.

The new DLC is going to be called “Uprising,” and according to a theme description, two of the MP map names are: Studio and Vertigo. The Zombies map is going to be called “Mob of the Dead.”

The theme description in the official site source code says:

“Download the epic Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising Theme, featuring Studio, Vertigo and the Mob of the Dead, Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date.”

Here’s another image (via @moriarty1975 ) of the source code revealing a to be posted image of Uprising:



An official announcement from Activision is expected very soon.

SOURCE: MrDalekJD Via Call of Duty WikiCallofDuty HQ via @VItorLorega, and @ImJustChucky 

  • Guest

    nice find – the cod and theme would suggest there are only two maps plus a zombies map! mmm.

    • psy

      no they only showed 2 mp maps and 1 zombe map. there still haven’t shown the other 2 mo maps fuktard


    nice find – the code and theme would suggest there are only two maps plus a zombies map! mmm.

    • The Flash

      or theme may only be based off those maps

    • Kenny Franzese

      thats just for the theme, so that means thats like stuff 4 ur avatar or something


    i seen that twitter from vahn yesterday and posted it on my site.

  • ll3

    I think they were only mentioning the maps that would be the biggest interest. like unique maps

  • moriarty_1975

    Is their a link to the site that the map names were found so we can check it? Its the fact that MW3 had a map named Vertigo that makes me a little suspect.

  • LukasPanda

    Studio like the ‘TV Studio’ map in CoD 4 ? 😀

    • Alex Davis

      One of my favorite maps of all time.

    • Adam Nord

      I was kind of hoping like maybe the Treyarch studio. I remember back in MW3, robert bowling had stated that the dev team made a multiplayer map of their office just for fun.

  • Vitor De França Lorega

    t’s me who discovered the map pack 2, here the original post with that dicover:
    This guy just stolem me

    • Batman

      Wow another Brazilian here

  • Blazer

    Only 3 maps or are they all zombie maps if so they should add a gun to multiplayer which has some relevance to zombies like a pack-a-punched gun look to it.

    • No, the three maps are mentioned because this is the Premium Theme! Why would they include a multiplayer weapon and all multiplayer maps on a Premium Theme pack! The real DLC has all maps. In the theme they mentioned Mob of the Dead, like they mentioned Moon in Black Ops 1 theme!

  • Liam

    “Mob of the dead” Does that remind you of any older map? I dont know maybe it will be just like how Die Rise was not related to Der Riese but maybe we will be seeing a sequel to Call of the Dead. Also a studio map in hollywood would be cool they could have iconic film sets that you fight in (wild west town, space ship, WW2 ETC.)

  • Guest

    Is Mob of the Dead going to be like Call of the Dead?

    • Morgan Freeman

      >Implying similar name means similar map

      But seriously, it is a bit odd how the second BO1 and BO2 DLCs both have “…of the Dead” in the title. Assuming this news is true, of course.

      • Just sayin

        Well Kino der Toten is German and World actually mean Cinema of the dead in englisch…

        • Just sayin


  • Chris Ilott

    I hope there’s still 4 mp maps and a weapon. Not just 1 z map a crappy theme which is pointless and 2 mp maps

  • beastmode

    if u take all the letters from all the original blackops mappacks spells fear
    and so far in Bo2 all the letters have spelled RU and i think eventually it will spell fear Russ because he was eating zombie meat and helps richtofen

    • alex

      Russ is the one helping richtofen it is samual or stu I get them mixed up.. russ got ate on the intro to die rise

      • Ramatic

        Russ is the black one Samuel/Stulinger helps Richtofen.

  • Dancertanczy

    “Uprising’ brings me Warsaw Uprising…

  • iiRickk

    They won’t only bring out 2 maps 1 zombie map and a theme. The theme will probably be apart from it

  • Chris

    So, if this rumor is true then: DLC 1 – Die Rise is like Ascension from DLC 1 BO1 (and they’re both extremely easy). DLC 2 – “Mob of the Dead” is like “Call of the Dead” from DLC 2 BO1? Maybe George A. Romero will be coming back?

    • Kenny Franzese

      thats completely random and unrelated

  • Perro

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  • tamare oeee

    like si pasas de pagar por lo mapas , menos pack de mapas que arreglen los problemas de host y lag

  • Sandy Ravage

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  • codoms

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  • codoms

    cant w8 fo mob of da ded

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  • codoms

    will they release a new weapon with da DLC?

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  • Cameron

    Next dlc is second strike

  • The Flash

    interesting yesterday i saw uprising myself in the code, but its gone now

  • Ivykoko

    I think Studio and Vertigo are going to be the maps that appear in the theme, including mob of the dead. I think other maps will be released but wont appear in the theme.

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