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Activision has shown off their brand new, next-generation engine at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today. Activison team showed what they expect visuals to look like in their future games using this new engine.

The gallery above shows off these new visuals, and the video below gives you a demonstration of the new engine.

Activision is expected to use this engine in their new Call of Duty game expected to launch later this year.

UPDATE: We’ve added the 20 minute (off screen) video presentation from GDC! Thanks Adam

SOURCE: GameSpot and ActivisionRnD via @KillerDaLegend

  • Jacob Jones

    Nice job activision this looked so real! Thanks charlie intel for sharing!

  • Moist Towellete

    That’s pretty cool, kinda looking forward to seeing a call of duty title with this engine.

  • Nex

    I’m scared


    All I have to say is ITS ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME!!!!! Now bring on the dedicated servers.

    • yeah pretty graphics be damned i want bots and dedicated servers. oh and a good SP would be nice 😀

    • Cell

      Sure!!! No more host migration !

    • And get rid of the modded control
      rs,its the same as hacking!!Ruined the game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThisIsaFillerName

    Still the mouth movement didn’t seem right, still looks awesome!

  • lMattW

    Hmm, so ATVI is developing the engine and their studios will use it to create the games. This is a new development, is it not?

  • fs

    Looks like shit

    • fs is gay

      what you mean is you loook like shit compared to the animation, sad.

  • incubusman421

    That’s one ugly old dude!

  • incubusman421

    So do we get next gen lag too?

    • lollllll

      And noobtubes 😀

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    This is scary realistic

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Also what you’re saying is that MW4/COD: Ghosts will have this engine?

    • Mitch

      It’s going next gen (and maybe current gen) for sure.

  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    Isn’t this the exact same head model, animation, voice and script that NVIDIA used for their Titan meeting?


  • MrLadyfingers

    but will it fix the lag?

  • Cmon CharlieIntel….

    This is fake… It’s Nvidia’s cg, not Activision’s


    • iKazed

      Nvidia isn’t the only graphics creator, just saying. And do you know how to create a working Youtube link? You don’t include http://.

      • lol

        I didn’t put http ¬¬ The website automatically did it gee

  • JoseB88

    They’ll probably use these graphics on trailers and when it comes to their games, they’ll use the current ones trolololol

  • MightyThorazine

    I will eat my stained underwear if the next Call of Duty has character models IN GAME like this. I would rather they put this technology into Japanese porn games.

  • sachou50

    I used to love Call of Duty. I recently played a match in Black Ops 2, several matches. I was amazed how everybody in the enemy team was camping and just using such noobish guns. They all had a ratio of 4.00+, I think that Treyarch should do a patch to improve the god damn guns in this game, I am starting to be tired and bored of this shit. Overpowered, too much recoil, useless, low damage, I’m as well tired of all the hit markers I’m doing. Fucking improve the game, not just try and improve the game by adding extensions to it, but improve the gameplay, I’m really hoping that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 or so will be using the new engine because the old Quake engine is getting quiet boring and people are just too good to play legit. Try and balance the game with the different kind of gun type, for example: The Chicom CQB should do more damage because of it’s 3 round burst, but NO! it isn’t! So yeah, really fucking hoping they improve both the realism and the gameplay as well as the varied guns.

  • Erick Haro

    That look anazing and fantastic now how are the deaths going to look during multiplayer and story mode/missions/campaign and how is the blood going to look like?