UPDATE: 4: BestBuy.com’s Landing page preorder for Uprising


UPDATE 3: Twitter user @tcherry13th (spotted via @Moriarty1975) has tweeted out new promotional images of Uprising DLC.


[nggallery id=462]

UPDATE 2: BestBuy.com has now listed Uprising on their official site with the April 16th release date. Link here. Also, @LiamFTWinter has dug through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Upload Registry and found this DLC banner as well as the description for the map pack:


The official description found by @LiamFTWinter says that Studio is a re-imagined version of Firing Range:


Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Uprising includes four incredibly diverse Multiplayer Maps: Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio: a reimagined adaptation of the fan-favorite Black Ops multiplayer map Firing Range. Uprising also introduces Mob of the Dead, Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date. Top Hollywood talent rounds out a cast of four Prohibition-era gangsters that are forced to fend off hordes of the undead while imprisoned on San Francisco’s notorious Alcatraz Island. While guard towers and new weapons offer tactical advantages, survival offers an unprecedented new challenge for these four lost souls.

UPDATE: @Call0fDutyWiki’s readers have sent them another photo – confirming April 16th as date and further backing the legitimacy of the card.


A new leaked promotional image for Black Ops 2 has just started circulating the web. This image appears to state that the second DLC pack is going to be called “Uprising,” as stated on the Call of Duty site source code. Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Activision yet.

The image states that this new pack has 4 MP maps and a new Zombie map.

MP Maps:

  • Vertigo
  • Studio
  • Encore
  • Magma


  • Mob of the Dead

The image states this pack will be available April 16th.


{Thanks for all the tips guys :)}

SOURCE: @RobsStang and @RiteDamian

  • Chris Ilott

    This is dissapointing if it’s true. I don’t think they can have a gun in one map pack and then nothing special in the others. Also, the second map pack for BO1 came out early May so this seems a bit early, especially seeing as it’s supposedly 2 weeks ago and we haven’t seen or heard anything official from Treyarch.

    • The Flash

      is this is legit and it looks like it is, then we must get a trailer today i mean its 2 weeks away

    • Expected announcement is today. Also, all Black Ops 1 map packs were like this only. 4 maps, 1 zombies map. They haven’t said anything yet, so there could be something else in the pack not listed on the poster – as for Revolution – “Turned” wasn’t listed there.

      • XLKILLA

        That’s it that’s the poster. There will be no weapon DLC in this pack. Treyarchs a joke.

        • Cameron Graham

          How can you say that…? Yes we had a gun in the first map pack, but if we assumed there was going to be another one, that’s down to us. – Sure I wanted another gun as well, but at the same time.. they’ve only done something once. One occurrence, a pattern does not make.

          If this was map pack 4, and all previous map packs had had a DLC weapon, then fine.. fume all you want.. But at the end of the day, the Peacekeaper was an awesome addition to the line up. – Personally, I really want a New Assault rifle. But i don’t want any new shotguns, Snipers, or LMG’s. The game is plagued by people using those already.

          If it were down to me, and I was releasing 2 weapons as DLC, they wouldn’t be in Packs 1 and 2, the weapons would be spread out so they make a larger impact in the way the game is played.

          And besides, the Peacekeeper was a hybrid AR/SMG, what do you want now, just an SMG, or just an AR, or did you want a Hybrid LMG/Sniper for Head-glitching like a pro?

          And in addition, you can’t say.. based on a Leak that “That’s it, there will be no weapon DLC” There were press images without the Peacekeeper, and there were images without Turned. Yes it seems that there won’t be one, leaks are leaks for a reason. – The next map pack could be called Freedom, and the maps could be ‘Build a Bear’, ‘Statue of Liberty’, ‘Supermarket’, and ‘TGI Fridays’

          • xXDirtyWizardXx

            Everybody is so stupid. They all pay attention to the maps but never the rest of the card. If you look at the guy in the middle is holding a lmg which by the looks of it is the stoner. the stoner is one of the few real guns that looks futuristic so its very possible to put it in the game. just thought you guys might want to know this so you can stop complaining about no gun dlc.

          • Cameron Graham

            Dude… That’s an LSAT. And the Stoner is not a futuristic weapon. It was designed as a replacement to the m249 SAW in the early 90’s, which is the very gun the LSAT is based from. But the stoner was never adopted.. Many believe it to be a superior gun, but in the fiction the LSAT overcomes all of the issues of the SAW. So… Yeah.

            Nice to see Firing range coming back though.

