Major League Gaming has officially announced that Black Ops 2 will be part of the MLG Spring Season 2013.

The Spring Season includes four Black Ops II online Qualifiers to determine four starting spots in the Championship Bracket at the Spring Championship. The Spring Championship will take place in Anaheim, CA from June 28-30 and will include a 128-team Open Bracket and a 24-team Championship Bracket featuring the top eight teams from the Winter Championship, four winning teams from the online Qualifiers and 12 teams from the Open Bracket.

Teams can register now by visiting the site here.

Here’s the full schedule of bracket qualifiers for the MLG Spring Season:

For more information visit the official MLG site here.

SOURCE: Major League Gaming

  • Psychotic

    omg fuck competitive just release the uprising trailer

    • ZombieKingHD

      I know right

    • MrHotShot118

      Exactly what I was thinking xD

    • Oh well

      “Yeah fuck the only aspect of this game that truly shines. Give us more things to pay for.”

      Don’t get me wrong,BO2 is fun and I like CoD as much as the next guy but man.. Do yourselves a favor and buy a new game instead of spending money on stupid things.. Bioshock Infinite for example would be a much better alternative to a season pass..

      • CarlSagan

        Yeah, because when someone mentions “Call of Duty” everyone thinks “Oh shit dude gotta love those league championships”. Also, take your pretentious weeaboo game praise elsewhere.
        And to the rest of you who want exclusively Uprising news, eat a dick.

        • Oh well

          Just because I don’t succumb to a greedy bussiness model by a major game publisher, struggling to cash out as much as possible on a succesful game makes me look pretentious? Unlike gaming “hipsters” I actually enjoy good old FPS games as well as a lot of fresh experiences but this is not a matter of game praise here. It is a matter of customer exploitation. BO2 is a 60$ AAA title, not a freemium mobile game. It should be not filled with pointless DLC, microtransactions etc… And when I hear that people are hyped about being essentially robbed for 4 MP maps and a zombie one and on the other hand completely ignore the most well made and interesting (at least IMO) aspect of this game then I just have to express my own opinion on the matter. Without trying to act like a snob or anything, I’ve been playing CoD since 2 and I can tell you with certainty that the most exihilarating thing about it is competitive gaming. Ah and if you are telling me that a season pass is worth the same price as a game like Metal Gear Solid 4, Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored, GTA IV/V , Mass Effect 2 etc.. then you are clearly stupid.

  • pick a name

    Hey Charlieintel, check these pictures out!