For those unaware, all the hacks in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have caused a lot of people to go into negative XP which also prevented them from gaining XP in public matches. This new tool that just went live now allows players to ask for a full stat reset. Note: This is for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Xbox 360 only. The new site is now live on the Activision Support site for fans to use.

This tool is for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare players who currently have negative stats. This indicates that your stats have been corrupted. Use this tool to request to have your stats reset so you can play online again. Requests are typically processed within 3 business days.

Please note that once you have chosen to have your stats reset, it cannot be reversed. You will start at Level 1 as though you have never played the game.

You can access the site here:

SOURCE: Activision Support


  • Ascending Legend

    What if I have been hacked up can I still get the reset

    • Guest789

      It says that it will reset everything so I’m assuming yes.

  • Fuzzman2510

    So only for xbox!!! the hell is wrong with people these days???

    • Chris

      First on Xbox Live. PS3 and PC 1 year later

      • Py

        PC can fix it themselves because mods

  • WarGamesAddict

    So have the hacks been patched?

    • Guest789

      Depends on wherever JTAGs are online or not, if not, then there’s not many hacks that can affect public games, XP, speed and team icons still work online but challenge unlock (titles and emblems) lobbies are still a JTAG thing. as is obtaining 11th prestige.

  • Tusillody

    Oh sure, give an option for a reset, instead of FIXING THE HACKS THAT HAVE PLAGUED THE GAME FOR OVER A YEAR NOW. Perfect idea. This will just cause even more negative XP lobbies to go live. Hackers will LOVE to ruin 1-3 days of a cod4 player’s time.

    • Which is better: Doing absolutely nothing due to limitations or attempting to resolve some issues?

      • Guest789

        It’s a good start but they really need to look at another title update as well as a server side update for this game, it needs to be more hack resistant like MW2 is, only some mods slip through on that game.

  • r

    April fool´s day from CharlieIntel

  • iiTZ PaVVn

    so they can do that and cant fix the problems in mw2 with the noobtubes… IM DONE

    • gibbymanx

      This is a really simple fix, which is why there’s nothing complicated about it. The only reason it can be passed is cause it makes sense financially, whereas a full patch wouldn’t.

      • Mitch

        the noobtube fix is nerfing 1 fucking number in the whole coding.

        • sarmale1994

          or just take them out completely

        • gibbymanx

          Late reply, but while it is, it would still require a full title update. This needed nothing console-side, just a website being put up.

          • Guest789

            Why would you want to take the noob tubes out? if anything get rid of OMA but you have to remember, this is an old game, they won’t touch this game unless someone like the Islamists start complaining again that their god is depicted in a bad way on the bathroom walls of Favela

        • Guest789

          You want to nerf the tubes? go play MW3

          • NotLimacampTheYoutuber

            on pc that game is wooooooooooooow pc waw is better 😛

    • Guest789

      noob tubes are not a problem in MW2 – maybe you just can’t handle being spawn tubed in S&D, that’s a player skill problem at the victim side.

      Activision need to make a MW2tool for fixing people who have had the XP hack done to their accounts, and also for those annoying unlock all lobbies, I would rather earn those unlocks so if they release a tool make it so I can revert my account to an earlier state rather than reset as well.

      • Mitch

        Noobtubes not a problem in MW2? Sir, please throw everything out of your window which can connect you to the internet.

        • Guest789

          As I said they’re not a problem, do you have an issue with marathon lightweight commando shotguns or knifers?

          How about riot shield users? … they need to fix the hacks above anything else.

          Don’t want noobtubes? get the fuck out of the spawn zone or play MW3.

          In fact, noobtubers are easy meat as much as quick scopers are. If you cannot compete, then maybe you need to get some skill.

          Or are you complaining about the skill of the noob tubers on YOUR team being easy meat for the enemy?

          Still, they paid $60 for the game and $50 annually for XBL I think they have the same rights to play the game any way they want as long as they’re not breaking the terms of service of XBL or MW2.

          Next you’ll be complaining about RPGs despite them hardly ever being used and scavenger being a bitch,

          some people take gaming way too seriously.

          • dave7

            noobs will always find a way to ruin call of duty and the way it was meant to be played.

  • they should the fix the hack on World at War on PS3 too

  • Moneybagz

    Map Pack #2 Uprising coming April 18th!

    • Gince

      WTF no dlc gun ???????/

      • Moneybagz

        i guess no

        • hotlead187

          its the 16th dipshit

  • OurEmu716

    Please reset my stats on cod, my xboxlive name is OurEmu716

  • philip david fisher

    this is an old discussion i know..but hell, i was playing cod4 the other day and a hacker reset my rank to 1 and am at minus 8million xp,,,cannot play online..there WAS a fix for this on Activision support site but they finished with it a couple of months before this happened to me. So what can be done now? I dont want prestige i want to get there on my own..i just want my rank back. If anyone can gamertag is ZippiestWolf633