  • McmmoDan

    Look at the map encore it looks like a new sniper baby 😀

  • That’sSad

    come on, no new gun!!! 🙁

  • Dean

    Why you no give us new weapon, 3arc? :C

  • McmmoDan


    • McmmoDan

      A NEW ONE

  • Maverick

    Vertigo? The rooftop map with a helipad that’s been expected since MW2. Better late than never I guess. And how do you see that sniper in Encore. You people have crazy eyes.

  • Carter

    I love the idea of a zombies map set in Alcatraz!
    Anyone agree?

  • codmentator

    I wish there will be a new gun! Anyways, as I bought the first BO2 map pack – for the weapon, now I try to buy a map pack with only maps. This looks epic and I can’t wait to play all of the MP maps. Am I the only one that thinks Encore reminds of Fallen from Mw3?

    • McmmoDan


  • Ross Neilson

    That’s disappointing, there is no new gun, maps look good though.

    • thebulky1cometh

      How could you possibly know this already!?

      • yeehaa91

        Because there is no gun on the promo picture

        • MrJDGuns1

          the picture is much smaller than the revolution one so they more than likely wanted to focus on the maps which is the main selling point

        • thebulky1cometh

          I meant the maps…how could you possibly know that the maps look good? Impossible.

    • Aaron

      What’s the big deal? Quit whining that there’s no new gun. Just because one pack had a new gun doesn’t mean you should expect every pack will have one.

      • Chris Ilott

        However, Treyarch more than anyone know what the fans want and if you tease them with a gun in one pack and not in another, treyarch know we’ll be dissapointed 🙁

  • wnay

    no dlc gun this timeee?

    • derp

      look at the gun that guy on the front is using… have you seen that before?

      • SynysterKhota

        I believe that’s an LSAT, i may be wrong, the one that i can’t recognize is the one the guy on the right has

        • xXDirtyWizardXx

          Its actully the stoner which is a very futuristic looking lmg which would make sense for them to put it in

          • Cameron Graham

            IT’S NOT The Stoner. End Of.

            The Stoner was a proposed replacement to the M249 SAW. The LSAT is the future version of the SAW, rendering the Stoner a useless addition to the lineup. The only reason it was in the first game, because it was the Stoner 63. Produced before the M249. (As Black Ops 1 was set in the 60’s and 70’s)

            Anyway, It’s an LSAT.. Simple as!

            And the gun on the right is in fact the M8A1.

            The gun everyone thinks is a Sniper in the Encore thumbnail is actually the AN94. – In the low res photo, it might look like a under-mounted BiPod. But those are a dudes legs.

            In the Magma thumb you have an M8A1 on the left, and an AN94 on the right.

            In the Vertigo thumbnail, it’s the M27.

            In the Studio Thumbnail, it’s another M8A1

      • iAmSoAngry

        looks like the hamr with grip

      • Roxas3510

        If they’re putting a gun in it should be under the maps like it was with the previous map pack.

        • Kekek


    • falahcod

      this time it’s killstreak DLC

  • Nate

    I think we will be getting a 2nd dlc on may 7th or may 14th

    • The Flash

      way to late it will be a bit earlier than may 3rd as dlc 1 came out Jan 29th

      • Chris Ilott

        bo1 map pack 2 came out may 3rd then map pack 3 came out like june 23rd

  • tha_online_gamertz

    I’m going to wait for a official announcement

  • janiel99

    it says april 18

    • The Flash

      i think it says 16th and 16th is a tuesday and xbox dlc always comes on tuesdays (for COD)

  • ThePersonKiller11

    ola k ase bystaxx soy subscriptor tuyoo wouuu

    • RacinKing

      El no es staxx solo es una persona que se creo una cuenta con ese nombre


        Ustedes son pendejos y desesperado por likes! Que ridiculo! Internet is done for with idiots!

  • Jesse

    a new sniper!

    • Cameron Graham

      I thought of that, but what would make this sniper different from the rest?

      What attribute does it have that sets it apart?

      A one hit kill, slow firing Elephant gun? A Pump Action sniper? A Revolver Sniper? A Double Barrel Sniper?

      The Peacekeeper is a fictional weapon. So the DLC weapon if it comes this pack, or next, would most likely also be fictional.

      Im betting it’s going to be a secondary. – A new pistol, or a special secondary, or special primary. Maybe a melee weapon, like a Taser Baton.

      I think if it’s going to be a pistol, it’s going to be a high damage futuristic revolver.

