Customize your Call of Duty experience and show it off with one of nine Personalization Packs. Each themed set includes a weapon camo, three sight reticles, and a Calling Card!

  • Shardlotte

    “Hey guys, let’s make a trailer for micro-DLC that’s already out, instead of a trailer for new map pack DLC that’s actually exciting!”

    • The Flash

      its meant for the upcoming release of the PS3 version

      • they didn’t mention ps3 nor pc in the trailer, only xbox 360 is mentioned

        • iAmSoAngry

          still they always upload those trailers b4 the dlc come to the ps3/pc not for the xbox..

    • “Hey guys since when does ATVI announce a new DLC on a Friday evening?”

  • Fake

    Good song…. Not the trailer I was wanting though 🙁

  • If only the game was as good as the trailer^*

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      My thought everytime I see a COD trailer

  • Fuck u David Vahn

    This is the trailer that was due today for bo2 fuuuuuuck u David fuck u fuk u

  • ccrows

    This trailer should have come out when the packs originally dropped a couple of weeks back. It’s sad that most got their information from a 3rd party YT channel.

    2nd, throw us a freakin bone about DLC2. Give us some names and a leak already – and get that 2nd DLC out in early to mid April.

    Don’t get me wrong I like BO2, but I don’t want to be downloading DLC4 in October!…

    • FYI: If we take a look at Black Ops 1 DLC release: 1st DLC for BO1: Feb 1st release. 2nd DLC for BO1: May 3rd release. 3rd DLC for BO1: June 28th release. 4th DLC for BO1: Aug 23rd release. || So, it won’t be October if they follow the same pattern.

  • wrong trailer….was expecting the DLC one -.-

  • Whoisdiss


  • Rusty

    Cool Song for the action they showed… But sorta cOLD mOLD on a sLATE pLATE Treyarch…

  • 1

    stop commenting shite you retarted little children

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    The last part where it showed the different camos while he was reloading was done so smoothly it’s ridiculous

  • Elli3

    What a scam… And people go for it… :sweat:

  • Whats the name of that song?