The 2013 Major League Gaming Winter Championship in Dallas featured one of the most competitive Call of Duty tournaments ever held. Check out some of the highlights from this thrilling weekend of action.

Watch the Call of Duty® Championship on April 5-7 live from Hollywood, California. For more info, visit:

  • Jesse

    we want the dlc, not shit what we already know!

  • Jimmy Rustler

    lol mlg. The very existence of aim-assist in black ops 2 makes this whole “tournament” seem like a joke; a charade of smack-talking kids if you will. Basically who gets the first jump is the one who gets the kill.

    Play CS:S/Quake Arena and we’ll talk.

  • Fatgirlparty

    These guys make gaming so not fun! I mean I game to have a god time when people take it to serious people overreact over some game they think means something in life..