      My bet is a take on the ‘Chiappa Rhino’

      • MrJDGuns1

        the only thing i could think of is a bolt action sniper with faster pulling back the bolt than any other sniper, a slow fire rate, about 15 rounds. but only kills to the head now that is different

      • Batman

        the new sniper should aim down sights faster but not so fast as the ballista, and it should be very capable of one hit kills, but not so capable as the DSR-50

  • halagdehulu2

    I want a new DLC gun 🙁

  • DiNaMiCoD


  • Bock1595

    Batracios al ataque xD

  • Cameron Graham

    I think as DLC weapons go, there are two things that could make awesome additions.

    The forearm launcher from the campaign. – As an equipment wildcard. – You select it as a wildcard, and then have to choose another throwable as the ammunition. – Leaving balance in the pick 10, a launchable stun grenade would cost 2 points. – But additionally, Care packages, and AGR’s would also fire from this when equipped..

    Secondly, a great addition to the armoury would be a High Power, Long Range, High Accuracy.. (But low rate of fire) handgun. – The Executioner is an awesome weapon, but this is the first cod in years without a high powered hand gun. The’Chiappa Rhino’ makes a lot of sense. – It’s barrel position lends itself to a futuristic look. It’s a big beefy gun, but looks awesome! Especially if you had to pull the hammer before each shot.. You’ve never had to do that in a COD title, and would be a really fresh addition to kill cams etc.

  • Pr0


    Isn’t that from Modern warfare 3?

    • MrJDGuns1

      vertigo was a spec ops mission in mw3

    • Batman

      and a canceled map from MW2

  • MrJDGuns1

    the new sniper is the m27 you fucking idiots

    • Blobber

      The M27 isn’t a sniper dumbass it’s already in the game and it’s an assault rifle, and you’re calling everyone else idiots

      • MrJDGuns1

        you can not defiantly see it is a sniper rifle and from the image it looks like the m27 which i do know is already in the game i have it gold so i think i knew it was in the game.

  • willyrex

    Ganas de que salga

  • Willyrex

    Lo estoy esperando YA!

  • The Flash

    as long as the zombies side is good, that does it for me

  • The Flash

    if this is real, then they must release a trailer today get it out the way, release it quickly (April 16th) then they’ll start with marketing for the next COD, then when thats revealed, DLC 3, DLC4, then COD2013

  • Banana Slammer

    I call fake. Compare it to the Revolution poster and you’ll see why.

    1) The design isn’t ‘slick’. That means it just doesn’t look as smooth as the revolution poster.

    2) Usually the trailer comes a month before the actual DLC, it says April the 18th here

    3) Boring, bland and unoriginal picture behind the maps. On Revolution you could see zombie soldiers on the right (I don’t think many people realised that)

    4) Mob of the Dead writing looks tight together + the other writings are just crap as well

    5) Same orange / red feeling to it. Treyarch never usually reuses the same colors again

    6) The website said only 2 MP maps and 1 Zombie map

    Seriously, I know some things about design of posters and this is a definite fake. I bet all my money on it.
    If you do think it’s real compare it to Revolution and you will see that it is a FAKE.

    • ds


      • Banana Slammer

        Okay the three maps bit is true, I’m sorry.

        But just because it’s in a game store doesn’t mean it’s real anyone can take a fake and go into a shop then take a picture of it.
        And I saw many other fakes like ‘Orientation’ that were also taken in game stores. When the actual DLC comes out you can bash me all you want okay?

        • MrJDGuns1

          yes but that was a back in early feburary and this is in april

          • Banana Slammer

            Oops, sorry! I’m an idiot :/ You were right all along. I don’t think I will speak on this website for at least another year lol

          • Banana Slammer

            As a token of apology I searched the web for more information and found this legitimate information

            Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Uprising includes four incredibly diverse Multiplayer Maps: Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio: a reimagined adaptation of the fan-favourite Black Ops multiplayer map Firing Range. Uprising also introduces Mob of the Dead, Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date. Top Hollywood talent rounds out a cast of four Prohibition-era gangsters that are forced to fend off hordes of the undead while imprisoned on San Francisco’s notorious Alcatraz Island. While guard towers and new weapons offer tactical advantages, survival offers an unprecedented new challenge for these four lost souls.

            Yet again, I am sorry for being an arrogant dick

  • dusk

    If this post was released today then theses images must have surfaced yesterday so there is a good chance that it is an April fools joke

    • sss

      True, but this looks so legit, its almost impossible to make something so legit like it.

  • Batman

    Am I the only one who noticed the “new” sniper in the encore?

    • thebulky1cometh

      Looks like something with a banana clip and tripod attachment…could be a new sniper rifle.

      • Hot-Wire

        They did say there will be new weapons in zombies

    • MrJDGuns1

      you cant tell even if you make the image huge it looks to blurry and to me it lokks like the m27

    • Chris Ilott

      I think it’s more for show than to show us they’re giving it to us

    • John Smith 3333

      ikr looks a lot like the intervention from mw2

  • What shop was this picture taken in

  • Cell

    I really wish there is a new weapon in this DLC. A shotgun!! People need to play more with shotguns, but not the RM870, it’s so overused.

    • MrJDGuns1

      no one can see that the poster is much smaller tham the revoultion poster they wanted to focus on the main selling point the maps

      • Cell

        I agree but I think if they will put up a new weapon in this DLC so why the hell not put the photo of the gun on the poster? In the Revolution DLC, if I’m not wrong, the weapon appeared in one of the first leaked photos of the Revolution DLC.

        • MrJDGuns1

          there was also an image of revolution that did not have the peacekeeper on it.

        • hmm..

          • Cell

            hmm what?

      • Blobber

        If you look closely though you can see it’s like those pre-paid subscription card things it’s what they do for all DLC in all games pretty much the full poster should be out soon

        • MrJDGuns1

          exactly what i was thinking

  • MeetYourDemize

    awww what happened to new guns in map packs they made me feel special.

  • What game shop was this picture taken in

  • Zomboy716

    Looks legit. But could be fake.

  • Fakiefakington

    WHY YOU NO GUN?! >.<

  • Razgriz

    I hope that they just aren’t showing a new gun, I can live without a new one, but the Peacekeeper was what really inspired me to get Revolution soon then planned.

  • Doofus butt

    It looks like it will come out on 10 16 18

    • MrJDGuns1


  • Pepe

    This was taken in best buy. Look at the price tag in the backround.

  • 18th It is kinda hard to tell. But it is 18th.

    • The Flash

      gotta be 16th

    • Chris Ilott

      it’s 16th because that’s a tuesday 🙂

  • amzxahmed

    really wanted another gun dlc 🙁

  • “WHY NO GUN?” Well: if you look at the Revolution DLC Press release: it says: “Peacekeeper,” a one-time offering of a new multiplayer weapon planned for Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC.” The “one time” offering. So, I think no more guns at all.

  • Matt

    it from best buy. See the tag for 29.99

  • broski

    Look at Encore it looks like fallen from mw3. Why is it in First Person and the others aren`t? I call fake.

    • None of them are First Person.

  • Chris

    The letters on the Mob of the Dead look weird… The other map titles are the same except MotD.

    • MrJDGuns1

      if you look up the revolution poster the die rise letters were different half was red and half was white and they had a bit of the r missing so. it is pretty real

      • Chris

        Yeah, but Die Rise was spelt with the same font that was used in all other map titles. Except for the word “Die”, that was colored red, every title in the Revolution pack poster was the same font.

        • MrJDGuns1

          yes but a bit of the r was missing from rise so they made it differentiate from the rest because it is a whole different mode.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Somebody get this guy a HD camera…geeze loise!

  • StrangerDanger

    Look at that sniper in Encore. It doesn’t look like ANY sniper is Black Ops 2.

  • Epicnessess

    This is real saw a whole stack of these at the front counter

    • thebulky1cometh

      And you didn’t find the nearest best buy worker with a beer gut/beard/ awkwardness around women and ask him to spill his guts!? Come on, man!

    • Did you happen to get a picture?

  • Kid Digital

    yes alcatraz zombies awsome!

  • Chris Ilott

    The ‘new’ sniper is most likely for show and not as a dlc weapon. Just a gun that the soldier in the picture can hold.

  • xXDirtyWizardXx

    Everybody is so stupid. They all pay attention to the maps but never the rest of the card. If you look at the guy in the middle is holding a lmg which by the looks of it is the stoner. the stoner is one of the few real guns that looks futuristic so its very possible to put it in the game. just thought you guys might want to know this so you can stop complaining about no gun dlc.

    • The Flash

      thank god i wasnt only who spotted that but i thought it may have been QBB LSW

    • thebulky1cometh

      Yes, I was thinking QBB as well?

    • thebulky1cometh

      They made a HUGE deal about The Peacekeeper…why wouldn’t they promote a 2nd new gun just as hard?

    • The guy up top is a “not actual in game images.” All the pictures of the maps + logo are not in game images. The card says that in the bottom right. So, there is no gun in this DLC.

      • MrJDGuns1

        it dose not mean there is not one the card is a lot smaller and think about the maybe they are doing something different like giving us new prestiges but just keeping it a huge secret.

  • Faciner0s0

    You bitch

  • iAmSoAngry

    firing range = studio.

  • CodSucksDick

    lol this rocks

  • Mossercables

    F*ck yes Firing Range!

  • YoYoYo

    Yes!!! Firing Range was my 2nd fav map

  • steman313

    like treyarch are gunna let shit like that happen. they are so secret u dont hear or see nothing un till they want u to

    • thebulky1cometh

      Yes, I was wondering about why they chose best buy as the store to “leak” the new dlc? There are a ton of other possibilities…oh well now I’m just waiting on an official preview- sucks I can’t play it til at least May 16.

  • SupaScopes

    The gun looks like an AN94 with a drum magazine…..

    • Jake


  • pretty cool

  • Gabriel

    It may be a M8A1 that the guy on the far right is holding.

  • Gabriel

    Best Buy removed it…

  • The Flash

    and subsequently best buy have removed it but i saw it so it was there, come on activision, face it you cant contain it any longer, just announce the damn thing

  • Troll

    I think the gun on the encore map looks like an new sniper rifle 😀

  • TheDaster

    when do they give a trailer? I WANT MA TRAILER! lol
    JK .. they can do whatever they want to do… 🙂 TROLARCH! ;:O

  • jajajavjav

    new guns for zombies yeah but i need a new gun for multiplayer

    • jajajavjav

      sorry i got confused. I says that new weapons ( I know that my english is very very bad) 🙂

  • It’s almost impossible to find a game in revolution (PC) as there is noone playing the maps. Everyone is playing the Bonus maps as you can always get a game and always very quickly. Nuketown 2025 is in there also of course.

  • MrJDGuns1

    how is everyone seeing this new sniper rifle you must have laser eyes or the most probable thing is he look slike he is looking down a scope which most of you idiots automatically think is a new sniper rifle it might just be the fucking acog or something.

    • Daovak

      So which sniper rifle has a bipod?

      • MrJDGuns1

        the svu actually you just can’t use it and before you say that it is a different sniper these pictures are not from the game they are completely separate and art designers make them. so the bipod does not necessarily have to be folded.

        • Daovak

          Yea, I just saw the higher quality picture

          I feel stupid

  • no gun what the hell

  • Ares

    They can’t just not have a gun. That’s like giving someone a ferrari on day then a ford pinto the next.

    • thebulky1cometh

      They hood-winked everyone into thinking every DLC would have a gun. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is nothing but straight DLC maps released from here on out.

  • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

    still nothing from treyarch? or activision nothing?? lol

  • thebulky1cometh


    Encore: tight and small, abandonded concert venue (see stage in background). similar to Dome

    Vertigo: similar to High Rise, bigger, ability to fall off map, linear with long lines of sight perfect for sniping

    Magma: some kind of
    tropical island, medium
    sized map, similar to
    hydro, including “interactive” lava that flows every so often.

    Studio: already identified as a remake of firing range.

    • thebulky1cometh

      Trailer’s out today- I look like a genius.

  • I hope this comes to Wii U and the first map pack

  • MyStax

    The zombie eyes are not blue o_o

    • Daovak

      Im guessing stuhlinger took control of the zombies

  • nate

    Next time they should do 4 zombie maps and one multiplayer map

    • The Flash

      or even better 5 zombie maps, a new decent gamemode and updates to improve the zombies we already have

  • i_ExtremeZz

    Mob of the Dead is going to be like Call of the Dead since it has a similar name and could be a sequel to it.

  • Cant wait hopefully a good zombie map

  • MrJDGuns1

    treyarch can not keep this hid any longer we should get a trailer today

  • Himsern

    Am i the only one that think it looks like they are holding flame throwers at the map “Magma”?

    • MrJDGuns1

      no it is just the bullets firing which creates a muzzle flash.

  • Die rise sucks to the maximum

  • Who cares about a new gun anyway the peacekeeper is some trash, please don’t come out with another phony gun.

  • seanduff
  • CodCokkiez

    the guy in the middle has a Zombie icon on his Helmet if you zoom in

  • does anyone know if the new maps come out at midnight

  • Scabbala

    It comes out tommorow for ps3 and pc can’t wait theres a new gun called the m1927 which is similar to the Thompson from what I’ve heard studio looks Awsome one of my favourite maps returning 🙂 I want them to add a new kill streak or gun or something like they did in revolution

  • Scabbala

    The m1927 is on zombies btw